The weekend was pretty uneventful. We decorated the house for the Christmas season and needed a wreath for the front door. We went to Lowe’s on Saturday afternoon. We had looked at backyard fire pit things when we bought the stove and decided against one then. There was a whole stack of them by the front door and I asked Dick if he wanted one now. He said no. I said they were only $40 and walked toward the wreaths still talking to him. But he wasn’t following me with the cart. I turn around and he was inspecting a fire pit. We got one. There were lots of cars in the parking lot, but no wait at the register.

But we didn’t get a wreath. They were all too big to fit between the screen door and the real door. So we would go to Walmart. But we were going on Sunday morning at 9 AM while only heathens would be in the store and all the good people would be still in church. We followed our plan precisely, got the wreath and some groceries besides and were out the door without having to wait in line at all.

The WOD wasn’t posted last night so I could sleep peacefully. If I had seen this thing, I probably wouldn’t have slept as well. I should stop looking the night before. I woke up about 30 seconds before the alarm went off and made it to the box dressed inappropriately. I looked at the weather last night and it said it should be 46⁰ out there this morning but it was really 54⁰. I had long pants out (and already on) before I knew about that and figured it would be okay. I was wrong.

Warm-up began with a 400 meter run and I made it. Some new to 6 AM guy liked my glow in the dark armband. I mentioned I didn’t want to get run over in the dark. He said it was a good idea. Then other stuff happened which included getting into a low squat and powering out and jumping over the parallelettes that were lined up. I looked at that in bewilderment. I jumped next to them so I wouldn’t trip and break a hip or anything.

Today’s WOD as written:
8×2 back squats 2 min rest
for time
10 strict press (115/75)rx
15 oh squat
20 push press
25 front squat
30 push jerk
35 back squat

When I looked at all those numbers this morning, I started adding stuff up. The WOD is 135 moves, 75 of them squats. Then there are the first “go heavy” squats on top of that. All that throwing weight overhead wasn’t looking all that appealing, either. Sixty of those moves. I was going all Dorothy Parker here. What fresh new hell is this?

But I worked up to 73# and did the first 16 back squats and probably could have added another ten, but I wasn’t sure about the rep scheme. I was pooped by the end, so maybe I really did pick the right weight since I could stick with it.

I had a 42# bar for the WOD, but … I knew I couldn’t push press that much. I tried it without any success. I told Coach Ryan that I can’t overhead squat and I asked him to tell me where I was falling apart. Ryan asked if it was my arms or legs that seemed to go bad and Ricky thought it might be that I’m old. I agreed with Ricky.

Ryan watched and suggested that I widen my stance. Although not the correct, legitimate move, it would give me a better base and I could actually squat with the 22# bar like that. When I get better at it, I should incrementally move my feet back in to shoulder width. But for now it worked.

Strict press with a 42# bar was out of reach and so I used the 22# bar I had there but it was too easy. Then I did the overhead squats and I managed them only trying to fall over a couple times. I didn’t quite fall, but I had to stop the move and reset and try again.

On to the push press and I grabbed the 42# bar and simply couldn’t manage it. I went and got a 33# bar and did the rest of the WOD with that. It was somewhere with the push jerks that I was simply melting in my long pants and had to roll them up. If I had better underwear on, I would have taken them off. I was overheating which wasn’t helping my already too high heart rate. I looked pretty horrible, but I was at CrossFit.

I was going to try a heavier bar at the end, but my logic was that the weight was to remain the same because there were more reps of the easier lifts and so why was I killing myself just cuz I hate having an empty bar? I really hate having an empty bar.

The goal was to be quick enough to get done before 20 minutes. Although there wasn’t a cap, it was supposed to be that kind of workout. I got done in 18.53 so I was probably pretty spot on with my weight choices. And, I got overhead squats done today. With more than a PVC pipe.