Last night I looked at the weather forecast for this morning and cold was predicted. I moved South and having a temp of 17⁰ was just not right. CrossFit Summerville is an old warehouse building. There is no heat. There is no air conditioning in the summer either but that’s not my problem right now.

I have no idea what to do with such a low number. I have winter Ohio clothes to wear to work, but I don’t know what sort of insulated suit I would wear to the gym for a 17⁰ morning. Grabbing onto some metal pipe and twirling it around in that temperature would be just awful. How do you warm up when the air is so cold?

As many clothes as I have, I do not have the proper outfit for this event. That in itself is quite shocking.

Even before the WOD was posted, I was asking for advice from my Facebook friends. Was it considered weenie if I didn’t go to the gym when the temperature was so low? I don’t know how young people feel about this, but all my old friends thought I was crazy to even consider it. But then again, many of them think I’m crazy because I go all the time.

I had opted to stay home but I did look at the WOD. Burpees again. The skill was snatches and it included 32 of them and then a rather easy WOD. One minute of three moves with a 15 second rest in between because that’s all I need to get my heart rate back down. Anyway, wallballs, row for calories, and then burpees.

The whole thing would have been possible but two full snatches EMOM for 8 rounds would have been fun since I can’t do any with iron. I could if they had a light enough bar, but the lightest one is 22# and I can’t manage that. But we would have figured something out. It was just too cold for me to go.

I had an option of then going on Wednesday, and I have looked to see if I might want to do this. It will be much warmer tomorrow morning at 6 AM – all the way up to 18⁰.

So, I’m not going again. The WOD as written was enough to make me chuckle again. This would have been one where I would have simply asked what was on offer for old farts.

I think most newbies to the gym pick an every other day routine and so might be expected to show up on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Since it is a new year, many people make a resolution to “get fit” and join a gym and since CrossFit has some allure, people might join a CrossFit box. So, in order to make sure that people quit in a month, we seem to be programming hardass WODs.

Monday’s WOD included 100 burpees. (Along with 25 strict pull-ups and 50 box jumps.)

Wednesday’s WOD does not. Instead, it is 100 pull-ups, 100 thrusters (75/55), AND 100 walking lunge steps. In a 40-30-20-10 scheme.

If I were to show up for this, the first thing I would do would be throw out the 40 round and start at 30. I know that I’ve been using just a blue band for pull-ups, but if I were to do 60 of them, I would add more band – probably just an extra red one, but still it would be more. Walking lunges are really hard on my knees. Sixty of all three moves would be more than enough for an old broad even on a nice morning  – before going to work.

Thursday, I will go to open gym. It is supposed to be warmer all around by then and by 9 AM it should be nicer than 6 AM no matter what. I can pick a CrossFit Summerville or a CrossFit Hilton Head workout to do. I can even do the WOD from Tuesday and if my legs aren’t too sore even do the burpees.

Friday is usually partner WOD day and usually it is a bit more challenging anyway. I can’t wait to see if we are trying to get everyone to quit CrossFit in the first week so they can go out into the world and complain about how difficult it is and make the rest of us still at the box look like heroes or something.

I don’t know what the plan is. My plan is to stay safe, not freeze, have fun, get stronger, and scale these things.