I was warned that the GHD things would be felt for days. This has proven to be true. I’ve had trouble getting into and out of chairs and getting out of the go-kart has been awful. I’m not really sure if all the problem can be laid at the feet, as it were, of the GHD thing or if the double unders also have something to do with it. Either way, I’m a mess.

I looked at the WOD last night, sucked in a lot of air, and then decided that all things are possible with scaling. So I stopped worrying about it. I also didn’t set the alarm because it is my weekend already and I didn’t have to get up and make it to work. I got up just as I would have been getting home from the box. My first thought was, “I could have been done already” but instead I was rested.

So I planned and plotted while here at home. I figured I could cut back the whole thing and just do two-thirds. I figured my right knee really hurt and I would be dying with that WOD. So I figured some more. I thought and schemed. I finally had a plan I figured would work.

I made myself go on a 400 meter run and wanted to quit about halfway through. I don’t even know what that was about. But I forced myself to run the 400 meters. Freaking one-quarter of a mile and I wanted to weenie out. What a putz. Then I did other stuff to warm up including couch sits and calf stretches. That helped some.

Today’s WOD as written:
10 min working on air squats
pull ups
slam balls

Quite frankly, when all by myself, the 10 minutes of air squats seemed a bit odd and I wouldn’t know what I was doing anyway. So I ignored it. I wasn’t really by myself. Leslie was there but she was doing her own thing with a WOD she made up for herself. She has been “off” meaning something that didn’t include not coming at all, for the last three months. She was easing back into CrossFit. I guess today’s WOD didn’t look good to her, either. Aaron was doing some power lifting practice.

I got set up for the WOD by putting a green band and setting a box there for me to climb up to the bar for the pull-ups. I moved a 25 pound slam ball over by “my spot” and was ready. Aaron set the clock for me.

I figured that each burpee is really two squats and the slam ball is one squat. That’s 180 squats for this WOD and my knee already hurt. That seemed stupid to me. Kim was there when I got there and I asked about my idea. She thought it was a good one.

So I did pushups, pull-ups and half the slam balls. Those things kill me.

To begin I made 24 pushups before I had to stop and then finished them. I got ten pull-ups with just the green band and then things got ugly, I managed another 8 and then 6 and 6 and finally I was on to slam balls. I managed five at a time and had to rest forever in between all this stuff because I was beeping like crazy. Leslie thought I should just work through it because I needed to keep moving. I like to keep moving so not dying is important. I rested as needed to get my heart rate back down to 158 before starting back up. I don’t think people understand how high my heart rate actually goes when they give me this advice. I think she said something about a heart rate of 200 which is a good marker for someone in their 30s. Not so good for someone who is 60.

Anyway, I finally finished the first round, but that was half done! I kept telling myself that. It helped. I got through the next set by breaking it into pieces and doing as much as I could at one time without actually having a heart attack or anything.

On the third round, I got through the pushups and moved over to the pull-up bar. As I was waiting for my heart rate to drop, I thought to myself, “You are gonna puke” but then I told myself that I couldn’t stop because my time was already too high and it was too messy to puke inside. So I burped a few times and talked myself out of the whole puking stuff. I managed to get the pull-ups done, but they were really looking weak by this time. I got to the slam balls and told myself it was just five and get them done. I managed it and finished in 18.26.

I assumed the WOD over position and just lay there panting like a lizard on a hot rock. My stomach finally really settled down and I could sit up without thinking of having to clean anything. Another one into the books and I didn’t die. Always a good thing.