Dick has been out of town for nearly a week. He went to visit his mother who is in her nineties. He stayed at his sister’s house because … well, it is just better that way. He had a great time while there. Friends from Ohio were at their Florida condo, so he got to spend time with Bob and Vicki, too. He played golf twice while away.

Just before the WLC ended, I got a notice that the next Panera Bread cardholder prize was toward a breakfast something or other. So, we made a plan to go to breakfast at Panera today. I completely forgot about it, but Dick didn’t. So, he asked last night about going and I was all for it once reminded.

Panera is part of the Tanger Outlet Mall complex and so we decided to also visit there. I had three coupons for 20% off one item and one coupon for 20% off the entire purchase.

We started at Reebok and they had CrossFit shoes that were awesome and when you bought a pair, you could pick some non-CrossFit shoes for $20. I didn’t see any I liked, but Dick found a pair. I tried some bright CrossFit shoes on and went into a squat to make sure my feet didn’t slip in them. I was ass to grass with my hands under my toes to make sure I was positioned correctly in my heels. The sales guy said, “Nice squat” and a woman over there turned to look. She squealed a little. It was Coach Caren! I haven’t seen her in ages. She said my squat was looking really good. She also mentioned she had seen some PRs up there on the board lately. This dedication crap really pays off. When checking out, I asked if I could use a 20% off coupon. They didn’t honor them. Oh well. I said something about my Coach over there and he asked what CrossFit I worked out at. I told him. I got 40% off my order.

We stopped at Eddie Bauer. I’ve been scared about running in the road in the dark. They had an armband that glows in the dark. They also had this really cute t-shirt. Everything in the store was 30% off so they didn’t want my 20% off coupon either.

We went to Bass and I found one pair of shoes for $10 and another pair for $7. They would let me use a single coupon off one item but not the whole order coupon. I got two pairs of shoes for $16 after sales tax was added.

Then we went to IZOD and I got three more golf skirts. Buy one and get two free. Again, I could use one coupon for one skirt, but not the full coupon.

Dick wanted to stop at Haggar. He got five long sleeved sorta t-shirts but nicer, two pairs of shorts, and was finally allowed to use the entire purchase coupon. What a great thing that no one else let me use it. After 75% off everything, they took another 20% off that. He got out of the store for $71.

What a bunch of great deals.

We talked about how filthy our cars were and he wanted to wash the cars this afternoon. I mentioned that I wanted to ride my bike up to the new shopping center this afternoon, too. I thought the cars were going to be first, but he wanted to ride the bikes up now. So we got on the bikes. Off we went up the street. It is only about 2.5 miles up there so it isn’t very strenuous. We were riding around the parking lot trying to figure out what was going where.

Starbucks opened a couple weeks ago. There is a Moe’s up there too and I don’t know if it is opened up yet or not. There is a Jersey Mike’s Sub too and we as we rode past that, some guy popped out of the store  and asked us if we wanted lunch. We didn’t have any money on us, we weren’t shopping. No worries, it was free. They are opening on Wednesday and this was a training day and they wanted real people to train on. I mentioned that I didn’t eat bread and while not technically true, I didn’t want bread for lunch. No worries, they have a Sub in a Tub and they make your sub ingredients into a salad.

We got a free lunch and it was delicious. What a great concept that Sub in a Tub is for all the people who are trying to watch carbs or need to be gluten free. He said the company started this when the Adkins diet came out. So while it wasn’t really Paleo, it was better than eating a huge slab of bread, too.

What an amazing day. We just kept falling into bargains even when we didn’t plan well. It’s been so much fun and I have some really new awesome shoes to wear to the box. Last winter when I had to buy new shoes, I wouldn’t buy the bright ones because they were really CrossFit shoes and I was an imposter or poser or pretender. This time, I went for the bright. You know why? I’m am a CrossFitter. I work out. I show up. I used to not know squat and now, when I ass to grass in a store, I get two people, one of them my Coach, telling me squat looked good. Amazing.


CrossFit shoes, for the athlete who can