We were at CrossFit Hilton Head yesterday but it wasn’t to work out. We were at the new location and helping with redecorating. I didn’t help all that much; I mostly entertained Frankie. But Dick did catch me with a paintbrush in my hand and had to comment that he didn’t know it would fit there. I managed to get paint on myself, too.

I have no idea why I couldn’t fall asleep or stay asleep last night. My last cup of coffee, purchased at Wendy’s, was really strong but it wasn’t that late at night. But whatever it was, I didn’t sleep much which made it really difficult to wake up this morning when the alarm went off in the middle of the damn night.

But I got up and donned the clothes I had laid out including one of my wild pairs of socks with Capri length pants. I looked fabulous today at the box.

Warm-up began with a 400 meter run and I know I CAN do these, but they wear me out and this is supposed to be the warm-up. I’ve given myself permission to just run to the second Midas driveway and run up the small hill and around and back to the box which is probably a 300 meter run. That way I can catch my breath before Ricky gets back from the real distance. I also went over to the rack and did my practice pull-ups while waiting. I don’t think I’m any closer than I was, but I will get there.

There was a lot of warm-up stuff and I think the goal was to see if we could get road rash before we even started on the sit-ups. Included were ten pushups and I do believe these are looking a little less wormy, but I’m really afraid to ask because I don’t want to hear that they aren’t.

Today’s WOD as written:
5,5,5,5  deadlifts
10 Snatches 135/95#
20 Front Squats 135/95#
30 Shoulders To Overhead 135/95#
40 Sit-Ups
30 Burpees
20 Pistols
10 Muscle-Ups (4pull ups/1Muscle up)

My deadlifts started with 93# and then I did five at 103# and then five at 113# and then I wimped out. I could barely get the last rep at 113 and so I only went up five more and did the last set at 118# instead of 123# which is just a couple off my bodyweight now. I did fine with the lifts and then hurt my back trying to get a stubborn 25# plate off the end of the bar. I couldn’t even go out in a blaze of glory, but instead crashed in ignominy and stupidity.

I looked at this last night and knew the weights were wrong for me. I can deadlift that amount, but I can’t even clean it let alone snatch or overhead. I also added up all the reps and decided that everyone else would be home and have breakfast eaten before I got done. So I scaled those to factors of eight.

8, 16, 24, 32, 24, 16, 8 – my numbers but the moves stayed the same.

I wanted to try a heavier bar on the snatch and with fewer reps, I made it. I noticed some others added weight after the snatch was done, but I stayed the same throughout. I got all 8 snatches done before I stopped, but I was beeping around rep 5 or 6. I did the front squats in two groups of 8 and had to get my heart rate back down in between sets. The shoulder to overhead had to be done in sets of 6 since I was beeping by rep 4 on those. Ryan said I could go heavier and I probably could get the weight up, but the strain on my heart and the increased heart rate would be problematic.

I could do 32 sit-ups without stopping and my stomach didn’t even hurt with these. I am getting stronger. And then burpees. I didn’t change out the move today. I actually hopped in and out on the first 6 so I probably need to change my goal for the year on this since it was 7 and even in the middle of a WOD I could do 6 without stopping. I walked the rest in and out and beeped like crazy with rests in between sets to get my heart rate back down. Then I did the pistols holding on to a bar and did them all together and ended with a heart rate of 167 which meant a really long weight before the substitution for the muscle ups.

Although that says four pull-ups for each muscle up, on the board was three pull-ups and one ring dip for each. And since I was whining (I know, who would have thought that could happen) about the time to get in and out of the band (had to be 3 and 1 and couldn’t be run together), we could do jump ups for the pull-ups. I did that and had to do them in sets of 2. By this time I was trying not to puke and it wasn’t a certainty. But I made it and finished in 18.28. This was pretty close to the times for everyone else and so scaling the reps back was a wise choice.