Yesterday, my big project for the day, after CrossFit, was to get some food in the house. For that, I had to go to the grocery store. I used to tell the bosses what was needed for the office and then wait and run out of stuff because they really didn’t want to think about it when they weren’t there. So, to solve the problem, I got a credit card in the Boss’s name and can shop for them because who wouldn’t want to do that?

So I do. There was stuff we needed and it was on sale and I bought it. I also bought all my own stuff because that was the purpose of the trip. I went to pay for my stuff and used the Boss’s credit card. I tried to cancel it, but I couldn’t and I started to panic. They could refund the charge on his card and then put it on my card so it all worked out. I was just rather nervous there for a few minutes. They like me and all, but they don’t really want to buy my groceries.

I got up early yesterday, but not THAT early. Regardless, I fell asleep for an hour in the middle of the afternoon so I must have really been tired. It felt marvelous. But it made falling asleep last night a little harder. Apparently, I love 5.15 in the morning. I was up about five minutes early and so I had a little extra time before leaving for the box. I got a load of laundry in before I left.

The trip TO the box was sorta exciting. They are resurfacing the road and it has been a mess for a week or so. There were cones in the road but it seemed like I needed to be in the right hand lane when I turned on to it. However, it sometimes looked like there might be traffic in the left hand lane. The cones were in the right hand lane. It was pitch black out as it is cloudy/foggy today. Once safely at the box, the Wescott people all discussed it and none of us felt very good about the drive so I wasn’t being a weenie.

Warm-up was a 200 meter run and so that was easy and then other stuff.

Today’s WOD as written:
max up double unders (3 attempts)
Teams of 2 (135/95)
10 power cleans, 10 shoulder to overhead, 10 OH squats, 10 double unders,
then 20 of each,
then 30 of each,
and then 40 of each.

Starting with the double unders was so nice. I cannot manage to get the rope under my feet twice and I knew my three attempts would be 0, 0, 0. Ta da. But Coach Jason said to do as many as possible single unders. I got 55 on the first try, tripped on number 5 on the next. I was the last one jumping at the end of the third round and my heart rate was 171 when I stopped after 100 jumps. I was the last one working when it was a good thing! Ricky, Martin, and Cindy can all do double unders. The rest of us were just not up for it.

There was an uneven number of us today and Tracy said she would work with Cindy and Todd. That left Ricky and Martin working together and Carma was with me.

I knew the limiting factor was the overhead squats. I can manage them with no weight, but put a bar in my hand and I can almost break parallel, but not quite. And that is while completely rested. I asked Jason if I could do front squats and he wanted me to practice the move with a PVC pipe which seemed silly to me. I know the move. I need the strength. But I listen to coaches.

So I used a 42# bar for the power cleans (there weren’t ONLY 30 today), a 22# bar for the shoulder to overhead, a 3.2# PVC pipe for the overhead squats (15 months later and still no 10# bars), and did 4:1 ration for single unders.

Carma went with 53# for the cleans and shoulder to overhead and tried a 32# bar for the OH squats and eventually had to drop to the 22# bar.

We did five reps of each move and traded off and on the jumps for the first three rounds we did them all at once. For the fourth round, we did them half and half. On the last round, having practiced my OH squat enough, I started using the 33# bar and did front squats which was much harder and would have been a better workout had I done that the entire time. We finished in 28.38.

There is a note on the board that says the coaches are supposed to coach and we aren’t. I really do know HOW to do an overhead squat, I just don’t have the arm strength to carry it out. Carma’s hands were in the wrong place and her elbows weren’t locked out. No one else was telling her how to not hurt herself and so I did. I don’t know if she even knew there were those lines on the bar to help her gauge where to put her hands.

I know I was modifying the move, but it was much harder to do a round the way I wanted to do this. I should have switched over much sooner.

This week the WODs were HSPU, snatch, OH squat, HSPU, and OH squat and shoulder to overhead. That is shoulder, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder. Amazingly enough, today, everyone’s shoulders were sore. Really? I’m going to have to discuss this with Craig. It seems like a not really good plan to me, but that is the nurse thinking. I want to hear what a Coach thinks.