I had a lovely recovery day yesterday (brisk walk and stretching included). I went to Walmart and bought some junk food. I got teeny, tiny KitKat bars that can be in the freezer. I love those. I haven’t opened them yet, but they are frozen. For breakfast I still had my own best-ever yogurt with blueberries and pomegranate. Lunch was a spinach salad with tuna, egg, and olives. Dinner was chicken with quinoa and sautéed mushrooms and asparagus. All pretty Paleo. Except I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on the top of the chicken before baking. Then, finally, I had some Talenti banana chocolate swirl ice cream with Velvet Fudge Sauce.

Most of the shopping I did this weekend still brought in healthy food. However, I have no intention of being full Paleo forever. I did feel guilty about each item of junky food, but it is all so delicious. I made Honey Mustard Dressing for my salads this week, but I’m still having salads this week. I will put my topping on them again even though the dried cranberries have sugar added. I ate my eggs at breakfast today with an English muffin and will not be adding eggs to my salads.

I haven’t noticed any health differences since adding back some wheat and dairy, but it hasn’t really been all that much of either. My coffee still has almond milk in it. I had ONE WHOLE M&M yesterday afternoon and it was wonderful – it was a mint one. I love those.

I think the WLC broke me. I was eating horribly and didn’t think too much about it. I knew where the junk food was, but I kept telling myself it wasn’t that much and I wasn’t overweight and it was all okay. And then I tried this stunt and it was eye-opening. At sixty, there is still much one can learn.

But it is now Monday and so I was at the box. The post-WOD had AMRAP sit-ups for two minutes and I only got 52 which shouldn’t have been that bad, but my abs are sore and I can tell each time I engage my core. And I have the wonderful sit-up ass-rash going on, too. Today, I chose to run the 400 meters instead of row and I ran the whole thing. Came back to the box dead last, too. Then lunge down the mat and then shuttle runs. I had just run. What in the hell? Dead last again. Then baby makers and then rolling up to one side and that is where I hit the wall. My ass-rash was not going to have any of that. So I picked something else. Finished off with some stretching and rolling out stuff.

Today’s WOD as written:
3,3,3,3,3 Front squats
As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:
Pull Ups – 5 reps
Push Ups – 7 reps
40 lbs Ball Slams – 10 reps

There were eight of us there and six stations for bars so Ashley and I shared a space. Ricky cleaned his bar before squats, always the overachiever.

Ashley and I started with just 32# and then added incrementally to 37, 42, 52, 57, and 62 which was really more rounds than we needed to do. I managed the three reps at 57 but could only do one rep at 62. I thought it was a PR and so I just looked. It was. My last PR was at 52# so that is another record for me. If it weren’t for these records, I would think the WLC was just the diet, but the diet is helping me achieve. I need to remember that when picking my food items. I like getting stronger.

And then on to the Dorothy Parker part of the day. What fresh new hell is this?

I went with just a green and I guess it is a gray band, the smallest one there is. So I knocked back a bit but it was only five at a time, so I figured it was a perfect time to try it. Then seven pushups and slam balls (insert any and all expletives as needed). The women’s weight was that weenie 25# thing that damn near kills me since those are the only two sizes we have and could be, for all I know, the lightest weight available.

So, I scaled it for myself and made my rep scheme 5-7-5 and still couldn’t manage to get all five slam balls done at one go. Ryan did not make us stand back up on the last rep – Kim had.

I was beeping like crazy and had to keep resting. I managed all five pull-ups easily, got the seven pushups all at once until I tried starting them with too high a heart rate, and had to do three and then two on the slam balls each and every time. I made 7+12.

I actually got the ball to bounce on more than half of the slams and could scoop it up. My squats felt good on all but one and that was just so messy I was lucky I didn’t fall over and smash into Ashley. It is official. After trying this again, I hate slam balls. The only positive is that now wall balls look better. I’m sure there is something hideous, odious, and loathsome that would make slam balls look good. I don’t want to meet it.