January 2014

It was a screwy week this week and I need to get back to my normal schedule. I’ve been so antsy and miserable. I need to move more but even when at home, I’m stuck in the house, held captive by cold weather and not wanting to venture out. My hands are painful even in these “balmy” temperatures and my nails have all broken off because of the cold which impedes my peripheral circulation. Even gloves don’t really help.

Staying warm helps so I stay inside but it is driving me nuts. I need to get out and do something. The day I walked and did push-ups and sit-ups felt good. The rest of the time I’ve felt like a slug. But my knee has been twingish with rare times when it calls for my full attention and lets me know that I’m old and feeble and probably not very jock-like. I’m torn between burning up the excess energy and taking care of my knee.

I looked at the WOD for today and it was a partner WOD and it didn’t look that bad for my knee. Well, as long as I modified it. I also looked at the expected temperature for this morning and it was saying 31⁰ which isn’t that bad and it turned out to be 36. So I set my alarm and was ready for getting up in the middle of the night and going to the box while it was still dark out there.

I looked around when I got there and I was the only 6 AM person I saw. Ricky showed up. Another guy, Jeremy (I think) was also with our group. Odd number and partner WOD. Damn. Kim was doing a fundamentals session and finishing up with the 5 AM class’s time. So she would be my partner. That’s intimidating.

Warm-up was a 1000 meter row, but a couple weeks ago when I thought that wouldn’t hurt my knee, it turned out to be very bad for my knee. I went for a 300 meter run. They were still rowing when I got back so I did cherry pickers. Then Ryan complex down the mat and I was having trouble with the lunges but could do the other parts as long as I didn’t go too deep in my squat. They did jumping squats to prepare for the broad jumps while Jason looked in a book to see if there was something he could find that would help with my knee. He couldn’t see anything right then. We did other stuff and were proclaimed to be warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
teams of 2 one person working at a time
12 Minute AMRAP
8 T2B
8 Broad jumps*
* for the broad jump the goal is to jump about the same distance as your height. Use the length of a mat to judge distance

We were going to have one partner do the toes to bar, the next do broad jumps landing in a deep squat (I was substituting sit-ups for the broad jumps) and then do the hand stand push-ups (I did them from a 20″ box to two abmats) so that each partner did one of the moves and then switch. However, Kim was having real problems with the hand stand push-ups, so we ended up with each of us doing four of the toes to bar, her doing the broad jumps, and me doing the hand stand push-ups.

I really tried to get my toes to the bar and did better, but I really don’t have the move down. A few looked fairly decent, all were the best I could do. I managed the hand stand push-ups but was groaning by rep seven or eight each time. We ended with 7 rounds plus 11 with Kim doing all the last set of toes to bar and me getting in a few sit-ups before time.

We then worked on mobility stuff and some of it was not all that nice. I know that working on loosening tight muscles is the whole key, but some of that stuff just hurts. It helps too, but it isn’t all that nice while it’s happening.

It felt really good to get to the box. And as much as I hate to admit it, it felt really good to go for a small run. It’s always more of a jog and I never go fast, but it felt good to be moving. My knee doesn’t hurt at all – at least not right now. My heart rate monitor never beeped at all today – because I forgot to turn it on. I never felt too winded because of the built in rest times, but I might have been high enough by the end of the push-ups to beep, if I had had it on. But it is nice to know that even without it, I don’t die.

Tax joke

Tax joke

I used to live in Ohio. It has been horribly cold in Ohio this winter. I don’t live there anymore so I watch the temperatures with interest, but without the disgust I used to feel for Old Man Winter. I have been in the South for nearly a decade now. I’m a misplaced Yankee and been told that I’m actually a damned Yankee, meaning I own property down here.

When I lived in Ohio, about half my wardrobe was really warm clothes. I had this lusciously warm winter coat that was purchased with the intent of surviving playground duty in northern Ohio during winter. I had lots of sweaters and boots and mittens and everything one might need to stay warm while living in Ohio in the wintertime.

