I have no idea what I have done to me knee. I should have stayed home on Friday but I made the choice to go and do a partner WOD. I thought without weight bearing my knee would be okay. But the more I rowed, the more it hurt and then I was in the middle of a partner WOD and couldn’t just quit. So I finished.

The next item on our itinerary was to collect our granddaughter and give our son some time to work on the renovations for Conviction Training Facility – the new home of CrossFit Hilton Head – with one less thing to worry about.

We had a wonderful weekend with Frankie. She started all day Montessori school this past week and was exhausted. She slept most of the way back here and we were a little concerned that she wouldn’t want to fall asleep at night. As soon as we hit the door, she wanted to know if she could do “art projects” and so I got out all my old scrapbooking stuff for her. She loves the crazy scissors, the fancy paper, the stickers, and Kat’s old fancy artist markers. She got right to work.

She announced she was hungry even though we had eaten just before we left Hilton Head. I had thawed out some frozen homemade chicken soup (no noodles yet) for us and heated up the broth and added the noodles and she was one happy kid. She did more art and then announced around eight-thirty it was time for bed. Our worries were unrealized as she put herself to bed and fell asleep.

Saturday was full of more fun. I recently cancelled a credit card and I had reward cash I knew nothing about and they sent me a check. So, with this windfall cash, we went to the outlet mall with a slow-walking kid in tow. When we walked into Children’s Palace (a kids’ clothing store) she was so happy. She picked out this and that and the next thing. She wanted a fancy skirt but it was more expensive than most of the other stuff. We picked out more things. And then we went back and she got the skirt. We ended up with five outfits and a head band. Then I used my 20% off coupon and we were out the door with a happy, happy girl.

We found some art project Morgan had done at Christmas. Half a dog bone – I don’t know the whole story. But Frankie and Papa made the other half and taped it together and then Frankie decorated it. They also made a paper shoe. We mailed those to Cousin Morgan at her new home in Ohio.

After lunch we went to see Nut Job. The last movie we went to was Shrek 2. We wore our 3D glasses and had popcorn flying at us and a happy little girl giggling in her seat. I had a roast in the Crockpot all day but when it came time for supper, she announced she didn’t want that. I had leftover soup we could heat up. She put herself to bed around six-thirty, but watched some TV until 7 o’clock when it was turned off and she conked out within five minutes.

There was a chance that we could just pass her on to Aunt Lisa, and then she could play there for a day, since there is no school today (Martin Luther King Day). This did not appeal to Frankie. She was missing her Mommy and Daddy and wanted to go home the next day.

We met Daddy half way and she was dressed in one of her new outfits. She was happy to be back and we had a great time with her. She was amazingly wonderful. No meltdowns, no crankies, no defiance, no badness.

Back to our quiet, old people, normal life here.

I got ready to go to the box last night. My knee is still not all that good, but I thought I should go since it is Monday.

Today’s WOD as written:
Back Squat 8@50%, 6@60%, 4@70%, 2@75%, 1X max reps @80% here is the rep scheme and stick to the percentages!!!
c2b pullups

That is 21 back squats and 45 thrusters. I’m sure I could have done shoulder to overhead on the WOD. On the skill, I don’t know what else I could have been doing. The alarm went off and as I went to get out of bed with pain shooting through my knee, I thought it was just stupid. Sixty-six weighted squats on a bad knee is not a good thing. I put myself back to bed.

I felt extremely guilty. I got out of bed. I put myself back to bed. Being stupid isn’t going to help. Letting my knee get better will help. I stayed home. I need to do something after work tonight which isn’t really a good time for me to work out. But maybe if I say it here, I will have to confess tomorrow that I either did nothing or I figured out something to do.

Frankie and her new clothes

Frankie and her new clothes