Sunday was truly a rest day and not a recovery day. I didn’t even do my mobilization. I did absolutely no healthy stuff at all. We did go to Hilton Head and visit the kids and grandkids and that was fun. I managed to stay awake in the car on the ride home due to stopping and getting a cup of coffee that had enough bitter caffeine in it to keep me awake. It was horrible coffee and they only had powdered whitener. I drank it anyway so I managed to stay awake which was my real goal.

I got up today and had a pile of crap to take to the box with me. I felt loaded down. I had my gloves, my heart rate monitor/watch, my phone, my keys, my water, the dollar for the water I forgot to bring on Friday, and we were doing jump ropes today and I don’t like theirs so I brought my own. I had on little glow in the dark band so I could run in the street and feel safer and my knee brace and the heart monitor strap. Too much crap.

And I had on my new shoes. I felt so CrossFit. Then I walked in and the 5 AM class was still working and I was the only person standing around waiting for the next class. I hate being the only person there. Ashley showed up and Ed walked out of the bathroom and there was some guy walking around. That turned out to be Dave and he usually works out at a different time be he woke up early today and figured he would come and play with us. No Ricky. No Todd and/or Cindy. Just the four of us which was much better than just me.

It was 6 AM and the 5 AM people were still working so I asked Ryan was we were doing. 400 meter run or 500 meter row. So I put on my glow thing and ran for the 400 meters and made it all the way. Next was something I had never tried before. Lunge down the mat backwards. A new PR! What the hell? Then a bunch of other silly stuff to get warmed up and then on to the day’s work.

Today’s WOD as written:
5,4,3,2,1 back squats
3 rounds
3 Rounds Of
30 Double-Unders
10 Power Cleans 135/95#
3 Rounds Of

30 Realease Push-Ups
10 Front Squats 135/95#
3 Rounds Of

30 Deadlifts 135/95#
10 Shoulder To Overhead 135/95#

I warmed up with some 33# back squats and then went into the rep scheme. My previous PR was 83# and I managed two of them. I added only five more pounds but got a 88# back squat done. Imagine what I could have done if I hadn’t weenied out of my mobilization last night. I sure need to get on that tonight, that’s for sure. And the weight would have been the same, but I can dream.

I discussed with Coach Ryan about scaling this. If Kim and Candace were both struggling with this and took 25 minute types of time, this was going to kill me. I can’t help being old. He said I could do one of two things. I could do two rounds per rep scheme or I could halve the reps and do three. I thought I was better off trying for 2/3 of the WOD rather than 1/2 and so I did the two rounds of each.

I was pretty good at keeping up with the guys doing the three rounds while I managed the two. I did a 3:1 exchange for the single under jumps rather than the double unders. I used a 42# bar throughout. I was struggling through the pushups when the idea of doing shoulder to overheads with 42# began to haunt me. I managed the power cleans okay, I could do the front squats all right but both had to be broken into 5-5 things. But the shoulder to overhead with that weight … was daunting.

I did the deadlifts and while I was waiting for my heart rate to drop after the first 15, I walked over and got an empty 22# bar for the shoulder to overhead. Then I told myself that I was supposed to go hard or go home. I got the rest of the deadlifts in while I argued with myself. I just couldn’t stand the thought of going all weenie. I used the 42# bar but the most I could get was 4 and so for both rounds I did a 4-3-3 rep scheme. I finished in 27.44. This was in line with the guys.

Ashley was struggling with the moves themselves and had to cut back on some weights to finish. But she never gave up and managed to do the entire damn thing. Way to go.

It wasn’t the most fun WOD ever, but I managed to do exactly what I had set out to do, even if I did need a security blanket wimp out safety net there. I didn’t use it. But knowing I had options felt better.