CrossFit has officially broken me. I used the word “only” in the same thought with “30 power cleans” and didn’t realize how absurd that was until much later when I really thought about it. I have become athletic and it is scary.

Last night, since I was home alone and didn’t really want to cook and yet had run out of leftover pork roast, I had to do something for dinner. Since it was Wednesday, I hadn’t had eggs for breakfast and so I opted for bacon, eggs, and an English muffin for dinner. It was delicious. Later that same evening, I went for a snack and even had an apple washed and ready to cut up when it dawned on me that I had Velvet Fudge Sauce and really good ice cream. There was about half a serving of banana chocolate swirl left. I had that.

For the rest of the evening my stomach was growling and gurgling and making horrible noises. I never felt sick, but there was a lot of rumbling going on. Damn you Whole Life Challenge, what CrossFit hasn’t broken, you have. I’m turning into a fit person. This is ludicrous.

Since I don’t work on Thursday, I could sleep in and I guess I technically did, but not nearly enough. I was out of bed shortly before six. I could have slept for another hour or two and still made it to the box without rushing. But I had to sit around and wait and got to the box at 9. I was the only person there. Ryan and Kim worked in the office and I had the whole place to myself.

I warmed myself up with a 400 meter run and tried going a teeny, tiny bit farther just to see if I could and I made probably another 25 meters, or maybe a bit more. I started and stopped from a different door since the bay wasn’t opened, so I don’t really know how much more I did, but I did some. Then I did other crap until I felt warm and limber, or as limber as an old fart can be.

Today’s WOD as written:
10 Min working on max Turkish getups
Then, for time
10 Power cleans(200/135) RX+, (155/100)rx, scaled
2 HSPU (hand stand push-up)
8 Power cleans
6 Power cleans
4 Power cleans
2 Power cleans

I had no interest in Turkish getups and that was even with someone in the room with me in case I dropped a weight on my head. I liked the skill portion of yesterday’s class and so I did that.

5,3,3,2,1 front squats

Well, that’s how it was written, but I assumed, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then I did instead 5, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1 because I was so freaking awesome I forgot how to count at the beginning and then I was so freaking awesome by the end I went for more.

I started with just a 33# bar. I had looked and I just got a PR on this earlier in the month at 62# which was obviously the smaller bar. So I figured I could get at least to 63# but that was sorta weenie. I watched a video Craig made about front squats and he talked about 5 point contact. I don’t think I was really resting the bar on my shoulders/chest and today I did. I added weight to 43# and did another five mostly because I lost my mind. Then I added ten to 53# and did three. I was hoping for a bigger than one pound PR today so I was pushing. I added ten more to 63# for two and they were easy. I’m so sorry I had to say that since I was sure I would never get weight on even the small bar, but there it is. CrossFit has broken me. In fact, it was easy enough for me go to 73# for a one rep max and I told myself the worst that could happen would be that I dropped it. I got down and back up without making pig noises or anything. Scared the crap out of myself. So I got another five pounds, gave myself another pep talk, and dropped low with the bar and groaned a little on the way back up. New PR, 78#. On 11-4 I had PRd with 62#.

Clean living and consistency at the box are paying off.

Ryan was in the gym for a few minutes with a clipboard and writing official things. I was getting set up for the WOD and asked if there was something other than the box for a HSPU progression. I didn’t feel safe alone in the place perched on a box. He told me about pike pushups and I opted for those.

And then, since there were ONLY, who in the hell thought I would ever say that, 30 power cleans, I upped my weight to 53# and figured what the hell, there weren’t that many. I have no idea what to do when I start thinking like that. Clearly, I have lost my mind.

I got the first ten power cleans done without stopping although I was beeping on the seventh one. Then I had to keep pausing as needed for my heart rate to come back down. I was making a fair amount of noise or else it just sounded loud in an empty space. Somewhere around the 4 power cleans/8 HSPU things I was dripping wet and realized the fans weren’t on. I missed them. I love the fans. I was dripping in my eyes.

I’m not sure I was all that good at pike HSPU stuff but it felt like I was working pretty damn hard. So I guess I was doing something. I finished in 7.06.

As disgusted as I was with myself on Tuesday, I needed a day like today. I’m so grateful for it. I went. I did stuff.