I was crabby all day yesterday. I started out peeved and then it got worse as the day went on. Every so often I had a stabbing pain in my left eye and I felt just blah. I thought it might be due to lack of sleep since I really hadn’t slept well the night before. And then I thought it might be just because some days are sorta bad.

I made chicken soup yesterday. I had four thighs and made this huge pot of broth with onions and garlic and carrots added along with Himalayan salt and some other spices and threw in some parsley for looks. I took out enough for dinner last night and added brown rice which is available to beginners on the WLC. Thank goodness for that. It was tasty and didn’t feel like a deprivation meal except for the fact that I couldn’t have really good bread to dip in it. The rest went into the freezer for later use.

I went to bed early still crabby and still with an intermittent stabbing pain in my eye. When I woke up in the middle of the night with my eyeball hurting, it finally dawned on me. I was trying to get a migraine. It has been so long since I had one that I wasn’t recognizing the signs. I was slight nauseated all day long beginning with the damn burpees. I thought it was burpees, but now I think I was just getting sickish.

When I finally got up with the alarm, I took an Aleve which was the only over the counter thing that ever made these go away. I decided to give the box a try and the worst that could happen would be that I would wimp out and come home and how bad could that be.

There were several of us there this morning. We had a choice of a row or a run and I picked the run. I tried to go a little farther on my not quite 400 meter jaunt but ended up having to walk some. Then there was some usual stuff and we were considered warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Max effort GHD situps
In partners:
6 x 200m Run (relay style, 3 x 200m each)
As soon as you are finished with this, complete:
5 Power Clean (135/95)
10 Pushup
20 rounds (relay style, 10 rounds each!)
*scale weight and pushups

Since my head was still iffy, I opted to not hang upside down. This just seemed like a bad idea. It still seems like I chose the right thing to do here. It probably would have been smarter all around to just stay home, but that seemed defeatist, especially after yesterday. So without discretion or valor, I was at the box and I might just as well see what could happen next.

We had seven people for partner WODs and so Kurtis was chosen by Kim before she left to be a hero and do it single with modifications (his runs were 1:1 rest time and then the relay as EMOM). Ed worked with some guy whose name I didn’t catch, Carma and Tracy were partners, and poor Ashley got stuck with me. Coach Jason said it was to be a sprint and to be fast and this was to be quick and hurry, hurry. I asked what he had on offer for the over 60 crowd and he said lower weights and girl pushups.

So that’s what I did. When I read this last night, I thought we were doing 200 meter runs between the cleans and pushups. They helpfully added “then” in there to clear that up. I was wondering how I was going to manage a 6k run along with everything else but thankfully, I didn’t have to. I just had to manage 600 meters which as anyone who has ever read one of these before knows – is beyond me.

But I didn’t have a choice. I ran the first 200 meters but then I had such a high heart rate that it only came down to 159 before it was time to run again. I did, but I also did a lot of walking. I think everyone was already working before I even started the my last “run” which was mostly walk. So we had a late start to the cleans and pushups.

Ashley (poor Ashley) and I used just a 22# bar for the cleans and since there were no plates, I asked about a hang power clean and that was okay. I just did girl pushups and for the first 50 or so could knock them out not quickly but at least without stopping. For the last 50 it was just horrible. My arms wouldn’t work and my heart rate was just beeping the whole time. It would drop while Ashley did her set and then by the time I was done with my cleans, I was beeping for the entire set of pushups.

By the seventh round I just wanted to quit but it was a partner WOD so I kept going. Everyone was finished except us because I was last in from the runs and the slowest person with the pushups. I finally managed that 100th damn pushup and we were finished. 22.00

The Aleve is kicking in. My eyeball isn’t throbbing. It feels funny but that’s normal for this. I was a bit nauseated while doing the pushups and felt like I could have puked if I just allowed myself. I think it was not from working too hard, but from the headache side. The other thing that happens is that the edges of my teeth hurt with these and that was barely present yesterday and I wasn’t really paying attention because I thought it was all part of being cranky. But that is gone now. So I may have managed to catch this without it actually turning into a full-blown migraine.

I’m unsure how I would rate my performance today. I went to the box even though I wasn’t feeling my best. I finished the WOD but it was really ugly and pitiful. But – I finished the WOD.

I think I will say I was awesome.