Yesterday was supposed to be dedicated to writing. I promised myself to work on Little Bits of History stuff because I’m behind in my being ahead, which makes sense to me. But I was having trouble keeping my butt in the chair. Instead of research, I looked online for scenic places in South Carolina and found a place relatively close by.

Dick and I went for hike at Dungannon Plantation Heritage Preserve. It was hundreds of acres of preserved land that is protected for some bird’s nesting season but open to the public otherwise. We nearly missed it since the entrance is low key, but we found it and had a lovely walk through the forest. It was bow hunting deer season but that was not allowed on Sunday so we were safe. There was a large poster proclaiming we were leaving public property and entering private property. We figured they were hunting there and so we turned around at that point.

It was beautiful and perfect weather for a hike and we had an absolutely lovely time. Then we were going to get something to eat. We found Angel Oaks, a mom and pop restaurant open only for breakfast and lunch and brunch on Sunday. I looked at the menu and made a choice. It is the Whole Life Challenge which actually contains the word “life” in there and I was going to have another non-compliant meal. I had mascapone filled crepe with an orange/caramel sauce over and topped with pecans. And a side of some of the best bacon I’ve had in a long time. Worth it.

I looked at the WOD last night. Fran. I knew I had done Fran before and looked it up. So I was prepared for the day.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run and I went a bit farther than I usually go and didn’t think I was going to be able to make it back – but I did! Running at my blistering pace all the way. Ryan complex down the mat followed and that was still okay. Then grab a PVC pipe and with the first dislocate and could tell I had done too many pushups on Friday. Still. But they got easier. More stuff and more stretches and all that good crap to get ready. We were proclaimed warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
rest 10 min
5×3 squats 85-90% of 1RM

The last time we did Fran was May 3. I scaled the rep scheme to 18-12-6 and used a 22# bar and did ring rows. My time was 9.59.

What I wanted today was the real rep scheme. I was hoping for 32# on the bar and using a red and green band for the pull-ups. I wanted to be done in under eight minutes.

I asked Coach Ryan what he thought and he seemed to think it was a bit ambitious. But possible. I asked what was the worst that could happen? I might take the weights off the bar. And he said, “Or you could have a heart attack and die.” I love this place. See last week.

I set up for the WOD knowing that I was asking a lot of myself but hoping against hope I could pull it off.

The time started and I was already beeping after four or five reps at 32#. I made it to ten and set the bar down and ripped the weights off with Ryan’s help. I finished the 21 thrusters and had to pant for a while and get my heart rate back to at least 165 before I started the pull-ups. I had to stop at 15 and rest a few seconds, but I got done.

I did the 15 set with a rest after 10 thrusters and then had to get my heart rate back under 165 before I would start the pull-ups. I nearly killed myself with that last one because I got tangled somehow in the bands, but I managed to not die.

I did the first thruster as a front squat and then did nine real thrusters and could have kicked myself in the ass for the boo-boo. Then I had to pant just a few seconds and get at least close to a heart rate of 165 before starting the nine pull-ups. I finished in 7.42.

There was a video of some Super Chick doing Fran in two and a half minutes up on the website. That was cool and she was awesome.

Thank goodness there is no video of Old Hen doing Fran is under eight minutes. But it was cool and she was awesome.

Then on to the back squats and I managed them fairly easily with a 63# bar. Rather anticlimactic.

And, just as a point of interest. After our walk and brunch, I got the writing I had planned to do all finished and handed in another writing assignment for another project. So, by having a good time and moving around, I was even more productive than ever. Humans were not really built to sit as much as we do.