I worked all day at work yesterday which meant the day sped by quickly. That was good. I asked for 150 pre-printed postcards from Corporate and they arrived on my days off. So I had to get them out the door and that meant I really needed to know my address list. I got that and I had exactly 119 addresses. I guess I didn’t need the last pack of 25. But wait. In the whole six packs of 25 each, I had only 118 postcards. Good thing I was sending one to me and so I had 118 for real people.

Dick used some leftover chicken, the green beans I baked last week, and baked a sweet potato for dinner. So it was a normal dinner. But then I was looking for dessert. There wasn’t anything I really felt like eating. I had some cashews and I had an apple. So dinner was great, but after dinner I was missing something. Most days I don’t really need dessert but this would have been an ice cream with Velvet Fudge Sauce kind of night without the WLC.

I read for an hour which might be part of the problem as well. I usually have a snack available while I read and it wasn’t working for me last night even though this is when I was eating the cashews and apple. I could have used a bowl of potato chips if I couldn’t have that dang ice cream, but I can’t have the potato chips either.

I knew it was 66⁰ out there this morning but thought it would be okay to go out without enough clothes on because I was going to get hot. I got to the car, ran back into the house, grabbed a long sleeved shirt, got back to the car, and left for the box.

Warm-up was a 200 meter run (ha! I can do those) and a 250 meter row. By that time, I had to take the extra shirt off. Then a bunch of other stuff followed that was normal for CrossFit, not the outside world, but got us mobile.

Today’s WOD as written:
15 min work on cleans
Row 1k
30 front squats(185/115)

So I started with the 22# bar and worked on form/technique and I have neither a graceful form nor perfect technique. I’m trying and getting better.

I put on 2.5# per side and worked from the high hang position and felt fairly decent in my squat. Then I had 5# plates on each side and it still felt good. I put on 10# on each side. I have done power cleans with this much weight but I haven’t done a full clean into a squat like this. So I had no idea if I would kill myself or not. I didn’t.


I’m a little leery of including this video link and it doesn’t look to be possible to post it within my blog. I know where my form is off. I bend my elbows too soon and I don’t stay upright enough in my squat with my torso and elbows and everything falling forward. But … I did it. I sure wish Coach had stopped the video one second sooner. What a face. But I really didn’t know how good or bad the whole thing was.

On to the WOD. There were six of us and five rowers but thankfully there were six racks and we could do our front squats from the rack. So we did the start staggered and I was in the second group because I’m slow. We started at the four minute mark which meant that the first three people were done before 4 minutes. It took me 5.29 to row 1000 meters which is better than the last time we had to measure 1000 meters for time but still is slow and poopy.

Before we started, I asked Coach Kim what sort of weight I should use. The 115# is more than I could deadlift for 30 reps. I told her that the day before I had managed 20 back squats with 33# and she said to just use the 22# bar because it should be lighter. But I was feeling either frisky or too weenie or perhaps a bit of both and I added 2.5# to each side for a whopping 27# for this. I had been beeping from about 400 meters on in the row so I was a bit spent when I got over to the rack.

Even so, I managed 7 and then 8 reps with the 27# bar and everyone else was lucky to get five reps at a time. I knew I was too light. I went and got another set of 2.5# weights and pumped myself up to a 32# bar. It was probably still too light, but not by much. I could get the 5 reps in but I was struggling on the last rep of each set. I finished in 10.17.

I wish I was more certain about what weights to choose for these things. I know I can’t RX anything and there is so much room for picking and choosing under that since I can then pick anything I want. I have no idea what I want. I need a better system of tracking what I’m doing and knowing what I can or can’t move on each type of lift. I don’t know how to actually manage the retrieval part since I obviously always write it down.