Man plans and the gods laugh.

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I got to work out at the box and not hurt myself. I managed to do a WOD and feel like I accomplished something and I made my running goal for the WLC. It was a great beginning.

I have lost somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds since I started CrossFit. Most of my clothes were too tight when I started so at the beginning, it didn’t really matter. In fact, it was nice. Then I lost some more weight and it was nearing the end of winter. Then I lost some more weight and winter was coming on again. Not only did I lose some weight, but the weight that is still here is packaged differently. So, most of my slacks don’t fit. They are way too big.

Yesterday, I went to the outlet mall and looked for slacks to wear to work. My jeans are way too big, too, but that’s not what I was looking for. Last spring when I bought new skirts for the summer, I began with size six and had to go back and get size four. This is ludicrous. Even now, after losing the last five pounds I wanted to get rid of, I’m still 17 pounds heavier than I was in high school when I was a size ten. So, I figured that it was a store thing because the places I shopped were related. I went to a different store and took both fours and sixes back. I had to send the sales person out to get a size two. I am no more a size two than the man in the moon. This is why it is so difficult to shop. I’ve heard it isn’t really any better for men. Their waist “measurement” size is also off by a couple inches or more.

In order for fat people to feel skinnier and be able to say “Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12, too” they have skewed the sizing so bad that I am now a size two. When I was a size ten is the same time frame when Marilyn was a size twelve. I’m assuming that in high school sizes, I would be a size twelve today. Not bad for a sixty year old, but honestly, this sizing crap doesn’t make me feel better. No matter what the tag says, I’m still this mass.

Now for the gods laughing at me. I couldn’t do CrossFit Summerville’s WOD yesterday so I picked CrossFit Hilton Head’s WOD instead. That way I would have to keep doing the same movement day after day. Yesterday I did Russian KB swings and box jumps.

Today’s WOD as written:
Team Helen
6 rounds alternating partners
run 400m
21 kbs (1.5/1 pood)rx
12 pullups

I really thought that alternating partners just meant that we couldn’t all be working at the same time. So my plan was for Carma to run, me to do KB swings, Carma to do pull-ups, me to run, Carma doing KB, etc.

That is not how we had to do this. Carma did a whole round and then I did a whole round. I was hoping to be able to use a 25# KB but not with all this other stuff around it so I kept a 20# dumbbell as my weight. I used a red and green band for the pull-ups. Carma has a bad leg and I’m old so we both scaled the run to 200 meters. Carma did real KB swings but I kept the Russian ones. I did managed to do them unbroken for each round and managed my pull-ups unbroken as well. Each of my three runs saw more walking and less “sprinting” which is never more than a slow jog on even the best of days.

I had to sit and get my heart rate down to 165 before I could start the pull-ups so that wasted some time, but overall I thought I did pretty dang good for an old fart. Our time was 22.07.

I think that I managed to not strain my back even with two days of KB swings in a row because I stuck with the Russian movement so even increasing the weight was okay. I managed to get all the pull-ups at once and may need to cut back just a teeny bit on the bands. I think there is one smaller than the red that I can combine with the green for a while until I can just start using one band.

These are my plans; I hope the gods do have some cosmic joke in store.