I managed to not look at the WOD again last night and I do believe this is working out better. I should keep it up.

This morning, when I checked, the WOD was up and the weather said 65⁰. I didn’t realize it was also muggy or humid or whatever it is in December. I could have worn fewer clothes and still been okay even though I didn’t wear winter clothes as it was.

When we got there, the 5 AM class was still working hard. Kim was doing the WOD. They finished and she told the 6 AM class to go for 800 meters. I think she just wanted to get rid of us while she caught her breath.

There was a new person today, Sarah. She was supposed to come with the runners and see the turnaround spot. Todd and Ricky rowed because of feet stuff. Carma and I don’t run 800 meters. Ed was way in front of us. I told Sarah that if she wanted to find the place to turn, follow Ed. Carma turned back at the 400 meter place but I kept going for another space that I have no idea how long it was. But I went to Invacare with Sarah keeping up (but not passing me) before I turned around and told Sarah this is where I was quitting. She followed me all the way back. In the parking lot, Candace told me to hurry, someone was on my heels. Hahahaha, I don’t ever hurry when I run, but I made it all the way to the door without having to walk. What a big girl.

Bunch of other stuff next and we were deemed warm.

Today’s WOD as written:

EMOM for 10 rounds

2 Full snatches heavy

4 rounds for reps

30 sec pull ups

30 sec rest

30 sec row for cal

30 sec rest

30 sec tire flips

30 sec rest

We practiced the incremental moves for a snatch and I can do one with a PVC pipe. I can’t fall under the bar into a full squat even with just the 22# bar. For the EMOM, I did a power snatch rather than a full snatch. Someone had left the largest tire in the middle of the floor. I was trying my damnedest to squat to the tire, but couldn’t get that low. I just suck at this move still. I can do a power snatch now, which is an improvement, but not what I want. Practice and patience – two of my not very strong points.

There are only five rowing machines so we worked with different starting places. My reps were start with the rower, go to tire flip and end with pull-ups. I picked the weeniest tire for the tire flips. Sarah was in the other group so she could use it, too. I also used only the green band for pull-ups knowing I would get fewer reps but do more work. That sorta kills me. I always have such a low number anyway, but the only way to get stronger or better is to keep pushing even if my numbers suck. At least that’s the story I tell myself to console me for the low scores.

Rounds were 5 calories, 5 flips, 10 pull-ups; 4 calories, 5 flips, 9 pull-ups; 5 calories, 5 flips, 9 pull-ups; and 4 calories, 5 flips, 9 pull-ups for a score of 75 which was much better than I thought I could manage using the green band. That was 18 calories which is just a disappointing number for all the work it entails. Makes me want to drown my sorrows in a delicious candy bar of purest, richest, smoothest milk chocolate. Wait, that’s probably wrong. Tire flips were 20 and my wrist was so sore, I was lucky to get them each round. The amazing thing was the 37 pull-ups. I remember when I could have worked for five solid minutes to get that many ring rows if I was lucky and I would have been whining the whole time.

Great day for the old broad. Now, on to work.


I've had this saved for a long time. I waited for it to be true for me. It is now. Amazing.

I’ve had this saved for a long time. I waited for it to be true for me. It is now. Amazing.