I’m too curious and I simply want to know. I can’t be at my computer and not look at the posted WOD. So I either have to not touch the thing after 8 PM which isn’t impossible, or I have to come up with another plan. I looked again last night. I came up with another plan.

I have never, even at most weeniest worst, ever ever ever been told that I couldn’t do a WOD. All things have been modified or scaled or made possible for the old fart who had enough balls to walk in the door and then keep coming back. Even if I can’t do IT, whatever that IT might be, I can do something similar or comparable or something.

So it doesn’t matter what it says. I can do it either as written or scaled. So I might be scared or daunted, but I can do this. I don’t need to be catatonic over something that – so far – has always worked out.

I knew there were double unders today so I did my hair in my Pippy Longstocking hairdo and got to the box in the frigid cold and moonlit dark. The full moon was lower yesterday and prettier, but it was still pretty spectacular this morning.

The 5 AM class was huge. The 6 AM class was just Todd and me. Warm-up was a row because why not. Kim was trying to get music going and her Bluetooth didn’t work so she went to get a cable. Todd and I made up our own warm-up while she was gone instead of just standing there. Kim got the music working and then we got warmer and it was time for the WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Deadlift (225/155)RX+(185/125)rx
20 double unders between each round
3×20 GHD sit ups
4 rounds sled pulls around the mat just inside the mat in a circle (135/95)RX+, (90/60)rx rest between pulls

I CAN do a 125# deadlift, but I don’t think I could have managed 55 of them. I used a 93# bar for this. I broke the higher reps in half but from six down I did them straight through. The main thing here is that I tried double unders between the rounds. I missed more than I got, I think. I tried 5 times between each round. I have to jump 3-4 times as single unders before I do or do not get the double under. It took me longer to do 5 of these pitiful things than it took Todd to do the jumps at a 3:1 ratio.

Todd was finished lifting and I was on my four deadlifts. I switched to just 60 single unders and knocked them out. I did notice that the directions said “between each round” and as an English major (at one point) and a writer, I know words. Since there was nothing after the 1 rep, there was no between and I didn’t do anymore jumps.

I have never touched the GHD sit-up thing. I hurt myself even trying to get on it. But, eventually we got it set for a person of my height and I worked on these things. Because I had never tried this stunt before, I did three sets of ten. I also only went to parallel. The first set wasn’t too bad. The second wasn’t as nice. The third – and my legs were burning. They still are.

Then a sled pull. There was some issue with making a circle around the mat edges and so it was decided that we would pull the sled up and down the mat eight times. That is what I did. Before I even started, Todd was probably home. He had to get to work or something silly like that. I still had time and was just starting this nonsense when it was already 7 AM.

I used only a 25# plate on it and I was huffing and puffing. My heart rate didn’t go too high until right at the end, but it was like horrific running instead of just nasty running. Running isn’t one of my favorite things anyway and dragging this thing behind didn’t make it any better. I finished and plopped to the ground. I have no idea how Craig managed to move that sled with 500# on it. He is a beast.

But then again, his mother isn’t doing too bad, either.

As I was shown how, this isn't proper positioning, but it's the best example I could find.

As I was shown how, this isn’t proper positioning, but it’s the best example I could find.