On one of my stops yesterday, I got some clothes to wear to the box. They are form fitting pants in a couple lengths. I had out a shorter pair and then it was freezing, literally, this morning. It was 30⁰ F out there and so I had to change clothes before I left the house. Luckily, I bought long pants, too.

I have no idea what I did to myself last evening. I don’t know if it was when I was all slumped in my office chair playing a mindless game or when I was sitting in my recliner and got up funny, but at some point I hurt my right knee. It woke me up a couple times during the night. There is no mark on the outside and it is right under my kneecap. So of course, I still went to the box.

But when I bend my knee too much, it hurts. I ran a shorter distance and then lunge down the mat didn’t happen because I couldn’t lunge. I did toy soldiers. Ten air squats; couldn’t do it so I did ten pistols holding onto the bar. I could manage a couple other things but broad jump the mat wasn’t happening so I got told to walk down there and do ten more air squats which was ten more pistols.

I asked what to substitute for freaking burpees today because I couldn’t bend my knee. Any torque was awful, but enough just bending hurt it too. It was worse with weight bearing. I asked if pushups or pull-ups would be better and Coach Jason conferred with athlete not working as coach Kim and they said pushups would be okay.

Today’s WOD as written:
Teams of 2
Row 8k rotate every 1k
every switch 20 burpee]before you are able to row again

I’m just leaving that mess as it is because this guy has one job and can’t manage to even copy and paste right. He also calls hump day Wensday. I’m going to have to leave a message next week if he writes it that way even one more time. I don’t believe in the myth of the dumb jock. My son is a jock and he is smart, literate, a published writer, and has known how to spell all the days of the week since he was in first grade when it was a thinking task. Surely, if a six year old can master this task, an adult can.

Anyway. This horrible WOD was going to take forever. It takes me between 5 and 6 minutes to row 1000 meters. I assumed Carma, my usual partner WOD partner had the same times. I thought that one person would be doing the 20 burpees while the other was rowing but that was just a fantasy shared by most of athletes but none of the coaches.

Carma rowed 1000 and then I did my 10 pushups while she caught her breath and then she did 10 burpees while I got set on the rower and then I rowed 1000 meters and when I finished she did 10 burpees while I caught my breath and then I did 10 pushups and repeat four times. We were, and this should shock no one, the last ones done. Kim and Ricky finished first and then Nicole and Jason and Todd and Cindy finished within seconds of each other. Minutes later, I was finally done rowing. 49.41 I think was the time.

My knee didn’t hurt on the first round. It hurt sometimes but not with every pull on the second round. It was worse on the third round and really cranky by the last round. I hope not doing much of anything for a couple days will be all that it needs to fix itself. I will ice it, too.

In the last three weeks or since December 30 (whichever way looks best) the WODs have contained way too many burpees. If an athlete did all the WODs RX in the three weeks, that person would have done 295 burpees + 3 minutes ME burpees + 3 minutes ME burpee box jumps. I don’t know if any WODs have had wallballs or slam balls in that time, but I don’t remember any. I don’t remember any KB swings, either. There have been a plethora (one of my jock son’s favorite words) of hand stand pushups, but no regular ones. We have been doing burpees and overhead work and then more burpees and overhead work.

The thing that has kept me interested in this nonsense is the variety. Whoops.