I was of the understanding that bacon made everything delicious. While I don’t mind Brussels sprouts and would willingly eat them a few times a year, I don’t think they are the best vegetable ever. I don’t think they are the worst either since there are some I just don’t eat at all.

I had a recipe for making Brussels sprouts with bacon and tried that last night. I thought bacon would make them better. Bacon didn’t make them worse, but they weren’t any better than normal, so about a four on a 1-10 scale. We didn’t eat all the sprouts but we made sure all the bacon was gone.

I looked at the WOD last night and knew I couldn’t do it. My knee area is still slightly swollen and it hurts when I do a full squat with weight. I knew I couldn’t do 36 burpees. I can now actually do something akin to 36 burpees if all my limbs work, but not this week. So I went to bed knowing that Mike was going to have to figure something out for me. I was thinking 18 pushups instead of 9 burpees per round.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run carrying a 45# bar. Well, now really. This time I used two 8# dumbbells and rested them on my shoulders and ran/walked, about half and half, for 200 meters with that. I think on Thursday, I will try the 22# bar and see if I can manage to do more than just walk it. Lunge down the mat was done with only one leg. Sprint the mat, which is always fun for me because I run like an old lady. Then bear crawl the mat, then inchworm half the mat and then run to the bars and do ten pull-ups. Wait. I can’t do that. I could do ten jump ups but I’m not tall enough or the bars are too high, either way it didn’t work. So I jumped and caught the bar ten times. But without my gloves on so my hands were burning. The WOD hadn’t even started.

The skill was practicing the proper stance for a squat. There was a link to a video from Mobility WOD with how to hold your weight and position and I’m sure if I didn’t have a boo-boo it would have worked perfectly. I still needed to practice without the full weight of me and use the jungle gym to hold on. I can full squat without carrying my weight but not with even body weight which meant the whole WOD was just going be difficult for me.

Today’s WOD as written:
3 rope climbs
6 ohs (135/95)RX+,  (95/65) rx, scaled
9 bar facing burpees (over the bar burpees)

Since I can’t climb a rope (and neither could anyone there but Marten), we were given options. Three pull-ups and three knees to elbows for each rope climb or three rope progressions for each rope climb. I tried an overhead squat just to the 20″ box with just the 22# bar and it made my knee burn. I had to just use that 3.5 pound PVC pipe since after asking for over a year, there is still no ten pound bar. I have no idea what they do for CrossFit for Kids, but apparently it is not ten pound bars.

Then I came to those burpees. Mike thought about it for a while and he had me inchworm out, do a pushup, and inchworm back, then stand and that counted for two burpees. So I did five for each round. I figured I would give a little clap of my hands over my head, too.

On the first round I did nine pull-ups and nine knees to has high as I can get them. On the second round I did rope progressions. Third round was pull-ups and knees and fourth was rope progressions. The overhead squats were too easy but my choice was that or reinjure my leg. I will never get better if I keep making it worse. I don’t have a complete answer. I know Ken hurt his knee last spring and we haven’t seen him since. I don’t want to be that kind of CrossFitter.

I finished in 14.14 and had little sweat drips all over my work space so I know I was working hard. I didn’t beep as often as normal because of the ease of the overhead squats; they were like a break.

My hands are absolutely on fire right now. But at least they aren’t bleeding, too. I don’t know how people do those rope climbs or pull-ups without protecting their hands. Or else, and this is perfectly possible, I’m a weenie.