I’m not sure how it’s working there this winter. There have been days and days and days without seeing the temperature rise not above freezing, but above zero. That’s Canadian weather or maybe Minnesota, Montana, or one of the Dakotas. It is just crazy.

I didn’t bring much of my winter stuff with me here to the balmy South. I had no need of it – or so I thought. However, we have had just a bit of a cold snap here. We were threatened with one to three inches of snow along with lots of sleet and ice. There are no salt trucks here and even with three inches of snow, a snow plow wasn’t needed. However, southerners may be very interested in NASCAR and all, but they can’t drive in inclement weather. Even rain throws them for a loop.

They don’t realize that bridges ice before roadways and even if they did, they don’t know what to do when driving along and hitting a patch of black ice. They tend to slam on the brakes a lot which isn’t the best idea in icy conditions. But they also know they can’t drive in the ice and snow and therefore, everything shut down.

It has been years since I’ve driven in the snow, but I think I could still handle the car. However, my tiny sportscar wouldn’t be much of a match for many of the extra large pickups that are so prevalent here. When my boss said the office was closing Tuesday at 1.30 PM and would reopen on Thursday whenever the roads were dry, it was all right with me.

We really didn’t get much sleet or ice or even snow although one boss did. His son who is two had never seen the stuff and wanted to go out and play in it. He was permitted and thought it was very fun until he reached down and grabbed some and then burst into tears and wanted the cold wetness off his hands. They went back inside but the two-year-old kept wanting to “play” in the snow by standing in an open doorway without really going out in it, just in case.

I did not even get out of my pajamas yesterday. I wasn’t leaving the house for any reason and there was no real need for me to do more than sit around all day dressed warmly and comfortably. So that’s what I did.

I did get an email from CrossFit Summerville letting me know they loved and missed me and they would love to see my smiling face once again. I hadn’t been there in a week. They were open for Wednesday afternoon workouts, but they didn’t open until 4 PM so even if I had considered going to open gym, that wasn’t available. My knee is mostly better and I’ve been icing it on and off just on principle. I haven’t tried to fall over or anything since last Friday.

I looked at the WOD last night. Because I didn’t work yesterday, I had to work today. So open gym was again out of the question because I would be at work which is why it isn’t an option usually. I thought I might consider going in at 6 AM for a class and then heading into work.

Today’s WOD as written:
emom 8min
3 position snatch
17 minutes of:
40 Burpees
75/45 pound Snatch, 30 reps
30 Burpees
135/75 pound Snatch, 30 reps
20 Burpees
165/100 pound Snatch, 30 reps
10 burpees
210/120 pound Snatch, as many reps as possible

This is 13.1 or the first workout for the CrossFit Games Open from last year. Craig does offer a chance for any of his athletes to do these WODs. He does not expect ALL his athletes to do these WODs because they are more than the regular schmucks can handle.

I’m unsure what the EMOM thing is, but it looks like a hang snatch, power snatch, full snatch combo to me. That would be 24 snatches before one does a workout just overflowing with snatches. This seems utterly stupid to me – so perfectly in keeping with Bringer of Pain programming. This is also why Craig keeps telling me to quit CrossFit. Or at least change boxes. Or something.

I find things like this just defeating. I don’t know if I could ever do 100 burpees in 17 minutes. I know I can’t do any of the snatches at the weights listed and don’t think I could manage 30 deadlifts at 120 pounds. I looked at the Games page and saw that they were permitted as just power snatches, but even so, that lightest weight wasn’t being tossed over MY head while I fell under the bar.

This also seems like a really stupid WOD in light of the fact that an Elite CrossFit Athlete is in rehab with a severed spinal cord after dropping a snatch. So 90+ snatches might be just a bit excessive. I’m sure there are people who can do this stuff. I’m sure they aren’t me.

I know my knee wouldn’t have liked this even a month ago before it got all cranky. I am tired of sitting at home and doing nothing but I’m not really up for destroying myself or having a heart attack or anything.

So instead of the box, I went to the grocery store and got my weekly shopping done on senior discount day. I got to work thirty minutes early to make up for some of the time I missed by leaving early on Tuesday. I’m home for the weekend now. My knee doesn’t hurt.

