My first long weekend was so broken up that I didn’t feel like I actually had a long weekend. Part of the problem was that I set my alarm for 5.15 AM yesterday thinking it was Monday and woke up on my day to sleep in. That made it extra hard to wake up this morning. However, it was really Monday today and so I set the alarm and actually woke up and got out of bed instead of just groaning and being irritated.

Last week I tried to wear one of my new capri length workout pants I had just purchased and I noticed they were not correct. In fact, they were extra large. I got out the other pair – the ones I had actually held up to make sure they were the same as every other pair of Reebok pants I own – and wore those to the box. The other ones were on a Medium hanger but were an Extra Large. They wouldn’t have even stayed up for me.

So we took them back and Reebok couldn’t work their cash registers because the company computers were down and there was nothing we could do. Just wander around the mall for a while and come back in 20 minutes and see if they were working. We did. They weren’t. I tried to explain that they had the exact same pants in a medium and all I wanted was to leave them the extra large and take the medium home and none of us really needed a register for that. We had to take this up with The Manager who finally relented and allowed me to do what any nitwit should have been able to see was possible the first time we walked in.

Yesterday I made a whole chicken in the Crockpot and added parsnips instead of potatoes. I discussed this with Dick the night before. This is one of my favorite meals but the last time I made it, it wasn’t quite good enough. That is because I didn’t have any stuffing with it and it was just not right. So yesterday, throwing caution and a point to the wind, I made the stuffing. It was the first time in over five weeks that I had any bread. I know I’m supposed to say that all this clean living made my palate change and it didn’t even taste good.

On the contrary, it was delicious and so worth giving up a point. I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner.

I had looked at the WOD last night and saw that it was possible but going to be ugly.

Warm-up was a 1000 meter row but there were six of us and only five rowers. So Kurtis offered to run instead. Then we did cherry pickers and rolling around on the floor stuff and ended with twenty squats.

Today’s WOD as written:
20-15-10 Back squats pick up the bar and don’t set it down until you are done with the set.
Row 500m
Rest remainder of 3min
30 Toes to Bar
Rest remainder of 3min
40 KB Swing
Rest remainder of 3min
Row 500m
Big focus for tomorrow, put some great times up on those 500 meter rows! You have a set rest….just think. The faster you row the more rest you get. (This is obviously a young person talking.)

So the first thing was more squats. Coach Ryan thought we should just try something light for the practice and see how the 20 squats felt. I mentioned that I was willing to count those air squats. I did ask how old Bringer of Pain aka Henry – the person writing the WODs – really was. He is 28. I want to live long enough to see Henry being old and trying to do this shit.

I did 20 back squats with 33#; 15 was with 43#; 10 was with 53#. I felt like my knee was more stable on all of them. I managed the 20 as 10-5-5 and the 15 was 5-5-5 and then 10 was any way I could get them and not drop the bar.

I am old. My heart rate goes too high and I have to rest to get it back down to something compatible with life. Ryan did ask Todd, “What is the worst that can happen?” and I answered, “I could have a heart attack and die.” Well, I guess we won’t be asking that question around me anymore.

There were six of us and five rowers so we went in shifts. I made sure I was in the second shift so I wasn’t in anybody’s way.

I got the first 500 meters in 2.44. I did knees as high as I could manage which wasn’t really quite to elbow but I’m getting closer and closer. I managed three sets of ten and finished those in 1.48 and was beeping almost constantly. However, that did give me some time to rest. I used a 15# dumbbell for the KB swings and managed 15-15-10 but had a consistently high heart rate and took up 2.33. I got to the rower in time to start the 500 but didn’t realize it was one that hadn’t been used and so I was 3-4 seconds late starting. That was my own fault. At the end of the 3 minutes on the clock (not on the rower) I was at 488 meters. Too bad for me.

My heart rate was too high and beeped the entire time I was rowing. I was in the high 170s when I stopped. So I sat there and caught my breath for a bit. My heart rate was still 118 when I got home. This was a lot of hard work and I was beat. But I didn’t really think I could get 40 KB swings done in 3 minutes even with my weenie weight. So I did much better than I thought I was going to do.

My legs are really going to be mad at me tomorrow.