I’m working on my WLC mindfulness piece and trying to focus on what is happening around me and giving it my full attention. Either that or I was eavesdropping as my coworker told our boss, “I cleaned up after Other Boss and I noticed the shredder was full, and I did …” This perked my ears up as I knew WE had cleaned the office together. Ah well.

We had a fire inspection last week and we flunked. We are supposed to have a fire extinguisher in the office and we didn’t. I have a company charge card so I was elected to go and buy one. They sell them at Lowe’s which is about 1.5 miles from my house. Dick used to sell and service fire extinguishers, so he went with me last night to make sure I got what it said to buy on our report card. Hopefully, when the Fire Marshall comes back next month, we will be all good to go.

Dick also cooked a beef roast in the Crockpot yesterday. He had carrots and parsnips in there. I don’t think I have ever eaten a parsnip but both of my sisters say Mom used to cook them for Dad. I do not remember this but they agree so I must have been good old oblivious me back then, not having done this mindfulness challenge thing. But regardless of whether or not I had ever had them before, they were perfectly fine as a substitute for potatoes and we enjoyed our meal.

I looked at the WOD and it was possible – the skill, not so much. But it is my day to go to the box and so off I went. Warm-up was a run and a row and then lots of shoulder utilization and mobilization stuff because today was going to use mobile shoulders.

Today’s WOD as written:
15 min working on handstand walk
Death by pull ups
any style (strict, kip butterfly)
use minimal bands!!!

There was a little video included with this young, graceful woman walking around on her hands and doing progressive moves to get there. All I can say about the video is that it didn’t start early enough. I cannot even get upright on my hands. I can crawl partway up the wall and then it is all badness.

I asked Coach Kim what she had on offer for the over sixty crowd. She found something for me to do. Her very first move was, thankfully, way too easy. I was just too frightened of smacking my face on the edge of 20″ box if I stood upside down from there. I tried the lower 12″ box and it was challenging but not frightening. I managed to lift my hands and touch my shoulders ten times – once. Usually I fell over before that.

We had a guest in there today. Amy is from somewhere else out in the world. She could walk on her hands, but only backwards. She could manage a few “steps” (what would they be called if you were walking on your hands?) forwards, but could go much farther when going backwards. Ricky managed some distance too. Both Ed and Martin could stand on their hands but they couldn’t mobilize. Cindy, Todd, and Ashley were wall suckers and I couldn’t even do that much.

Thankfully, the fifteen minutes passed and we could get on to the WOD. I figured this was going to be a really quick one for me. I was hoping to get to six or maybe seven.

Death by anything is a rep scheme where one rep is done the first minute; two reps are done the second minute; three are done the third minute; etc. You are finished when you cannot complete the reps during the minute. They do not have to be continuous, as long as they are completed within the 60 seconds.

The first couple minutes are easy. They are mostly rest. Then it gets harder and harder and finally impossible.

Coach wanted us to try to get to 10 and use whatever bands we needed for that. I usually use a green band alone. But I wouldn’t be able to get to 10. When I add the blue band, I about slingshot myself across the room. I don’t have enough control and I launch myself with wild and frighteningly unmanaged abandon. It is ugly.

Kim suggested I try either the red or purple band with the green just to give myself a bit more help and yet not so much that I couldn’t control it. I chose the red band along with the green.

I can’t tell you when everyone dropped out. Todd quit first and Cindy did one more round. They stopped at 9 and 10. Then I was concentrating so hard on my own problems that I really don’t know who was still moving and who wasn’t until I stopped after 13. Ashley was still going and quit at 14. Ricky made it to 17 and Amy, the person who was a guest – a tiny little woman – did 18 with all of us cheering her on.

Kim added the reps and she made a mistake somewhere before 13 because she had that at 92 and a calculator gives me 91. Amy did 171 pull-ups. Freaking amazing.

I’m absolutely thrilled with my performance today. A year ago I couldn’t have managed ring rows for this long. My hands are hot and sore, but I didn’t rip them open. Ricky did, even with gloves. Amy did not have gloves.

I absolutely love watching people succeed. This was a fun day and I managed almost twice what I was hoping for. That, and for the first time ever, I tied Candace who of course did it RX, but still, I’ve never, ever done that.