Unless there is some utter nonsense, I will be up and at the box for partner WOD Friday bright and early tomorrow. I sure hope it is above freezing because the place is unheated and I hate being cold until I start melting and then when I finish the WOD, start freezing again. Just wait for next August when I’m complaining about how hot it is.

Ice encrusted crepe myrtle from my back yard

Ice encrusted crepe myrtle from my back yard

I stopped on the way into work today and finally found the cocoa mint tea we all liked. Only the Publix on Trolley Rd has it. I bought three boxes.

I got to work and there was a message that I hadn’t sent in some paperwork and it took me a while to find it. I was sorta panicky while looking but … there it was in the first place I looked for it, but had missed it. So, all was well.

Then I printed out all the things we need for the quarterly taxes and set them in front of the boss who groaned and then got out his checkbook and off we went. It took quite a while to do it all, but not nearly as long as it used to take when I had to figure it all out myself. I love Intuit.

Then the stamp machine still had that a letter was only 46 cents and so I had to update that before we could send any of the checks into the US Treasury and the State of South Carolina.

Next, I decided I had to work on the expenses for the month and that meant building a new spreadsheet which was really just copying 2013 and getting rid of all the old data. But as I was doing that, I noticed that I forgot to put a couple expenses on the December sheet so they went on this months and too bad about the whole year thing.

Our group meeting didn’t take very long and I was free to get back to my desk and work on more crap. I got the invitation for our year’s events done and then everyone will be a critic and want to change this or that and yet, no one had time for any input while I was creating the first mockup.

All in all, I worked all day at work which does make the time fly. We are supposed to get snow, sleet, and ice here in the next couple days. People here do not know how to drive in that crap and there are no salt trucks or plows to get rid of any snow. They don’t realize bridges freeze first and they like to spin out and clump along the sides and generally make a mess.

I do not want to be on the road with any of these people. I’m planning my work week accordingly.

I got home and knew that I had to do something sorta kinda like a WOD. I got changed into something looking like workout clothes and tried a few things. I tried some squats. They weren’t horrible, but they weren’t nice to my knee. I’m supposed to be letting my knee heal. It won’t do that if I aggravate it. This was slightly aggravating. So those were out.

I tried some single unders. I could do them, but they jarred my leg and so I again thought better of it.

I didn’t want to do too many sit-ups because I have an aversion to road rash on my ass. I don’t have either a bar or a band here at the house to do anything like a pull-up. I have no free weights. I’m pretty pitiful here at home.

What I did do was 20 pushups, walk at a brisk pace around the block (I didn’t time it, but I think my usual pace is 10 minutes), 40 sit-ups, walk to the corner and back (I did time this one because I never have before and it was 13 minutes), and then another 20 pushups.

I am somewhat hesitant to say this, but there were so many times on both of my walks when I just wanted to start running. Can you imagine? Me? Wanting to run? I think CrossFit broke me. I hope they are happy with this turn of event. I have never wanted to run before in my life! And now, this! I had to keep telling myself that I was protecting my knee and if jumping a rope hurt, running would, too.

While I was walking, I would occasionally be reminded I have a right knee. It wasn’t painful, per se, but I was noticing my knee. I never noticed my left knee but I’m pretty sure I had one the entire time I was walking. I almost always keep them together as a pair.

I don’t really know how long I worked at things not hurting my knee, but I did use up some energy and the last few pushups were getting on the wormy side. I’m sitting here with ice on my knee more as a precaution than anything else. And I am fairly proud of myself for not sitting down directly after work with a cup of coffee and Facebook. That’s truly amazing.


My knee seems to be 90% better. I can walk normally 98% of the time and it only twinges every now and then. Because I’m sick of my knee hurting and because I’m not always a complete idiot, I have made a command decision without looking ahead, that I will take off CrossFit for at least Monday and Tuesday. I looked at the WOD anyway and thought I could do most of the work and maybe …

I stayed home. I do not have to prove anything. I’m an old fart with a bum knee and I need to give it a chance to get better before I get back to work at the box. Otherwise, I’m just going to keep hurting myself and taking a day or two off here and there until I really screw things up.

