Dear Pinheads,

Why did you ruin Pinterest? I used to be able to go to my home page and see what my family and friends were up to. There were many things I wasn’t personally interested in, but it let me know what my friends were doing and so I loved seeing the stuff. It was a lesson in inference. My niece had all sorts of baby things pinned and then she announced her pregnancy.

Now, however, it is no fun at all. It is full of something called “Related Pin” crap and has stuff from people who have no connection, not even a feeble Facebook connection, to me. They are supposed to be related to something I looked at and must therefore be interested in.

I simply do not go over there anymore. It isn’t fun at all to see the Everything page and my Home page looking the same. I don’t really like your choices of related pins and find them annoying and in the way. I don’t get to see what my real friends and my family are doing because you are too busy trying to guess what I’m interested in. You know what I’m interested in? My friends and family.

I know how to search for a topic and find it. I know how to look at Everything or Popular and see what the world at large is doing. What I no longer know how to do is simply see what my friends and family are up to. It is lost in the crap of related pins I care nothing about.

I have “control” over these, you tell me. I can take each and every damn pin and tell you I’m not interested in it and you will supply ever more ridiculously inappropriate pins to get in my way so I can’t see my friends and family. I’ve tried to have real control and say I didn’t want the damn things, but that’s not possible. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to get out of this. Besides annoyed. I have that.

So, basically, I’ve ignored Pinterest. I have some things pinned to my own boards instead of in my Favorites/Bookmarks and so I have not deleted my account. There is no reason for me to go there and try to figure out who in the hell pinned that dumb shit – oh related pin, over and over and over again.

Furthermore, if I am dumb enough to click on the link too soon, you not only populate my page with crap I don’t care about, you put it first – at the very beginning, and completely in my way. Since I had to click on Pinterest to get the right names for this blog post, I won’t need to click on it again for about 2-3 weeks because I will just see annoying related pins.

What I would like to see is the pins placed by people who are related to me. But that seems no longer possible and so the whole game is no longer fun.

Thanks, since this has freed up time for me to do something that is actually worthwhile.

Former user