After last week’s workouts and massage, I was battered. The massage helped after it was done hurting, but to get the knots out took some deep pressure and I was bruised from it. My arms were nearly non-functional as well. All in all, I was a mess.

After a couple days off, I was much better. We went for a nice walk yesterday, enjoying the beautiful weather here in the southeast.

In the middle of the night a windstorm blew through. It might have rained at that time, but the howling wind was enough to wake the dead or at least it woke me up. That made it even harder to wake up when the alarm went off. But I did.

It was 72⁰ out there this morning. The humidity is only 83% but it feels worse than that. The air is thick and muggy. The upshot is that I wore shorts to the box today. I have been wearing layers so I can be okay in the cold. Today, I had a short sleeved shirt over a tank top thinking I wanted to protect my shoulders for back squats. It was too hot to leave the short sleeved shirt on.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run and I walked part of it. Then we were supposed to lunge down the mat backwards, but my right knee cap is still mad at me. I did it frontwards and it was still a bit touchy. Then we played a game. There had been 12 people at the 5 AM class so I don’t know what their game was. Ours, with six people there, had six stations and we did 30 seconds at each and then moved to the next and started again. Ten seconds set aside to move from place to place.

I started with slam balls so I could get them out of the way. Next was burpees, then wall balls and the med ball was so slick I couldn’t keep hold of it. Then box jumps, sit-ups , and finally KB swings. I’m not sure why this was a game since it was really hard work for this old coot.

Today’s WOD as written:
3×5 back squats
triple tabata one right into the other
air squats
toes to bar

I worked up to a 73# bar and did that for my three sets of five. Since I had already taken the t-shirt off, I just draped it over my shoulders. I’m such a delicate flower and all.

As we all know, I hate Tabatas. I believe they are just mean. I’m old. They are supposed to be hard and help with stamina and I have none. I learned long ago that I need to do 15-15 instead of 20-10 for the rounds so that I can recover enough to not have to skip a round.

Today, we were to keep track of all reps rather than the usual, punitive scoring option. But I managed to keep my reps the same for each round by planning ahead and working through the yuck.

I walked the burpees in and out and got to round six before I started beeping. I kept beeping and beeping. I managed to keep three burpees per 15 seconds the entire eight rounds for a score of 24.

There was no minute rest in between because why would we do that! Instead, right on to squats. I was hoping for ten but only got to 9 on the first round. I still hadn’t stopped beeping. At one point, Coach Ryan asked if I had quit beeping and I said hell, no. He said that for the new year I should raise my limit by one beat. I don’t even understand the logic there. I hadn’t stopped as soon as I started beeping. It is more of an indicator to start again when I do stop, not where I just quit when I beep. I beeped for a good solid six minutes without ever stopping except for the regular rest period of a Tabata.

Instead of toes to bar if we couldn’t do them, we were supposed to do sit-ups. Those aren’t as hard on my heart rate and I managed to actually stop beeping. I got 8 for each of the rounds.

My score was 24-72-64 which wasn’t as bad as it might have been.

And then, because it was so hot out there, on December 23 I drove home with the top down.