Challenging myself is fantastic. I need to push the limits and do what I don’t believe I can do just to show me that I’m more powerful than I thought I could be. Outside one’s comfort zone is where all the magic happens. I’m very comfortable sitting and drinking coffee while reading a book. I’m pretty good at sitting in front of a computer, too.

There isn’t much magic in that, however. While I do find some gratification in having gotten a writing assignment, whether my own or someone else’s, completed – it’s not all that magical. Perhaps because for me, writing is easy. It isn’t outside my comfort zone in any way. Sending something off to a paying publisher would be outside my comfort zone and I have successfully avoided that – so far.

I don’t quite understand the programming at CrossFit Summerville because of late, Henry, Bringer of Pain, has been posting horrific workouts. They use the same move repetitively and I was under the impression that it was better to use this muscle group one day and a different one the next rather than have the same thing abused for a week or so. Perhaps I simply don’t understand body mechanics enough. Perhaps Henry is an ass.

I was horrified by yesterday’s WOD but went. I know I lifted a ton plus extra over my head in the space of 25 minutes. I know I could not have done that in any way, shape, or form last year. I know this works. I still was completely defeated by such nonsense because the goal, as written by Henry, was four tons. Henry knows how to scale up, by increasing weight, but there is nothing at my box that actually scales for weenies. He just writes the word “scaled” and that is supposed to be a clue or something. I am a weenie. I am a consistently returning weenie to be sure, but I’m not really a jock. I just play at one four times a week for an hour.

Last Friday, there were muscle ups on the schedule. No one in my class, not even the real jocks, could do them. Ed tried, but he didn’t manage them. I hadn’t seen these beasts as part of the WOD since I started, at least that I remember. But they are already back on the plan for today.

Yesterday, was four tons of weight pulled overhead. Luckily they were just power snatches rather than a full snatch, but the muscles that might be a teeny, tiny bit overused after all that are supposed to go with overhead squats today. Really?

Today’s WOD as written:
5,3,3,2,1 front squats
10 min AMRAP
60 bar facing burpees
30 overhead squats (120/90)RX
10 muscle ups

I’m not real sure what a bar facing burpee is, but I’m going to assume it means you jump over the bar. I can assume whatever I want because I don’t go to the box on Wednesday because there were too many WODs that actually looked like this and so I changed my own schedule to avoid Wicked Wednesday which seemed to be the day used to make horrific choices. However, with Henry the Bringer of Pain writing our schedule, more and more days are totally outside my comfort zone.

I really think it is nice that people can actually do this shit. I think the whole idea of “I love brutal workouts” is great for the jocks. But I’m not the only weenie at the box. They might get more people to not only join, but actually stay, if they managed to post WODs that were already scaled so that weenies had a fucking chance. The weenies might not be hurting themselves, either, and then stop coming. I have no idea where Ken is, but I miss him. I hope his knee has healed. Sabre is MIA, too. Several others have gone away, just that I know about.

The only scaling is dropping the weights, according to Henry. When I actually am brave enough to show up, there are often some other modifications, like dropping the reps. If I didn’t follow other boxes and know that there were intermediate moves, I wouldn’t find them at my box unless it is a complete replacement since, for example, no one can do the muscle ups. When I ask about them, they know about this stuff, but they don’t share that information with the nitwits who are struggling with getting fit.

There are other folks at the box in their 40s and 50s. I’m the only one older than that. Some of them have been doing crap like this all their lives and can manage.

I find these types of WODs to be totally defeating. I can ask for special scaling and then I feel like I came to the box in a short bus. I’m sure it takes time to figure out in advance what sort of scaling could be offered, but at least for me, it wouldn’t feel so daunting. Unfortunately, I’m not the center of the world and so this doesn’t happen.

Luckily, I didn’t have to do this one as it is my rest day.