It is Christmas time. A time for all things to be wonderful and yet … it isn’t always that great. Yesterday was great here. Dan and Leslie were here (they have been visiting Leanne who lives in South Carolina now) and they came to Charleston yesterday. That was a lot of fun.

We got back from dinner and I finished a craft project and then it was time to check Facebook again. Our old neighbor fell last week and hit his head funny, doing something to his neck/spine. He is able to walk with some help now and has six weeks of rehab, at least. It is hoped he will fully recover but he may need surgery later.

Already upset with this news, I kept scrolling.

Another friend developed chest pain after shoveling snow and was in the hospital with a rule out heart attack diagnosis. Hopefully it was just angina, and he will be home soon.

Sorta makes all my whining a little underwhelming and a bit pathetic.

Got up at the crack of way before dawn. It was 52⁰ so I had to change from long pants to Capri length or I would melt. Warm-up was a 500 meter row and then other stuff which included broad jump down the mat which I just hate. Then on to the hero WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
teams of 2 one person work at a time
For time:
Run 800 meters
135 pound Back squat, 50 reps
135 pound Bench press, 50 reps
Run 800 meters
135 pound Back squat, 35 reps
135 pound Bench press, 35 reps
Run 800 meters
135 pound Back squat, 20 reps
135 pound Bench press, 20 reps
Run 800 meters
1 Muscle-up

U.S. Marine Corporal Keaton G. Coffey, 22, of Boring, Oregon, assigned to the 1st Law Enforcement Battalion, 1st Marine Headquarters Group, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Camp Pendleton, California, was killed on May 24, 2012 while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his fiancee Brittany Dygert and his parents Grant and Inger.

Obviously, I scaled the weights. Carma and I were a team. Todd and Ricky were a team. That was all the players we had. Both Todd and Ricky couldn’t run (Todd hurt his foot with all the jump rope stuff on Tuesday and Ricky’s heel fracture hasn’t been doctor approved to ignore yet) but Carma and I could.

For the first round, I ran 400 and then Carma did and when she got back I started back squats. We did 63# bar for that and used the same one. We each did half. Then on to the bench press. Carma did 53# but I knew I couldn’t do that. I had 42# on the bar, and I’m pretty sure I have done that weight before. But I couldn’t even manage one lift and needed help. I had to use a 32# bar and Carma did 15 to my 10 reps.

I was bargaining with Coach Jason and cut a deal where we could both go together for the run. We ran out 200 meters and walked back the 200 meters so we could get back to work. Carma isn’t any better at running than I am which means we both suck. The back squats were each of us doing half and then Carma did 15 to my 10 again and then another 10 for Carma and we could go for another run.

We did that together and got back and did ten each of the two moves and then back for another run. We got out, walked and then decided we would run the parking lot back in and ended in 31.03. (Neither of us can do a muscle up and after a 5 AM person tried to break her arm, Jason said to just ignore that bit.)

Everything is sore and tired and battered and yet … I’m alive and well and overall, doing pretty good for an old fart.