I know that I do not sit at my computer desk correctly. I do not have my feet flat on the floor in front of my chair and I do not sit with a straight spine. I curl up in a slouch position and my knee is torqued at a funny angle because I don’t have the space to stretch my legs out. Therefore, I spent yesterday with my laptop in my lap and my knee straight in front of me while I was in the recliner.

It is also possible, when in that position, to have an ice pack really over my entire knee, including the part where the partial tear in my ACL is. Brilliant!

I will do this for a few more days and hopefully, without the aggravation from just sitting here incorrectly my knee will get better.  At least that is my plan, such as it is.

If I take care of myself, maybe it will improve. I sure have been walking better. The phone rang and I RAN through the house to get it and I didn’t land on the floor, have my knee give out, or have any pain at all. Admittedly, it was only a few yards, but I couldn’t have done that on Friday to save my life.

I hate missing days but there are so few things that don’t use legs. I’m better at working out first thing in the morning, but Dick is packing and trying to get out of the house and I don’t want to get in his way. He is going to Florida to be with his mother and sister. Ruth is doing as well as can be expected and she may be discharged to a rehab facility today. Or not. Who knows? Barb had an appointment to speak with the surgeon because even without drugs, Ruth is a little loopy but he didn’t arrive at the appointed time or any time close to it. So, as far as we know, we know very little.

One would think that an educated man would realize that a loopy 91-year-old on narcotics isn’t going to have the wits to understand what he says. But … apparently they don’t teach that in med school.

She would not do her incentive spirometer because it was “too heavy” even though it can sit on the overbed table. She did finally get up into a chair on Sunday which was better than I thought. She is insisting that there was a “small man” under her bed who worked all night without stopping on her leg massage socks. No one can convince her that it is a machine with a timer that pumps them up and releases them.

With all this, the surgeon still thinks he “educating” and “sharing information” when he talks to Ruth instead of her daughter, the nurse.

Ruth did admit that she is going to have to use her wheelie walker now. Miracle of miracles.

Poor Dick is surrounded by women falling apart. In order to not overtax his system, I am doing my part to get myself glued back together.

I may see about doing an AMRAP for 10 minutes this afternoon that is pushups, sit-ups, and maybe (if it doesn’t hurt my knee to do this) single unders. I might be able to do some unweighted squats better than the single unders, especially if I’m not too picky about breaking parallel. I need to do something, but I also need to let my knee rest.

I think the best thing I can do is sit properly at my desk or sit in the recliner and not keep hurting my bad knee. I may have to rearrange my office so my desk is better positioned so I don’t need to curl my leg up when sprawled out. I also like moving the furniture around in here for a new look, so it might work out for the best.

All in all, this should have been a nice CrossFit day and instead, I’m full of energy without any way to dissipate it. And the worry about illness isn’t helping. Being able to blow off some steam would have been great. I should do something for myself after work today. If only I have the fortitude to manage that.


I read a blog post about luxuries. What, exactly, are these things?

One of the luxuries I find to be useful is toilet paper. Have you ever considered it a luxury? It is a rather new invention even though the utility seems logical, the practice of having clean, soft, absorbent, rolls of splinter free paper right there is relatively new. I actually wrote about this for my other blog.  In the 1930s Northern Tissue actually advertised their paper as splinter free which makes one assume that others weren’t.

I am gifted with large rolls of paper that even Cleopatra or Henry VIII didn’t have access to. Caesar didn’t have this stuff. Hell, they didn’t even have a Sears catalog.

What other luxuries do I have in my house?

I have magic here. Every day is filled with this magic stuff. I have no idea how it actually works, but get this – I touch a little lever on a wall and suddenly there is light filling the room. Even during the darkest night, one little touch and I feel like a god who says, “Let there be light” and there is light. What a luxury. I’ve seen the pictures of people taking plastic two-liter bottles and somehow making them into light emitters. And I don’t have to do that because I live in the lap of luxury.

