I made “Things That Sound Like They Should Go Together” for dinner last night. Dick didn’t want it over birdseed, so I made him rice and cooked quinoa for me. I had no idea how it would turn out but we both liked it. I really don’t know exactly how I made it so we won’t ever have it again.

I looked at the WOD last night and knew I was okay so I set my alarm and got ready to hit the box. It was much warmer today, all the way up to 46⁰ which is so much better than near freezing. Yesterday it was so cold I had to wear Grandpa’s jacket to work. My facts are wrong in that link. He died in November of 1965 and I was twelve. My sister made sure I knew about my error, but that is a different story. But there is the jacket.

Back to today. The warm-up was an 800 meter run and that is beyond my abilities so I ran – now get this – 450-475 meters. I actually went PAST the turnaround mark, ran all the way to Invacare or whatever that building is before turning around and still didn’t have to weenie out before hitting the door back inside. I’m almost ready for a marathon!

Then a bunch of other crap to get us warm and may I say that I’m not a big fan of either bear crawls or crab walks. I may be a beast, but …

Today’s WOD as written:
spend 15 min working on muscle up
30 kbs (1.5/1pood)rx
30 box jumps (24/20)rx
400m run

Amazingly enough, I can’t do a muscle up. I know that shocks nearly everyone, including me. But there it is. So Ed was the only person able to get these bad boys at the 6 AM class and so the rest of us did a Tabata with chest to bar pull-ups and then a Tabata with ring dips. I managed 8 on the chest to bar for the first two rounds, but had to cut back and got 5 on the rest. On the ring dips, I got 5, then 4 for six rounds and Coach Kim said to go all out and see how many possible on the last round and I got 8. And my arms were sore. These weren’t for a score and as we were coming up to the last two rounds, Kim mentioned we were almost done and Ashley said, “and it’s not even the WOD” so we almost done with the warm-up.

I scaled the WOD. I used the 25# KB and with the higher weight did something between a Russian and a full KB swing. My box was only 3 45# plates stacked because I’m not skinning my shins for the holidays. My run was 200 meters. My reps were 25 and 25. I managed to get them all done in various groupings and finished in 19.30.

Cindy was there even though she hurt her back with the deadlifts yesterday. KB swings weren’t on her list of doable things. Ricky was there today with a stress fracture in his heel and he had to do lots of weird things but he said he can’t stand not doing something so he has four weeks, at least, of non-weight bearing stuff to cope with. He was nice enough to show me some calf stretches since right now that is one of my big issues.

Nice day at the box. On the way home, there is an intersection with a really long light. I have a short little sports car which sits low to the ground and I was surrounded by SUVs. But the other lane moved and I thought ours should too and nearly rammed the car in front of me when we didn’t move. Finally, about three cars in our lane made it through before the light turned red again. I can only surmise that the first few idiots were so busy texting (since no one honked), because you know that is really safe and okay to do if the light is red, so they didn’t notice until too late that we could all go. They made it through, but the rest of us got to sit there and fume. I hope they rot in hell. I think it only earns you the fifth level, but still, the thought of them with a phone and no reception, trying to communicate essential things that simply must be said at that instant, and being unable to get through … well, I can dream.