Yesterday at work was chaotic. There was a blizzard of paper in my office. Instead of just emailing people, it was decided I would send out 120 snail mail letters as well. Which meant they had to be printed, folded, stuffed in an envelope, sealed, mailing label attached, and stamped. I’m more than half done with the process. The envelopes are stuffed, closed, and ready for the labels which are printed. I am buying stamps today because it is easier than the machine. What a surprise for me. Paper everywhere.

And meetings. Monday is our meeting day so we can have meetings and talk about stuff that didn’t really involve me. I had about 15 minutes of time that involved me during 2 1/4+ hours of meetings. There was so much stuff I could have been doing that was my stuff but it wasn’t an option because we were meeting. I can’t say I’m a big fan of this.

It was a quiet evening at home and that was wonderful. WordPress wouldn’t let me upload pictures yesterday for about an hour and that put a crimp in my plan for getting Little Bits of History stuff taken care of, but it will all work out in the end, I’m sure.

I looked at the WOD for today, sighed, resigned myself to this and because I was tired, I went to bed early. I woke up all by myself about five minutes before the alarm went off and it was lovely to not be rudely awakened and only rudely reminded to get my fat ass out of bed and get moving.

It was another chilly morning which means 48⁰ F here in the South. So I dressed in layers so I could keep peeling stuff off as I warmed up. I also dressed in white because I hate running in the street in the dark in dark clothing. Then the warm-up didn’t have me running in the street.

We rowed 250 and ran 200 which kept us on sidewalk and out of the street. Then it was a bunch of other stuff and included burpees in the warm-up which just seems cruel with today’s WOD coming up. I actually jumped the warm-up burpees in and out because there weren’t that many.

Today’s WOD as written:
20 min working on handstand walks
5 OHS (165/110)RX+, (115/75)rx, scaled
10 Burpees
parking lot sprint

There was a video from some gymnastic guy who wisely pointed out that in order to do a handstand walk, you had to have mastered a handstand. And they say jocks are stupid! There were a few people today at the 6 AM class who actually could do handstand walks. I am not one of them. I am one of the people who can’t do a handstand. I’m getting a more acute angle up against the wall, but I’m still not completely vertical. I am stronger in my hold but I get such a head rush went I go upright again. CrossFit is not for wimps. I’m a wimp. This is a problem.

On to the WOD. I used a 22# bar. Carma tried a 33# bar, but couldn’t manage it and I can’t remember the name of the new person who had the other 22# bar. Carma and I were figuring out a way to share the bar when the new person realized she didn’t have the strength to do overhead squats with the bar and had to go to the 3.2 pound PVC pipe filled with sand. That meant Carma could have the other 22# bar and we were all good to go.

Coach Kim said that all the 5 AM people were done in less than 10 minutes and I pointed out that they didn’t have old farts at that class as I was here. I tried to sell a round to some over-achiever but there were no takers and I was stuck with all four round myself.

My squats were rather pitiful. There were a couple that I had to count as no rep because they were really that bad. By the fourth round, I was more comfortable with both the weight and the move and they were looking a little better.

My burpees were walked in and out every time. I had to pause for just a few seconds (less than ten) a couple times more to catch my breath than anything else. That was even with walking them. This old fart stuff is pitiful.

My parking lot strolls were a delight as they were a time to get my heart rate back down so I could do the next round. On the last sprint, I walked out to the turnaround point and then actually jogged back in to reach the door at 10.46.

Yesterday I was complaining about slam balls and I think I came up with something worse than them. I’m sure I will be seeing over the bar slam ball burpees at some future date. I’m not exactly sure how they will work, but you may have to jump over the bar while holding the slam ball and then slam it down, do a burpee and grab the ball on the way up and jump over the bar. Then run a mile and do 5 RFT.

At that point, the person who says, “I love brutal workouts” will be sacrificed to the God of Iron/Steel and the wimps may rest in peace.

Well, I can dream.

Yes it is. LOL

Yes it is. LOL