Also, and this is essential to life, I have clean water. I push another lever and water gushes out. Clean water. Okay, cleanish. But still, it isn’t filled with dirt and doesn’t have to be filtered – unless I want to filter it through some ground coffee beans and turn it into a different drink. There are people who not only don’t have running water, but don’t have access to anything other than sludge water. And I live in a place where water is piped directly into my home.

Another luxury is temperature control. It has been cold here in the South. The polar vortex has inched its way south and made us shiver. But with my thermostat set in my solidly built house, I’m warm. In the summer, when it is over 100⁰ F and I sit in my house, I’m cool. This is just the neatest house ever. I have been thinking of pre-Columbian natives who lived in teepees out on the plains and freezing through a winter like this and I can’t even make sense of it. The plains are flat and winds are strong. How did they survive without my everyday luxuries?

Last night for a snack, I had ice cream with Velvet Fudge Sauce. It was delicious – as always. Now get this part – I heated the sauce up in a small bowl for just 15 seconds and it went from cold to hot in that short time. Can you imagine? What a miracle! And then I added my wonderful treat of ice cream.

Ice cream is relatively new, but the idea is old as the hills. Early on people would pour sweetened syrupy stuff over snow and have that as a treat, which would have worked last night if I still lived in Ohio, but we didn’t have any snow here. Ice cream as we know it today is just a few hundred years old and good old Henry VIII and Cleopatra didn’t have any of it, either. But if they had, it would have been a special treat. It wasn’t until we developed refrigeration that it could be made in advance and consumed at leisure.

Since the internet is relatively new, we still consider this a luxury of sorts. However, with the digital divide thing, we have now assumed that without it, one is impoverished. Everyone should have access to the internet because where else can you find inspirational pictures of cats speaking funny and saying things like “I haz a warm” and obviously as cute as these pictures are, they aren’t grammatically correct. And I have internet. I have a smart phone, a Kindle Fire, two netbooks (one of them with a broken keyboard and has to have an external one plugged in), and a real laptop. I also have a plain old Kindle and Dick has a laptop and a dumb smart phone. We are connected.

So, I live in the lap of luxury. But it seems so everyday to me. I usually don’t stop and rejoice in the toilet paper’s presence. We think of it as a basic necessity. Just trying being in a public bathroom and running out. It is the one time you are permitted to talk to strangers in the bathroom. All you have to do is yell, “There is no toilet paper in here” and someone will stick a wad of paper under the wall or door. We do not expect to go without this basic need being met.

We have water, electricity, gas, heat, air conditioning, light, and even that refrigeration to keep our ice cream frozen. We have lived liked this for so long that we forget the shivering, huddled folks on the plains of what was to become the United States. We forget that Henry VIII lived in a draughty castle hung with tapestries, not for their beauty, but to block the wind. Flagstones of marble are pretty, but they aren’t warm.

I have closets full of clothes. I am blessed. I bet I have more outfits than Elizabeth I ever had. I have materials that she never had, that is certain. My laundry is done by a machine (that I complain about) and I don’t have to iron my stuff before I wear it. Nor do I have the minions to do so. My shoes are made in pairs with one specifically for the right foot and the other for the left. Cleopatra didn’t have that. Henry VIII probably did.

Many of the things we take for granted do not exist in ancient history or in many places in the world today. My lifestyle is actually egregiously luxurious. And I don’t often appreciate it. But I should.


We decided to go to Savannah, Georgia and Dick looked for a deal out there. He found a Groupon for us and we selected an overnight place (Inn at Ellis Square) and date that worked with my schedule. Thursday was the night for staying there.

We wanted to leave here around 11 so that gave me time to get to the grocery store for the week. I went and used my $10 off $50 or more coupon and even remembered to give it to them while I was being rung up. I mentioned that I was old since it was senior discount day. The cashier said she got that already. Nice. Well, I do have gray hair it was senior day, so I guess it was nice that she knew I was old.

I packed a few clothes and all my electronics and off we went for a chilly day. The polar vortex was being all polar, but the sun was out and it wasn’t too bad.

