I was feeling pretty dang good about my athlete status after the WOD yesterday. I worked really hard, accomplished more than I thought I could and far, far more than was possible a year ago. I’ve been making slow (very slow) progress but that is still progress and I amaze myself.

We were invited out to dinner at Ricardo’s house so that he could force me to arrive there and finally fix his computer. It worked. Dinner was delicious and I fixed his computer. There may be a future problem, but if he finds it, I know how to fix that one, too. And I told him a workaround, but who knows if Mr. Luddite can 1) remember what I told him and 2) do it.

So it was a nice evening right up until I looked at today’s WOD and I went all newbie and panicked and looked over at CrossFit Hilton Head and saw they were doing death by thrusters which looked like a much better deal. I wouldn’t have to get up early and I had a WOD to do even by myself at 9 AM and that would be nice. And I’m not supposed to cherry pick workouts and I go to the box on Friday.

I was up and at the box for 6 AM. I figured I would ask what the Little Old Lady version of the WOD was and go with that. I said that to Carma and she said she wanted the same version.

Warm-up started with a 400 meter run and I did it and each time, about 3/4 of the way in I think I am not going to make it and I always make it back to the door. Slow, but I make it back. Then a bunch of other stuff including broad jump down the mat which I just hate. Then we did some stretching and mobility stuff and then on to the WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
find max box jump
Teams of 2 Complete the following:
50 Deadlift (315/205)
50 Box Jump (30/24)
35 Clean and Jerk (185/125)
35 Burpee Pull-ups
20 Thrusters (135/95)
20 Muscle Ups
-Only one person works at a time. Use one bar between the two of you and strip weight as you go. Reps can be broken up any way you like between the two of you to reach the above rep scheme.

Note to Henry: this isn’t funny.

There were nine of us at the 6 AM class. Four boys and five girls and as soon as Kim said there was an odd number I volunteered, loudly, to be on a team of three. Carma was with me on that. Ashley joined our group. There was a state highway patrol trooper there, at least she arrived in a SCHP car and she worked with Cindy. Todd and Ed made a team and Martin and Ricky were a team. But I’m ahead of myself. First box jumps.

I’m almost completely healed from my last max effort on the box jump. The skin on my shin is almost back to normal. I wasn’t trying that stunt again. I don’t need to be that much of a jock. I’m good with Little Old Lady status here. I didn’t get a max effort and I didn’t even go to a full 20″ box jump. But on a brighter note, I didn’t hurt myself, either.

Then we set up for the WOD. We had to all use the same bar and strip weights and what not. I wanted to do 100# for the deadlift. I also wanted a 22# bar, but Ashley and Carma wanted the 33# bar, so we used that. After adding weight, it was 103# and Carma’s back was cranky. So she would take 20# off for the deadlifts. Then we had to really strip for the next thing and work out how to do each thing. It turned out that our weights weren’t going to be the same for the three of us on any of the moves except thrusters where we would all use just the bar.

We each did ten reps of the deadlifts, changing weights as needed with Carma going last so we only had to change weights on and off once. Then she started box jumps and she and I used 15″ box and Ashley did a 20″ box. Then we got to the clean and jerks and I was doing 43# and could manage them, but I could only get five done instead of seven because my heart rate was 168. We first planned five rounds of seven each. Then they put the other weights back on and instead of moving weight on and off, the two of them finished them in turns. I started the burpee pull-ups, but we all had to do burpee jump-ups instead and we did them in groups of 7 so that Carma, who had done more clean and jerks, had the fewest. Then she started thrusters with just the bar, got 10, and so did Ashley. That meant I didn’t have to do any. The substitution for muscle ups was 2:1 chest to bar. I tried two green bands and nearly had toes to bar since it shot me up so high. I switched to a green and blue band and managed 25 chest to bars and then Ashley finished with the other 15 and we were done in 21.47.

I certainly didn’t do my lifting. I did 20 of the deadlifts and only 5 of the clean and jerks. I did 20 box jumps and 14 burpee jump-ups, and then the 25 chest to bar. I don’t know if I really pulled my weight in this, but I was about ready to just leave before it started because it was all so daunting. I had practiced with the bar on the thrusters and it was doable for me, but they finished them before I needed to get in on it.

Kim had mentioned since it was three of us, we might want to increase the reps. I didn’t want to. Carma looked like someone had just slapped her, too. Ashley probably would have liked a tougher WOD, but those deadlifts were a PR for her as it was and she got a PR on the box jumps today. So she will just have to be happy with that.

I happy to just have gotten through it at all.