I’ve scored my last score for the Whole Life Challenge. I’m done. It’s over. It’s all gone. Well, it isn’t all gone. It will never be ALL gone. I’ve learned too much and incorporated too much into my daily choices, my day-to-day living.

From the final blog post at WLC:

Today you are free. Free from all restrictions, rules, and daily reporting. You are free to do anything (or nothing). Eat anything that pleases you.

Freedom is a funny thing. You’ve had it all along, by the way. You had it before the WLC, you had it during the WLC, and you have it now. Up until now, you might not ever have known it.

So, what am I going to do today? I’m not doing the CrossFit Summerville WOD. They are doing Bring Sally Up and I need my legs to work tomorrow for my final WOD for the WLC that we are doing together at 9 AM. I don’t usually do three days in a row and having something that will shoot my legs out from under me seems pointless. I’ve worked too hard to be stupid today. So I will do something else. I will not sit on my no-longer-fat-ass doing nothing all day.

I already took my daily supplement. I’m also going to mobilize later and I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon. I need this old body to be able to do what I ask of it. I want to beat that score I had on the first day.  No, I need to beat that score I had on the first day. I’ve worked hard and I will push myself to see results.

We are going to eat clean tonight for dinner. I know because I’m in charge of cooking it and it will be clean.

Tomorrow, after the post WOD, I am living large and throwing caution to the wind. I will make Velvet Fudge Sauce and have some ice cream when we get home from Alesandro’s feast where I plan to have shrimp fettuccine Alfredo.

Next week on my salads I will be putting Honey Mustard dressing instead of the Balsamic Vinaigrette I have been making.

Post WOD breakfast is going to be two eggs and an English muffin.

I am going to see about making my own granola and having that available for breakfasts. I bought a pasta maker so I can make my own pasta. I want to do more of my own cooking from ingredients that I control instead of having HFCS in everything. I intend to keep buying (in fact I already have the next jar) of natural plain no-sugar gag-you peanut butter. I’ve been adding Stevia to it and eating that on my apples. It is delicious.

I intend to keep making my own fruit yogurt by thawing out frozen fruit (I really like it mushier) and adding Stevia and plain crappy nothing added yogurt to it to make a delicious non-WOD day breakfast. I need more protein after a workout. This just left me starving.

Since I’m having eggs for breakfast, I will no longer put an egg in my salad for lunch. It all evens out eventually.

We have discussed how we really haven’t missed potatoes all that much. I will have quinoa only when Dick has something else. Parsnips turned out to be better than we thought they would be.

Instead of an unlimited amount of pistachios, I will ration them out. I intend to get more calories from some of the above junkier foods and so I need to be aware of the places the calories have come from during this challenge.

I lost 6.8 pounds on this challenge. People lost lots more, but I didn’t need to lose that much. I wanted 5-7 pounds and it looks like I got pretty dang close to my higher number there. More importantly, I’ve been pushing myself at the box, attempting things that scared me. I’ve pushed old limits. I pick heavier weights. I do as much as I can considering my age and overall fitness level.

I’m still playing too many mindless and unimportant computer games. I need to post a schedule for myself for writing the same way I have a schedule for myself for working out. I need to clock so much time per day in the activities that mean something to ME personally rather than frittering away this precious life that is slipping by one second after the next. I can’t imagine laying on my deathbed and being grateful for beating a dumb, pointless game. Doing what matters should take precedence. It is up to me to make that happen.

So, I have a plan in place. I need to work my plan. But for this, other than the final measurements and last workout, I’m done. I’m changed, too.