On the way, I mentioned that I didn’t want to hear anything as I hobbled down the rock hewn stairs to the river. My knee isn’t working correctly and the stairs are uneven. I would have to lead with my right leg on each step and it was just to stay safe and don’t yell at me and yadda, yadda, yadda.

Dick parked right down there on the cobbled street so I wouldn’t have to climb down the steps! We walked along the river and stopped into any shops that looked interesting and some that didn’t just because we wanted to get out of the cold. We really like the taffy there and Dick got a pound and I restrained myself and only got a half-pound.

We stopped for lunch at a Greek place and neither of us got a gyro, but we liked our sandwiches and then I got baklava. I love that stuff. I enjoyed every bite and tried (without complete success) to not think of how many calories I was eating and how many burpees it would take to burn it up.

It was time to check in at the hotel and with that accomplished we were ready for the rest of the afternoon. We weren’t supposed to be on the river side of the hotel since we were Groupon discount folks, but they had a low occupancy rate and so we were on the fifth floor and could see the river and the bridge from our room. On our way out the door to explore, I stopped at the desk to tell the lady about our room. I told her how pleased we were and that everything was perfect.

While we were in Europe last spring, some weather pattern hung over the continent for weeks and we nearly froze our asses off. We packed for spring and what the weather usually was and what the prediction for the weather was. Neither was helpful. We had gloves, mittens, scarves, hats, and winter coats at home. None of these were in Europe with us. We wore socks on our hands and everything we packed was layered on every single day. And we still froze.

Yesterday, I had my shirt and light sweater/jacket, my vest (purchased for the Europe trip) and my winter coat on while we walked around Savannah. I also had a headband hat thing that I would have sold my soul or first born son for while we were in Germany. I had a scarf, too, and gloves were in my pockets but not needed. Please note that the temps were in the low 40s. I have turned into a Southerner. I didn’t mean to do that, but I’m wimpy with cold now.

We walked around for a couple hours, visited the center at SCAD (Savannah College of Arts and Design) and were awed, and got back to the hotel before the sun set and the temps dropped more. As we headed back to the hotel and were getting closer, we looked for restaurants that looked promising for dinner. We selected Churchill’s and it was a great place when we did go back and eat. And, only two blocks away in in the cold and dark as we walked back and forth. All this walking and my knee never bothered me in the least.

About 4 PM, we had gotten a phone call from Bill. He never calls. Barb had taken Ruth to the hospital and it wasn’t all that good. She had some stomach issue that was only going to be resolved with surgery. She is 91 years old and frail. I didn’t know who to feel sorriest for: Ruth, Barb for having to take care of this, or Dick who was torn between enjoying a planned respite with his wife while worrying to death about his mother. I’m so glad this didn’t happen while all of us were in Europe because although we had discussed it before going and we were determined to stay the course for our vacation, it really did put a damper on things.

We opted to leave Savannah earlier since it was now below freezing and we didn’t have anything particular we wanted to do. Just walking in the cold sunshine wasn’t all that appealing. We stopped at Hilton Head and saw Craig on our way home. On our way home from there, we finally got a call and Barb said Ruth was out of surgery and did well. We could mostly relax. We understand that her recovery is going to be difficult and made worse by her age and her refusal to do anything she doesn’t want to do. I pity the nurse who makes her get out of bed and walk today – or at least tries to do that.

Dick needs to go to Florida. He needs clean clothes to pack for that. This meant that my first task for our return home was to do laundry or he wouldn’t have clean underwear. To get to that point, we needed to also unpack. I was hanging up my coat and vest and putting away the scarf, gloves, and hat when I noticed I didn’t have the hat. I turned to get back to the kitchen where I had left it and my entire right knee simply gave out.

I didn’t fall, but God, did my knee hurt. I couldn’t walk right. I couldn’t really walk at all. I got as far as the rocking chair and sat. For the rest of the night, I limped around looking like Festus on Gunsmoke. I did ice it eventually (when I finally sat down to crochet for a while) and I took an Aleve before bed. It is much better today and not hurting as I sit still. It also actually supports weight when I walk.

So the coming week is going to find Dick in Florida (at some point here) and me thinking about what I can do as I debate whether or not I can manage CrossFit on this stupid knee.

