Yesterday’s workout was really hard. Even as I scaled it, it was really hard. And I tried to keep my hair from tangling in the jump rope but it didn’t work. All in all it was difficult but I didn’t quit and that’s even more important.

We needed some group pictures at work so Dick came to the office after golf and we had coordinated outfits so we could have two different photo shoots. One was red/black and the other was blue. Dick did a really great job with that and still came home and fixed us ribs for dinner.

It was really difficult to get out of bed this morning. Not just because it was 5.15 in the middle of the damn night, but because my legs didn’t want to move right. And then when I tried to put a t-shirt on, my arms didn’t want to move either. I was sore all over even though I did about 15 minutes of mobilization last night because I knew the WOD was hard.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run and I had my little arm glow thing going on so I felt safer. Then some stretching things. Then a 200 meter run and more stretching things. Last a 100 meter run and more stretching things. That is almost half a mile. Coach Kim must not have gotten the message that I am not a runner.

Today’s WOD as written:
10 min working on broad jumps
“Lift up Luke”
4 Power cleans(155/105)rx
24 Double unders
10 pull ups

There was a large class at 6 AM. Todd and Cindy showed up. Ricky was at open gym yesterday since he had the day off, but he was up at the crack of before dawn again today and there at the box. Alex and Martin were there. Nicole showed up. Cheryl is a new person. I was there.

So we were all working on a broad jump. Coach said the girls should work at clearing the narrow side of the mat which is 4 feet while the boys should work on the longer side which is 6 feet. I attempted the first jump and cleared the 4 feet on my first try. I yelled out, “This is too easy.” I figured if the old lady could do it, anybody, including newborn infants, would be able to master the task. Cindy started jumping up and down and pointing a finger at me. “I knew some day she would say that. She said it. Too easy.” I was just as surprised as anybody else to hear me say it.

I never could get over the line for the six feet, but I got my toes awful close a couple times. After the ten minutes was up, we took a minute and did broad jumps up the mat and back as many times as we could manage in 60 seconds. This is labor intensive work and takes a lot of oxygen and what not so my heart rate goes sky high. I managed 1.5 times because I was beeping so much.

Because my hair kept hitting the rope yesterday, I used two braids today. Other than not curling up and being gray and old, I looked like Pippy Longstocking.

Then on to the WOD. We practiced the movements and got our weights and pull-up stations as well as our jump ropes and everybody spread out as needed. The standard punishment for not doing double unders at CrossFit Summerville is a 4:1 ratio. I scaled that to a 3:1 ratio because I called it before going in. This was supposed to be fast and you aren’t supposed to be old. Since I’m old, I’m not as fast and I need the help where I can get it. I’ve researched this and back when CrossFit was new, the ratio was 2:1 for single unders. I didn’t feel too bad. I also used a 42# bar.

I managed the first round without stopping but I began beeping some place in the jumps. I was using a green and gray band (smallest of the bands we have) for the pull-ups and managed to get all ten the first time without too much trouble even though my arms were so sore from yesterday. I had to wait to get a heart rate back down to about 165 before continuing.

Second round was harder to manage. I had to break the jumps into 50 and then 22. The pull-ups were a strain and the last two were really hard to squeak out. I had to rest but there wasn’t much time left. I got the cleans done, but had to pause after two. Then I tried to jump but was so spent I kept tripping. I took a couple deep breaths and tried again. I got some. There was only 15 seconds left. I could rest after. I jumped.

My score was 2 + 19 which was better than I thought I would get. My braids were perfect for the jump rope part. But they weren’t so good with the cleans. I kept the bar nice and close on the way up and my hair would be flinging around with the bar as I fell under it. But that was better than it getting in the rope, so I guess it all worked out for the best.