I felt so good about myself and my performance all day yesterday. It was like I was floating on a cloud. I know I didn’t do the RX Fran, but I did so much better than the last time that it was miraculous.

I had tons and tons of actual work to do at work but instead of getting it done, we had meetings to talk about all the work there was to do. The other people in the office could have done that without me and I could have actually accomplished some of the work, but that’s not how we roll. We had meetings. But at least I had my more than two minutes lower Fran time so I coped.

Nothing much else was going on and my evening was pleasant. I spent over an hour learning about ancient history and that type of stuff amuses me. Will Durant is a wonderful writer with or without Ariel. He may have had her input for all the books, but included her as co-author only for the later ones. Regardless, this is a fun book to read.

Then I made a strategic error. I looked at the WOD for today. Seventy five fucking burpees. Along with the rest of it. That 75 was just part of the WOD. No problem. I don’t have to do this. I was such a good person already, I can blow off the next one.

Seventy-fucking-five burpees along with fifty full cleans at a weight I can barely deadlift. Okay, I always scale the weights so I don’t even care what they put up there as the weights. But really? This sounds good? To whom? I don’t have to go. Why go and suck after such a great experience.

I couldn’t even go to sleep I was so upset. 75 burpees. Why? What is the purpose of this nonsense? Why am I putting myself through this? I don’t have to go.

But it will be Tuesday and I go to the box on Tuesday. And people who cherry pick WODs are the devil incarnate. And it makes CrossFit less than it should be. And why does no one talk about the idiots who write up these kinds of shitty WODs? Why blame the people who have enough sense to know that it is irresponsible, stupid, and ludicrous?

I set the alarm. I tossed and turned and finally fell asleep. I got up thinking that I didn’t have to go. I thought that as I got dressed. I thought that as I got to the car. I thought that as I walked into the box. On a plus side, I had every single light green on the way in. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Warm-up was a bunch of shuttle stuff in the parking lot. The first thing was a slow jog out and backwards jog back, then a bunch of other stuff and end with a sprint out and back. I don’t think there was much difference between my jog and my sprint.

Today’s WOD as written:
15 min working on overhead squat mobility(notice he does not let his feet turn out to make up for lack of flexibility of the hips or allow the total relaxation of the hamstrings so he can have full torque of the hips)
10 hang full cleans(135/95)
15 burpees

There was a video included in the write up and we watched it at the box. It was full of stretches and stuff that really helps get even an old fart mobilized.  However, it is nice to see that even as the senior member, I’m still flexible. There was a plus.

I mentioned that I was uncertain as to whether I should do 3 or 4 rounds and restrained myself from castigating the author of the WOD and questioning the wisdom within. Coach Kim just nodded and had no input.

I used a 32# bar and walked the burpees in and out. It is my belief (unsubstantiated) that I was working on the migraine last week because jumping the burpees in and out increased intercranial pressure and started a vasospasm. With my head lower, the pressure would be higher. So, instead of testing the theory and seeing if I got another almost migraine, I just walked them in and out.

I had finally gotten full ROM into my arms and shoulders after the 100 pushups on Friday, so of course, doing a bazillion burpees would be great. My PR on a hanging full clean is 42# so that 32# was pretty dang heavy over and over again.

On the first round, with a heart rate that started low enough, I was able to get ten at one time. The burpees had to be broken up. The first round I did 5-5-5 and that was sorta dumb. On the next round for cleans I did 5-5 and the burpees were 8-7. That worked better. I did have to wait for my heart rate to drop to 150 before I could get back to work or I couldn’t get enough reps in to make it worthwhile.

I finished the third round and the young kid J-Bo was already finished with all five round. Or he may have been just finishing up. But I really think he was already done. Martin was almost done. Ed was finishing on his last round. Todd, Cindy, and Julie were all still working.

I had to get my fat ass back up and do another round. I was still breathing I could manage another one. And I did. It was horrific and I think I was making animal noises on the last couple cleans. I got through the burpees and it was 18.28 and I was finished.

I did the higher number of rounds I had scaled to and so I guess it isn’t too bad. I did 40 hang power cleans and my ass is burning. I did 60 burpees. They suck.

I lived through it. I’m glad I went. It is all scalable. I wish I was stronger and didn’t need to scale more than the weights. And a year ago I couldn’t have even done 40 power cleans with a PVC pipe and the burpees were impossible back then.

Oh, that must be why I go. Because when you keep going, you can do more. I remember now. But still, and always, burpees suck.