But, we did enjoy our getaway. Ruth is doing as well as can be expected. Laundry is done. My knee … well, we are just going to have to wait and see on that.

Spanish moss draping a live oak overlooking a fountain in one of the squares of Savannah

Spanish moss draping a live oak overlooking a fountain in one of the squares of Savannah

My knee is not healing itself – at least not as quickly as I want it to. However, not working out is leaving me way too much excess energy. The WOD for Tuesday was:

10 min emom
3 heavy full cleans
3 deficit HSPU
Then for time
100 overhead squats(95/65)
everytime you put the bar down 5 burpees

That’s 130 weighted squats. With a bad knee, that seemed a bit overzealous. Without a bad knee, it still seemed a bit overzealous. I would have scammed the workout and had a box behind my fat ass and sat with the bar in my lap to rest. Otherwise, I would be doing 100 overhead squats and 95 burpees and that was never gonna happen. The AM classes did scam it, but the afternoon classes were given better instructions so every time they went out of the overhead position, they had to do burpees. Their times reflected this extra work.

I have no idea what Henry’s over arching plan is, but his programming is ludicrous. And it sucks. And we are going to have a bunch of hurt people.

I looked at today’s WOD and figured I had a chance. I needed to burn off some of this energy and what the heck. YOLO. Although there is another polar vortex thing going on, it wasn’t that cold this morning, either. So it seemed like I was really supposed to be at the box.

Coach Jason had the 5 AM class, but Kim had ours. We had to do shuttle runs and touch the ground at each end. I explained that my knee was still cranky and I could run but the squatting down and touching wasn’t going to work. Then they had to bear crawl the mat. Nope. I did cherry pickers and then pushups and then ring rows and when everyone else did toy soldiers, I could do that, too. I could do dislocates and passthroughs as well. Go me.

We were declared warm and then we started on today’s WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
find 3 rm press
5 rounds
10 pull ups
20 wallballs
30 double unders

We were to do strict presses and so I knew this would be a really weenie weight. I’m just a little old lady and all that crap. I used the small 22# bar and could do those without a problem. I added 10# and no problem. I went to 42# and problem. I managed one, but couldn’t get three. So I backed up to 37# and tried that. I got my three. So, I switched the plates again and tried the 42#. Both Kim and Cindy said it looked great but I felt like ungelled Jell-o on the final rep. I did get it though.

The workout was pull-ups and if we were using a band, try to go with strict and no kipping so I used a green band and really did most as strict. I used a 10 pound med ball for the wallballs. And then double unders weren’t part of my life today. It was supposed to be 4:1 but we have a plethora of foot problems in our class. Cindy and Carma rowed for I don’t know how much. Ricky did sit-ups. I did weird stuff.

On the first round, I managed the pull-ups and the wallballs without a break. Then I was beeping and pretty much only got my heart rate low enough to start again and beep some more. I was going for 90 single unders and I got about half way before my knee decided it didn’t like the jarring so much. So I hopped on one leg which is really much more difficult than two. But I did 90.

Second round, the pull-ups and wallballs were done in halves and then I did sit-ups. Third round, stuff in halves again, but I did one legged jumps and opted for a 2:1 ratio and quit at 60 before I hurt my left knee. Fourth round, I went halves again and ended with sit-ups.

During all the wallballs, I was doing a rather shallow (probably only to a 18-20″ box height or so) squat which was mostly on my left leg without much help from my bad right knee so they were like a modified pistol wallball which is just stupid. So before I really hurt anything else and while my right knee was not completely fried, I quit after four rounds. My time was 18.11.

I’ve had ice on my knee while I wrote this. I don’t know if this was really a good idea or not, but I really needed to burn up some energy before I poked someone in the nose or something. I was like this when I played racquetball, too. If you are used to using all this energy in these scheduled bursts and you miss it, the energy is still produced but doesn’t dissipate and the only really good way to get rid of it is to beat someone up – or get back to your sport. I didn’t want to go to jail for assault and battery, so I went to the box. I’m sure that part was smart.


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