It was a screwy week this week and I need to get back to my normal schedule. I’ve been so antsy and miserable. I need to move more but even when at home, I’m stuck in the house, held captive by cold weather and not wanting to venture out. My hands are painful even in these “balmy” temperatures and my nails have all broken off because of the cold which impedes my peripheral circulation. Even gloves don’t really help.

Staying warm helps so I stay inside but it is driving me nuts. I need to get out and do something. The day I walked and did push-ups and sit-ups felt good. The rest of the time I’ve felt like a slug. But my knee has been twingish with rare times when it calls for my full attention and lets me know that I’m old and feeble and probably not very jock-like. I’m torn between burning up the excess energy and taking care of my knee.

I looked at the WOD for today and it was a partner WOD and it didn’t look that bad for my knee. Well, as long as I modified it. I also looked at the expected temperature for this morning and it was saying 31⁰ which isn’t that bad and it turned out to be 36. So I set my alarm and was ready for getting up in the middle of the night and going to the box while it was still dark out there.

I looked around when I got there and I was the only 6 AM person I saw. Ricky showed up. Another guy, Jeremy (I think) was also with our group. Odd number and partner WOD. Damn. Kim was doing a fundamentals session and finishing up with the 5 AM class’s time. So she would be my partner. That’s intimidating.

Warm-up was a 1000 meter row, but a couple weeks ago when I thought that wouldn’t hurt my knee, it turned out to be very bad for my knee. I went for a 300 meter run. They were still rowing when I got back so I did cherry pickers. Then Ryan complex down the mat and I was having trouble with the lunges but could do the other parts as long as I didn’t go too deep in my squat. They did jumping squats to prepare for the broad jumps while Jason looked in a book to see if there was something he could find that would help with my knee. He couldn’t see anything right then. We did other stuff and were proclaimed to be warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
teams of 2 one person working at a time
12 Minute AMRAP
8 T2B
8 Broad jumps*
* for the broad jump the goal is to jump about the same distance as your height. Use the length of a mat to judge distance

We were going to have one partner do the toes to bar, the next do broad jumps landing in a deep squat (I was substituting sit-ups for the broad jumps) and then do the hand stand push-ups (I did them from a 20″ box to two abmats) so that each partner did one of the moves and then switch. However, Kim was having real problems with the hand stand push-ups, so we ended up with each of us doing four of the toes to bar, her doing the broad jumps, and me doing the hand stand push-ups.

I really tried to get my toes to the bar and did better, but I really don’t have the move down. A few looked fairly decent, all were the best I could do. I managed the hand stand push-ups but was groaning by rep seven or eight each time. We ended with 7 rounds plus 11 with Kim doing all the last set of toes to bar and me getting in a few sit-ups before time.

We then worked on mobility stuff and some of it was not all that nice. I know that working on loosening tight muscles is the whole key, but some of that stuff just hurts. It helps too, but it isn’t all that nice while it’s happening.

It felt really good to get to the box. And as much as I hate to admit it, it felt really good to go for a small run. It’s always more of a jog and I never go fast, but it felt good to be moving. My knee doesn’t hurt at all – at least not right now. My heart rate monitor never beeped at all today – because I forgot to turn it on. I never felt too winded because of the built in rest times, but I might have been high enough by the end of the push-ups to beep, if I had had it on. But it is nice to know that even without it, I don’t die.

Tax joke

Tax joke