I’m a multifaceted person and not simply a jock. Okay. You can stop laughing now. Over my long weekend I made two different types of candy and two types of cookies. I used to do much more holiday baking, but that was when there were kids at home and my sister and I could work together. We baked for a week and made about 3000 cookies as well as some other treats. I only made 12 dozen cookies, so I have scaled way back.

I also crochet and my baby sister posted a link to making a Starbella ruffled scarf. I had some of that sitting around the house but didn’t really know what to do with it. With this plan, I made three scarves, one adult and two granddaughter sized. My grandsons are moving to a colder climate and I had some soft, manly colored yarn and made them each a scarf, too.

We also were invited to a Christmas party and spent an evening laughing with friends. I probably ate way too much, too, but I really tried to stay good. I was choosing wisely until the desserts came out.

It was necessary on many levels that I hit the box this morning so even though it was cold and dark and I wanted to sleep, I got out of bed and ready to get moving. It was only 39⁰ out there which isn’t too bad, but isn’t all that nice, either. I pulled out of the frigid garage, and went around the corner and …

There was a gorgeous full moon surrounded by Carolina pines. It was breathtaking and such a wonderful reward for getting out of bed on a chilly morning.

Ed moved to Columbia, so we won’t be seeing him unless he visits occasionally. Ricky is taking his family vacation to Ohio to see all the grandparents and stuff, so he is MIA. Cindy doesn’t like Monday. I was there with just Todd and then Martin showed up and the person who was doing a fundamentals class last week is now a CrossFitter. Trisha is now official.

Warm-up was 400 meter run and Coach Ryan was going to scale it for me, but I informed him I could do 400 meters. I was the last person back to the box, but I ran the whole way. I would like to let everyone know that when you run outdoors in 30something degree windy darkness, there isn’t much warming going on. Then other stuff which included lunge down the mat backwards. I nearly fell over once. Damn. I can do this forward. Then plank clockwise and counter-clockwise and this is the first time I did it without having to rest.

Today’s WOD as written:
10,15,20 back squats
5 rounds
one min on. one min off
30 kbs (70/53)RX+(53/35)rx

I did some practice warm-up back squats and then put on 63# and did ten, rested, 53# and did 15 and was beeping on the last few, rested, and was at 43# for 13 and I was so dizzy I thought I might fall over. I knew I didn’t have another 7 so I racked the bar and tried to clear my head. I got situated and then did 20 with just the 43# but I did manage all 20. I thought 45 back squats was nasty when I looked at this, but instead – I did 58. Dumbass.

The WOD was supposed to be labor intensive. Like a Tabata only with a little twist that wasn’t on the webpage. If you didn’t get the 30 KB swings done in a minute, you had a 25 burpee penalty. Well, really.

The weight was supposed to be heavy, but light enough to get the reps done in a minute. I can do a 25# KB Russian swing. But the minute on and minute off with that many reps … my heart rate wouldn’t like it.

We decided I would do 25# at 15 reps in 30 seconds and then rest for 90 seconds. But Trisha was using the 25# KB and we only have one. 35# was beyond my capacity since I just recently moved to the 25#. So we decided she would go first and I would go on the minute rest time. But she bit off more than she could chew and didn’t get her 30 reps in. I started at the 15 second mark and finished my 15, beeping, in 25 seconds.

I decided to only rest 75 seconds and get back on the minute mark. Trisha had moved to a 20# dumbbell for the swings. I managed to get my heart rate down with each of my rests, started beeping somewhere around swing 12 each time, but got the 15 done in around 25-27 seconds. I was going to be the last person working and I wasn’t really liking that prospect. So, on the last round, I did only a minute rest and started at the 30 second mark so I could finish with everyone else. That was sorta stupid. If there wasn’t a 25 burpee penalty, I probably wouldn’t have finished in time. However, that was looming over my head and so although I started beeping sooner, I finished with a second or two to spare. No burpees.

By the time we left the box, the sky was turning that beautiful coral deepening to purple with the silhouettes of leafless trees against the lightening skies. It was gorgeous. Great morning so far.