I’m glad I don’t make resolutions. I would have failed miserably. I try to get to the box four days a week. I go on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. So missing Wednesday wasn’t even an issue for me. I don’t ever go on that day anyway. It worked for Christmas week so it should work for this week, too. It didn’t.

It wasn’t my fault. I swear. On Thursdays I go to open gym. There was no open gym yesterday or today. They are sorry for the inconvenience. Me too. I had an afternoon appointment that I timed to work with an open gym timed workout. Noon wouldn’t work since the appointment was already scheduled. I had no intention of going at 4, 5, 6, or 7 PM because I know myself and that wasn’t ever going to work. I’m a morning person. So, I missed what should have been my first WOD of the year.

I don’t mind getting up early on Friday for partner WOD day. That’s a bold faced lie. I hate getting up in the middle of the night. I’m willing to do it for partner WOD day. There, that’s better. So, I set my alarm and got out of my warm and wonderful bed and into the freezing morning and hauled my ass to the box. The only other person there was Ricky. Poor man. He doesn’t really like having to be my partner. But we were all who were there so he was stuck with me.

His broken foot has been declared fixed so he has a healed heel now and can do anything except run a lot and jump ropes. Yesterday’s WOD was double unders. Today, he was able to do all the moves.

Warm-up was a 1000 meter row for Ricky and I had to row for as long as it took him to finish (I got to 850ish). Then lunge down the mat and my legs were so sore I could hardly do it. I don’t even know why they are so sore. Then a bunch of other stuff and warming up my cold legs made them work better.

Today’s WOD as written:
Teams of 2 one person working at a time
20 min amrap
1 rope climb
5 full snatchs (115/75)
10 push press(115/75)

Aside: I copy and paste these directly from the webpage. Sometimes I feel generous enough to fix all the typos, misspellings, and inappropriate spacing issues. Sometimes I don’t feel that wonderful about the whole thing and let them ride. Please note that in the text, the words are spelled correctly and spacing is consistent. End aside.

Ricky can do a rope climb and I cannot. I had to do five knees to elbows for any rope climbs and I actually did get knees to elbows.

I’m unsure of Ricky’s weights. I know he tried to do both moves with the same weight and after the first round, had to go to a lower weight on the snatches. I offered to do a power snatch with just the 22# bar but I can’t full squat with it and not fall over. Even when my legs work well, this move is still beyond me. Coach Jason said I should do a full snatch and just use the baby weighted PVC pipe, so I did that. I used 32# for my push presses.

Ricky started with the rope climb which meant that I did the snatches first and then he did the push press and stopped at five. I was waiting to do knees to elbows and he wasn’t doing anything. He thought it was only 5 and 5 instead of 5 and 10. So we got that straightened out. I got my stuff done and then he struggled terribly with his first set of snatches. He finally made it through but it took more like 7 attempts to get them in.

I did the push press and he did the rope climb and I did the snatches and he did the push press and then went to get a different bar setup for the snatches. I did the knees to elbows thing and his bar wasn’t yet set so I did the snatches. By then he was ready and went on to push press and then we were back and forth again.

We had ninety seconds left and were working hard. Ricky usually did his push press in two sets of five with a pause in the middle. I could usually get to eight and then huff and regroup before pushing out the last couple. He dropped the bar each time. I knew he was going to drop the bar after five so I was ready and picked up mine and knocked out the last five. He got the rope climb and I got three snatches in before time.

We had 10+4 and I really did hold my own on this one. My snatches with even just the small bar made me beep. I was beeping at the end of my push presses. I needed the rests in there while Ricky worked so that I could get back to work again. But when it was my turn, I was giving as much as I had. Not bad for my first 2014 WOD.