I made an executive decision to not look at the WOD the night before so I don’t upset myself. I don’t know why I’m so upset so often, but I am. I’m scared by the words written and yet, I keep doing the WOD, modified in one way or another, but still. I do this stuff.

I get up ridiculously early for someone who doesn’t have to be to work until 10 AM. But it is the only class time that works for me. I didn’t have to get up this morning since I don’t work, but Friday is partner WOD day and so the only way to have a partner is to show up for a class. I knew Carma was not going to be there, but I still got up.

I’m glad I did because what was written would have been really boring without the part that was not written.

It was 31 freezing degrees out there this morning. I did not run even though it was only a 400 meter jaunt in the freezing darkness. I did a 500 meter row while Jason played Ice, Ice Baby for us frozen Southerners. Then there was other warm-up stuff and then we were going to have fun.

Today’s WOD as written:
Teams of 2
perform as many clean and jerks as possible in 10 min
men 115#
women 75#

That was it. No skill and only ten minutes. That’s not much for a 60 minute class even taking into consideration warm-up stuff.

There was a rope strung up from the rope climb ropes over to the pull-up bar jungle gym thing. It was about 6.5 feet off the ground. We were going to play Hoover ball. What? Yes, that was our response, too.

It seems that President Hoover played a game at the White House. Using a med ball instead of a volleyball, you play a version of volleyball. You can actually catch the ball, pass it once, and then get it to the other side. Serving it is just a matter of standing back and heaving it to the other side. Once you catch the ball, you can’t move, but can do the one pass. And because this is CrossFit, every time you miss, your side does three burpees.

President Hoover used an eight pound med ball. We do not have those. So we used a ten pound med ball. There were six of us playing. Cindy, Todd, and Alex were on one side. Jason, the guy whose name I can’t remember but is very athletic, and Granny here on the other. It was much more fun than doing couch sits and even doing lots of burpees as we continuously missed shots wasn’t so bad because they were only three at a time.

I was allowed to move forward before serving, but I didn’t. I heaved as hard as I could and the ball just skimmed the rope and plopped on the other side for a point – twice. As time was winding down, Todd threw the ball directly to me, I caught it! I passed it and we made the point. On the last point of the morning, Jason served, got the ball over, it was returned, and then the guy whose name I don’t know threw the ball directly to Cindy and she missed. Playing to their weak spot! It was lots of fun and I managed to not make my team fall apart.

Jason played the game, but he was coaching the class so when it was time for partner WOD, there were only five of us. Cindy, Todd, and I worked together, but Cindy didn’t want to only do one at a time. Todd and I worked at the same time and Cindy worked alone, then Todd and I worked.

Todd started out with 95 pounds and dropped to Cindy’s 75 pound bar after the first round. Cindy started out with that 75 pound bar and used my weenie bar for her last set, which she thought was really light because she thought I was using 53 pounds when I was using only 42. But I did manage to do all my reps with the same bar. Todd and I went first so we each had 30 clean and jerks. Cindy had 28 for a score of 88 for the team.

Cindy was complaining (go figure) about how sore her wrist was. Mine has been, too. We did snatches and then overhead squats and my wrist hasn’t been the same since. It was hurting today on the clean and jerk. Todd was complaining of shoulder stuff from all the pull-ups yesterday. That didn’t seem to be an issue for me.

I’m glad I got up early because I really liked the whole Hoover ball game. I could have done the WOD by myself just fine. But it is nicer to be part of a class. And now I’m ready to get stuff done and it is still early. Worked out pretty good.