I worked yesterday and then I was done for the week. My son and his family finally arrived safely at their destination even though the tail lights on the truck had to be fixed (a technician was sent out), the headlights on the truck were weak, the defroster didn’t work, and the wipers were sub-par. Even in the cold and snow, they made it safely. Apparently they weren’t able to travel faster than their guardian angels could fly. I’m grateful beyond measure.

I also could finally sleep and slept in until 7.30 which is really, really late for me. It felt great and I was rested. Finally. Finally. Rested. Glad I don’t have to help unpack the truck or the totes. But that is up to someone else now.

I looked at the WOD last night and was simply thankful that I wasn’t going to be forced into going to a regular class. We had done toes to bar, handstand pushups, and push press surrounded by burpees and the next WOD was burpees and snatches. Really? I thought that one of the tenets of CrossFit was varied. That means something different. I could barely raise my arms over my head to get my shirt off and you want me to do 45 snatches?

Craig gets a little peeved – no, he gets outright pissed – by the programming for my box. He makes sure different major muscle groups are used and he scales so that people can choose their intensity level. My box – not so much. So I have to listen to him quite often being disappointed and worrying about me getting hurt. I’m old enough to be his mother and he cares about me. What a good son.

Today, if I had had to go to 6 AM, I would have asked for something different. I couldn’t have thrown weight overhead 45 times without hurting myself. I knew that. I don’t understand the allure of all these burpees except that no one likes to do burpees and we like to be “hardass” or something at my box. I don’t know of other goals we are attempting to achieve. Back squats are apparently really important, too.

Today’s WOD as written:
spend 10 min working on rolling pistol
power snatchs (115/75)RX+, (95/65)rx

I wasn’t doing that.

Craig’s WOD as written:
MOB: Achilles. Shoulders.
2:00 of easy jump rope/double under practice.
2 rounds of:
5 BB push jerks
5 BB good mornings
5 BB back squats
REVIEW: Push Jerk. T2B and subs.
S: Push Jerk. 3-3-2-2-1-1-1. Rest as needed.
C: EMOM for 10 minutes:
Max T2B in :15
20 double unders
Record total T2B reps to board.
LIII: 15 double unders
LII: Sub of choice. 10 double unders.
LI: Sub of choice. 5 double unders (attempts count) or 30 single unders.
PWOD MOB: Rollout Calves. Roller in t-spine and lats. Lax ball in C/S/B/G.

Well, I couldn’t quite do that, either. So, I sorta, kinda made something up based on this.

I did a warm-up and lots of stretches. I worked on my arms and shoulder ROM and on my hamstrings which felt tight.

I picked LI and did sit-ups for 15 seconds and then did 30 single unders and worked for the ten minutes. The first round I got 7 sit-ups and 8 on each round thereafter. I tried to get to nine once so I could have 80 on the sit-ups, but I couldn’t do it without cheating. So I ended up with 79. I did get the 300 jumps in without a problem. I didn’t try any double unders because me right knee is still achy from the last time I tried that stunt.

Since I didn’t do any skill or conditioning stuff, I opted to try one more little trick. I set the rower on 8 instead of my usual 5 and rowed for a 1000 meters. It usually takes me about 6+ minutes and I wanted less time. I don’t know if the higher power number does anything or not since I don’t understand the mechanics of the machine. But as I was getting closer to the 1000, I thought I might break the 5 minute mark. I was so close. I finished in 5.06 and with a heart rate of 173. Next time I will push a little more at the beginning and break that barrier.