My knee is not healing itself – at least not as quickly as I want it to. However, not working out is leaving me way too much excess energy. The WOD for Tuesday was:

10 min emom
3 heavy full cleans
3 deficit HSPU
Then for time
100 overhead squats(95/65)
everytime you put the bar down 5 burpees

That’s 130 weighted squats. With a bad knee, that seemed a bit overzealous. Without a bad knee, it still seemed a bit overzealous. I would have scammed the workout and had a box behind my fat ass and sat with the bar in my lap to rest. Otherwise, I would be doing 100 overhead squats and 95 burpees and that was never gonna happen. The AM classes did scam it, but the afternoon classes were given better instructions so every time they went out of the overhead position, they had to do burpees. Their times reflected this extra work.

I have no idea what Henry’s over arching plan is, but his programming is ludicrous. And it sucks. And we are going to have a bunch of hurt people.

I looked at today’s WOD and figured I had a chance. I needed to burn off some of this energy and what the heck. YOLO. Although there is another polar vortex thing going on, it wasn’t that cold this morning, either. So it seemed like I was really supposed to be at the box.

Coach Jason had the 5 AM class, but Kim had ours. We had to do shuttle runs and touch the ground at each end. I explained that my knee was still cranky and I could run but the squatting down and touching wasn’t going to work. Then they had to bear crawl the mat. Nope. I did cherry pickers and then pushups and then ring rows and when everyone else did toy soldiers, I could do that, too. I could do dislocates and passthroughs as well. Go me.

We were declared warm and then we started on today’s WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
find 3 rm press
5 rounds
10 pull ups
20 wallballs
30 double unders

We were to do strict presses and so I knew this would be a really weenie weight. I’m just a little old lady and all that crap. I used the small 22# bar and could do those without a problem. I added 10# and no problem. I went to 42# and problem. I managed one, but couldn’t get three. So I backed up to 37# and tried that. I got my three. So, I switched the plates again and tried the 42#. Both Kim and Cindy said it looked great but I felt like ungelled Jell-o on the final rep. I did get it though.

The workout was pull-ups and if we were using a band, try to go with strict and no kipping so I used a green band and really did most as strict. I used a 10 pound med ball for the wallballs. And then double unders weren’t part of my life today. It was supposed to be 4:1 but we have a plethora of foot problems in our class. Cindy and Carma rowed for I don’t know how much. Ricky did sit-ups. I did weird stuff.

On the first round, I managed the pull-ups and the wallballs without a break. Then I was beeping and pretty much only got my heart rate low enough to start again and beep some more. I was going for 90 single unders and I got about half way before my knee decided it didn’t like the jarring so much. So I hopped on one leg which is really much more difficult than two. But I did 90.

Second round, the pull-ups and wallballs were done in halves and then I did sit-ups. Third round, stuff in halves again, but I did one legged jumps and opted for a 2:1 ratio and quit at 60 before I hurt my left knee. Fourth round, I went halves again and ended with sit-ups.

During all the wallballs, I was doing a rather shallow (probably only to a 18-20″ box height or so) squat which was mostly on my left leg without much help from my bad right knee so they were like a modified pistol wallball which is just stupid. So before I really hurt anything else and while my right knee was not completely fried, I quit after four rounds. My time was 18.11.

I’ve had ice on my knee while I wrote this. I don’t know if this was really a good idea or not, but I really needed to burn up some energy before I poked someone in the nose or something. I was like this when I played racquetball, too. If you are used to using all this energy in these scheduled bursts and you miss it, the energy is still produced but doesn’t dissipate and the only really good way to get rid of it is to beat someone up – or get back to your sport. I didn’t want to go to jail for assault and battery, so I went to the box. I’m sure that part was smart.