We had hash brown rutabagas for dinner last night along with sautéed mushrooms and asparagus and leftover pork roast. It tasted just like a regular non-WLC meal. The rutabaga is a little sweeter than a regular potato and takes longer to cook, even to fry up. But it was a good side dish.

I finally finished off my first serving of chocolate and had to start another one last evening. I’ve never made one serving of chocolate last so long and I don’t think I will again. I am not opposed to the idea of lessening my chocolate intake, but I don’t need to really lessen it that much. I was making a serving last three to five days anyway which is really good enough. I’m not training for the Olympics and my life is better with a bit of chocolate.

I looked at the WOD last night and giggled. Mike would have his work cut out for him again. My goal is to not reinjure my knee/leg this week and keep it calm and perhaps give it a chance to heal itself. By repeatedly beating myself up, I don’t have a chance to recover.

Speaking of recovery, yesterday was a recovery day. It was also a client at work day. I wore a golf skirt (new) and looked really cute for work, but they are comfortable enough to just wear at home. I don’t bother changing clothes after work. I also had worn pantyhose to work because I hate bare feet in shoes. I did change my shoes and went on a bike ride. Do not, I repeat do not, wear pantyhose on bike rides. They bind. I was waiting for the friction to burst into flames as I pedaled. Now that would have been a sight.

I woke up 20 minutes before the alarm which is just pitiful. I could have used the twenty minutes for sleep but it isn’t really enough time to fall back to sleep so I was just finally dozing back off when the alarm screamed.

Warm-up was rowing stuff. We did the skill portion of the WOD, the rowing portion, first. I was all set to run with a bar and then we didn’t do it. First we rowed without having the straps over our feet and the tension set on 1. It was really hard to do that. Then the other half of us did that. Then we rowed for time. I was something over 2 minutes and it was pitiful but not unexpected. I was beeping from about 300 meters until the end. Again, not unexpected.

Then we did lots of warm-up stuff but most of it I couldn’t do because of my one leg issue. I did this while they did that and then we ended with 15 pushups. And I managed all fifteen without stopping but I still worming all over the place.

Today’s WOD as written:
Spend 10 min working on technique for a row then
Time row 500 m
200 m Run
5 ring dips
10 hang power snatch(95/65)rx
15 box jumps(24/20)

We practiced the incremental moves for the hang snatch with just a PVC pipe. I used a 22# bar for the actual WOD. I used a green band for ring dips and didn’t dip all that deep. I tried a jump on a 14″ box and it jarred my knee and so I knew I couldn’t do 75 of them. I asked about step-ups onto a 20″ box and that would be okay. But that hurt my knee unless I led with my good knee on and off the box. That was exhausting.

Now the run. I can do a 200 meter run, once. I can’t do anything after it. But I can do that much.

To make Mike not late for work, I did 5 RFT
100 meter run/walk
5 green band assisted ring dips
10 hang power snatch with 22#
15 box step-ups (5 on 20″ box, 10 on 14″ box)

The first round I actually ran the whole 100 meters, after that I walked 2/3 and ran a 1/3 until the last round where I was lucky I was still able to walk.

I switched knees in the band back and forth. I feel more stable on my left knee, but that is the one that is hurt now. My right knee is always me weak knee since I have a partial tear in my ACL.

I did all five round at 5-rest-5 for the hang power snatches and of the fifty I did, 48 of them were nice and pretty and two were way off balance and crappy. At least that is how they FELT and what they looked like could be an entirely different story.

I would try five leading on and off with my right leg at the higher box and that would just about kill me so I would switch to the lower box and it didn’t hurt my knee to get up or down at that height.

On the last round as I struggled with just walking the parking lot, I kept thinking that four rounds would have been perfect. But the WOD was five rounds. I finished in 22.37.

I was way scaled, but I don’t think I further damaged my leg/knee. I am doing the ice/heat thing just because it really feels good to do that to it. And it surely can’t hurt it.