I used to live in Ohio. It has been horribly cold in Ohio this winter. I don’t live there anymore so I watch the temperatures with interest, but without the disgust I used to feel for Old Man Winter. I have been in the South for nearly a decade now. I’m a misplaced Yankee and been told that I’m actually a damned Yankee, meaning I own property down here.

When I lived in Ohio, about half my wardrobe was really warm clothes. I had this lusciously warm winter coat that was purchased with the intent of surviving playground duty in northern Ohio during winter. I had lots of sweaters and boots and mittens and everything one might need to stay warm while living in Ohio in the wintertime.

I’m not sure how it’s working there this winter. There have been days and days and days without seeing the temperature rise not above freezing, but above zero. That’s Canadian weather or maybe Minnesota, Montana, or one of the Dakotas. It is just crazy.

I didn’t bring much of my winter stuff with me here to the balmy South. I had no need of it – or so I thought. However, we have had just a bit of a cold snap here. We were threatened with one to three inches of snow along with lots of sleet and ice. There are no salt trucks here and even with three inches of snow, a snow plow wasn’t needed. However, southerners may be very interested in NASCAR and all, but they can’t drive in inclement weather. Even rain throws them for a loop.

They don’t realize that bridges ice before roadways and even if they did, they don’t know what to do when driving along and hitting a patch of black ice. They tend to slam on the brakes a lot which isn’t the best idea in icy conditions. But they also know they can’t drive in the ice and snow and therefore, everything shut down.

It has been years since I’ve driven in the snow, but I think I could still handle the car. However, my tiny sportscar wouldn’t be much of a match for many of the extra large pickups that are so prevalent here. When my boss said the office was closing Tuesday at 1.30 PM and would reopen on Thursday whenever the roads were dry, it was all right with me.

We really didn’t get much sleet or ice or even snow although one boss did. His son who is two had never seen the stuff and wanted to go out and play in it. He was permitted and thought it was very fun until he reached down and grabbed some and then burst into tears and wanted the cold wetness off his hands. They went back inside but the two-year-old kept wanting to “play” in the snow by standing in an open doorway without really going out in it, just in case.

I did not even get out of my pajamas yesterday. I wasn’t leaving the house for any reason and there was no real need for me to do more than sit around all day dressed warmly and comfortably. So that’s what I did.

I did get an email from CrossFit Summerville letting me know they loved and missed me and they would love to see my smiling face once again. I hadn’t been there in a week. They were open for Wednesday afternoon workouts, but they didn’t open until 4 PM so even if I had considered going to open gym, that wasn’t available. My knee is mostly better and I’ve been icing it on and off just on principle. I haven’t tried to fall over or anything since last Friday.

I looked at the WOD last night. Because I didn’t work yesterday, I had to work today. So open gym was again out of the question because I would be at work which is why it isn’t an option usually. I thought I might consider going in at 6 AM for a class and then heading into work.

Today’s WOD as written:
emom 8min
3 position snatch
17 minutes of:
40 Burpees
75/45 pound Snatch, 30 reps
30 Burpees
135/75 pound Snatch, 30 reps
20 Burpees
165/100 pound Snatch, 30 reps
10 burpees
210/120 pound Snatch, as many reps as possible

This is 13.1 or the first workout for the CrossFit Games Open from last year. Craig does offer a chance for any of his athletes to do these WODs. He does not expect ALL his athletes to do these WODs because they are more than the regular schmucks can handle.

I’m unsure what the EMOM thing is, but it looks like a hang snatch, power snatch, full snatch combo to me. That would be 24 snatches before one does a workout just overflowing with snatches. This seems utterly stupid to me – so perfectly in keeping with Bringer of Pain programming. This is also why Craig keeps telling me to quit CrossFit. Or at least change boxes. Or something.

I find things like this just defeating. I don’t know if I could ever do 100 burpees in 17 minutes. I know I can’t do any of the snatches at the weights listed and don’t think I could manage 30 deadlifts at 120 pounds. I looked at the Games page and saw that they were permitted as just power snatches, but even so, that lightest weight wasn’t being tossed over MY head while I fell under the bar.

This also seems like a really stupid WOD in light of the fact that an Elite CrossFit Athlete is in rehab with a severed spinal cord after dropping a snatch. So 90+ snatches might be just a bit excessive. I’m sure there are people who can do this stuff. I’m sure they aren’t me.

I know my knee wouldn’t have liked this even a month ago before it got all cranky. I am tired of sitting at home and doing nothing but I’m not really up for destroying myself or having a heart attack or anything.

So instead of the box, I went to the grocery store and got my weekly shopping done on senior discount day. I got to work thirty minutes early to make up for some of the time I missed by leaving early on Tuesday. I’m home for the weekend now. My knee doesn’t hurt.

Unless there is some utter nonsense, I will be up and at the box for partner WOD Friday bright and early tomorrow. I sure hope it is above freezing because the place is unheated and I hate being cold until I start melting and then when I finish the WOD, start freezing again. Just wait for next August when I’m complaining about how hot it is.

Ice encrusted crepe myrtle from my back yard

Ice encrusted crepe myrtle from my back yard