I am going to have to figure out something better for this mindfulness crap. My mind just wanders and roams about freely and starts working on writing a story. I’m an author and sitting quietly is work for authors because inside our heads, our characters are doing stuff. We plot and plan and have an idea and then we write. Sitting quietly is work time.

I looked at the WOD last night and pondered. My knee is about 90% better. I have been working on it faithfully. I have also been babying it for over a week and not putting any extra stress on it. And then I looked at the WOD and wondered.

But it is Monday and I need to burn off some extra energy because my little bike ride between raindrops was nice, but it isn’t a real workout – which is exactly the point. It was supposed to be a recovery day, not a work day. So I set my alarm.

I couldn’t remember my last recorded PR for a back squat and so I went to look before I left the house. There must have been an upgrade from Microsoft because I had to wait for my computer to completely restart. All I wanted was one little number and as always, Microsoft picked the worst time to take over my computer. I finally got my computer restarted and logged in and found the file on the second try and got my number and went off to the box.

My phone had said it was raining, but it wasn’t. I drove with the top up but the windows down. I turned off the car and then thought I better put the windows up. Smart move. It poured while we were inside and my car was still dry.

Warm-up was either a run or a row and I rowed because I can’t run 800 meters. So I rowed 1000 instead. Then cherry pickers and some twirly thing that really was odd because my body is crooked and so it was easier to one side than the other and then some other things to loosen up legs, pelvis, and glutes for what was sure to be a fun workout.

Today’s WOD as written:
25 min to establish 1 RM back squat
tabata air squats
rest 1 min
tabata push ups

My former back squat PR was 63# according to my stuff here. And I logged that on August 1. I took my shoes off today because I wanted to make sure my toes were up and I wasn’t leaning forward and letting my knee drop in. It partly worked that way. I worked incrementally up and my 83# back squat was leaning forward and I tried again and got a nice upright squat. Then there were a few minutes left and I added another 5# and did one really ugly back squat, but I got down, broke parallel, and got my fat ass and the 88# bar back up.

Then on to Tabatas. I hate Tabatas. I will always hate Tabatas. Carma was back from vacation and said she didn’t know what a Tabata was and I told her she did. Because I remember her saying the last time the same thing she said this time. Even if you can’t write the score on the board, your body knows.

But the thing is that if you push too hard at the beginning, you have nothing left at the end and you will crap out entirely before the clock runs out.

Tabatas are eight rounds of twenty seconds of work and ten seconds of rest. Therefore, it takes four minutes to get a score. If you get fewer reps in any round, that becomes your score. When I first started, I almost always had a score of 0 and 0 (they are always done in sets of two – at least at our box) because I would have one round where my heart rate was so high I couldn’t keep working.

So I learned to do Patti Tabatas. I work 15 seconds and rest 15 seconds and by the end I can usually still keep my original score.

I did today. I managed to keep my squats at 10 for the entire 8 rounds. It was tiring, but not exhausting. Then to the pushups. On the first round I made it to 7 in 15 seconds and then that was my target. By round 4 I was wishing I had dogged it a bit on the first round. By round 6 I was sure I wasn’t going to make it. On round 7 I was making horrible noises. On the last round I was groaning like someone had just shot me through the heart or something. However, I kept that damn 7 for all eight round.

So my score was 10/7 and I did 80 squats and 56 pushups during the 9 minute WOD. And that was AFTER a 25# increase in a PR.

I’m a beast. I’m also icing my leg.