We had a wonderful weekend. Vicki came to visit us for a couple days on her way from Florida to Ohio and we went on a ghost walk and generally had a great time. It was so much fun. It is so nice to see friends from forever ago, back when we were all were young.

But we are now back to our regularly scheduled lives which meant that I looked at the WOD last night and figured I could do deadlifts, so it would all be good.

When I got up this morning, my phone said it was 70⁰ out there. Last week it was 33⁰ and I really didn’t believe it. I stuck my head out the door and it was muggy out there, since it had been raining. Crazy weather stuff, but better than the tornadoes in the midwest. It did make me rethink the clothes I had set out. I got some shorts out instead.

Then off to the box and Candace was there. She was taking heat from us for being in the 6 AM class and heat from the 5 AM class for cheating on them. She said she didn’t need to be at work as early today. Makes sense.

Warm-up did not include a run of any sort. We did stretches and then did a clockwards and counterclockwards plank. I’m getting better and didn’t fall over. Then some other stuff and end with twenty burpees jumping as high as possible at the end. What the hell?

Today’s WOD as written:
3×3 back squat
800m buy in
3 Dead lift (345/225)RX+, (245/165)rx, scaled
1 Rope climb

See? I can do deadlifts.

There was no percentage on the back squats and I warmed up with a 33# bar and then put a couple tens on. Last time Candace saw me I was using 5# plates only. Then I got a couple more tens and she was “Oohh, weights on your weights” and I asked if she wanted to feel my muscles. I did my three sets of three with 73# and managed them okay.

Then on to the WOD. So, the rope climb progression was three knees to elbows and then three jumping pull-ups. I asked about just pushups and Coach Ryan just glared at me, but it was worth a try. I told him if I got a migraine I was coming after him, but so far, I’m all alright. I did the hand stand pushups off a 20″ box and they were pitiful, but that’s what I can do.

I told Ryan I would be back eventually from my half-mile run and he said I should only do 400 meters and I was very, very grateful. I wasn’t able to run the entire 400 meters this morning, mostly because I was already tired from doing stuff before I started. I ran about 350 meters of it, though. I beat Ricky back so he isn’t twice as fast as me.

But I had to rest to get my heart rate back down before doing anything. I would do the five pitiful handstand pushups, the three deadlifts using a 103# bar, and then the rope progressions and I could manage that without more than a few seconds pause, but then I would have to really rest a bit to lower my heart rate before starting the next round.

I finished this crap at 10.29 and was so happy to be done that I forgot to write my time on the board.