Today is the day. Carpe diem. Live life to the fullest. Things are looking up. Somewhere over the rainbow.

It is finally warmer and the temperature this morning at 9 AM was above freezing so I took myself to the box. Luckily, I could still remember the way. I was astounded that people had been there for both the 5 AM and 6 AM classes the last two days when the temps were in the teens. I don’t know how they managed to work out and not hurt themselves.

Because I worked three days – going in early and gathering up some extra hours for this coming paycheck, I was not getting up early on my day off. Okay, I hate getting up early on my day off even when I work my little wimp schedule. But I sure wasn’t doing that today. And it was still below freezing at that time of day. So it was quite wise to just sleep in and go to open gym. So that’s what I did.

I was the only one there. Kim was working on back squats and I was doing whatever I wanted. My legs are still a bit tight even though I have been working on loosening up the tight muscles. They are better, but not completely knot free.

I warmed up and stretched and could move fairly well. I was still wearing my short sleeved shirt under my long sleeved shirt and the sweatshirt jacket.

Ryan posted a video with some guy doing 2 minutes of double unders and it was impressive. Instead of running or rowing, I did single unders for as long as I could. I didn’t think to count them, but I did watch the time. I managed 1 min and a few seconds before I tripped.

Today’s WOD as written:
10 rounds emom
1 hang power clean+1 hang full clean and jerk
4 rounds
20 double unders
10 over head squats (95/65)rx

Instead of the EMOM stuff, I worked on full cleans. I didn’t even have a number on my PR list for this move so I started small and worked up. I began with my empty baby bar and warmed up some. Then I went with 42# and got a nice full clean without any problem. I tried a few of those. I added another ten for 52# and got the full clean but it felt a little unstable or wishy washy at the bottom. I did another one that felt better and added five more pounds. I could power clean it but I couldn’t full squat with that weight. I tried a couple times and then entered my numbers on my PR list.

Since today’s WOD had overhead squats, I tried a couple. I bought a wrist wrap and that seemed to help my left arm stay in the proper position. My wrist didn’t hurt and I could hold the bar steady while squatting. I asked about the problem with a snatch. Since I can do this part, why can’t I pull it from the ground and fall under it – weakness or uncoordination? Kim said it was probably just that the move is scary. Throwing weight overhead isn’t for the faint of heart and I will get it. I said that was good since it was a goal of mine for the year.

I said I wanted to get a pull-up, too. I grabbed the bar and kipped and hoisted my fat ass up some, but I’m not even really close yet. Kim suggested I practice each time I come to the box and I would get it with kipping and could then work on strict. The only way to get this stuff is to work at it. Too bad they don’t sell it in aisle seven or something.

Then I went on to the WOD. I only did 200 meters and did single unders. The ratio today was 3/1 which was good since that was all I was doing. I used just the 22# bar. I think next time I will try either 27# or maybe even 33# since I could do all ten of them without putting down the bar. However, I was beeping like crazy. My wrist didn’t hurt then and doesn’t even hurt now.

I ran the first 200 meters and was beeping before I got back to the doorway and then had to rest to get my heart rate down for the single unders. Then I had to rest before the overhead squats.

Next round I ran less and then I still had all this recovery time. After the second run, I was finally warm enough to take off the sweatshirt jacket, but then I was a bit chilly on the other “runs” such as they are. Third round I ran less and cut perhaps 15 seconds off my time for the run by running some but then had to rest for 20 seconds to get my heart rate down so I had an overall loss of time. On the last round I just walked the whole thing but could come in and do the 60 jumps without stopping. I had to pause some before I started the squats, but I figured it was better to start when I could finish rather than wait some, work, wait some more and finish. I never know exactly how to do this. I started the squats with a heart rate of 162 and managed to finish them and the WOD in 17.57 – beating an 18 minute time.

I’m so happy to have had the chance to get back to the box. I hate missing days.