CrossFit takes a lot of flack about causing injuries. At the recent games, one of the elite athletes dropped the bar during a snatch and as it fell, it landed on his back and severed his spine. This is, obviously, a life-changing injury.

In high school, one of my husband’s classmates was playing football and his head was too low during a tackle and he broke his neck. He was paralyzed from the accident.

Any time you are alive, life is risky. If you move, you could hurt yourself. If you sit still, you wither and die. Life is simply risky business.

I played racquetball for many years. I had bruises almost constantly from being hit by a ball traveling around 100 mph and running into me instead of a wall. I had a concussion after being hit in the head with a racket. I thought my thumb was broken after being hit with a racket, too, but it wasn’t – it still needed a splint for two weeks. I had a broken rib and a broken ankle. I developed a traumatic cataract in my left eye after being hit and a retinal bleed in my right eye after being hit. I started wearing safety glasses. I think those are my most memorable boo-boos and yet, it is considered to be an easy non-contact sport to play and not be injured.

Some of my friends are worried about me hurting myself with CrossFit. So far, I’ve had some muscles pulled and some stiffness from overuse. I’ve also missed a box jump and had shin scrape/bruise that went away long before the fear of jumping.

I would like to also note that when I was 2 ½, I fell off a slide and broke my arm and when I was 6, I fell off a swing set (doing dumb stuff I wasn’t supposed to be doing) and broke my collar bone. I fell off bikes and fell off roller skates. My most recent, most serious injury was when I tried to roller blade and landed on my ass instead. What I hurt was my left arm which was x-rayed and not broken, so again, it was just a sling for a few weeks. It took me almost a year to be able to fully extend my arm again.

Life is full of mishaps. Every day brings a chance to maul ourselves. We cannot live a risk-free life because life is simply full of risk. And so, I choose the risk of going out in a blaze of glory instead of withering away on the vine. I choose to do CrossFit, knowing full well that there is a chance I could injure myself. I also cross the street several times a day, taking this same risk. I drive or ride in cars for hundreds of miles per week knowing that distracted drivers are out there and can ram into my small sports car and injure or kill me. I guess I live a pretty awesome, risky life. I’m not that brave really, it just is how life works.

We have warning labels everywhere and tend to believe, mistakenly, that we are somehow safe in our civilized, first-world, community. On a side note, this past week, some 12-year-old brought a gun to school and shot things up and some nitwit took a gun to a grocery store and killed two women and other sorts of mayhem took place – like the movie theater killing over texting in the theater. We aren’t safe. We have never been safe. There is no safety. Live large because why the hell shouldn’t you!

Today is my day to go to open gym. My warm-up was whatever I chose. I wanted 150 single unders and missed at 148. So I panted for a while and got myself rested and then I got 150. Ha. I also worked on pull-ups. I did not count the total, but I got up to six a few times with strict green band pull-ups. Let’s say I did between 25 and 30 and all were strict.

Today’s WOD as written:
5,4,3,2,1 snatch balance
AMRAP: 5 minutes on/ 1 off, 4 on/ 1 off, 3 on/ 1 off, 2 on/ 1 off, 1 on/done
1 OHS (115/75)
start over with each new round

Last Friday was snatches and thruster, Monday was snatches and shoulders to overhead, Tuesday was jerks and thrusters, Wednesday was nothing overhead which didn’t help because I don’t go on Wednesday, and today is snatch and overhead squats. What is up with all this overhead shit. My wrist is nearly shot. I’m brave and I am willing to take risks. I’m not stupid. I ignored the snatch thing. I also ignored the overhead squat thing. In fact, I pretty much made up my own WOD on this one.

My plan was to do front squats and then regular pushups. I would have to do a clean before I could do a squat but none of those counted for anything. It’s a pity. I did 22 of them. All freebies. I used a 42# bar – using ten pound plates put the bar at the right height for the cleans and I liked that. It also meant that when I got exhausted, I started dropping it.

During the five minute round I did 1-2-3-4-5-6 of both moves and we were to count total reps so that was 42. For the four minute round I did 1-2-3-4-5 of both moves so that was 30. Three minute round I did 1-2-3-4 which was ten of each for a score of 20. Two minutes I did 1-2-3-4 of the squats but only 1-2-3 of the pushups so my score was 16. For the last minute I managed 1-2-3 squats and 1-2 pushups for a score of 9 and a total of 117.

I came home, ate and showered and slightly dried my hair and then ran off to get a massage. All that hurt was my right lower back/hip and my left wrist. Jeff said that I was much looser than normal and left all my tension somewhere else. I guess that maybe the whole fish oil thing is helping everywhere.

I got home after a little shopping trip at TJ Maxx and then picked up my coupon for Harris Teeter and got groceries. Today I remembered to tell them at the end that I was an old fart but I forgot to give them the coupon I came home to pick up. I walked back in and some nice guy gave me the $10 anyway. I guess I proved I was really a senior with this. I believe I’m finally done with running around today. I hope so.