October 2013

I have to realize that my schedule does not influence the world and it is I who must adjust to the world at large. I do not like this. The world should revolve around me and my wishes. But, so far, I’ve not been able to convince the world of this fact and so, I adjust.

Life is a choice. I can choose this or that and when I make the choice, the logical consequences follow and there is nothing else to do but realize the choice was either terrific or another one of those really stupid things I do from time to time. Okay, many times. Often. Okay, I make some really dumb choices, let’s get past this.

I love my new work schedule but it is really difficult on days when there are no clients and the bosses are out of the office and there is simply not enough to do to fill the hours. The day drags on and lasts forever. Yesterday, to avoid being there so late and since it was a recovery day and I was ready for work early without box stuff to recover from, I went in early so I could leave early. And then Mandi and I decided to take the boss’s credit card and go shopping so we got out of the office even earlier and got lots of baskets so we could hide all the junk that is always sitting out being ugly. It was actually fun.

After dinner I walked around the block at a faster than normal pace and then ran the last probably 200 meters back to the house for my activity for the day. I used Cathie’s plan and did my mobilization before I sat back down with a delectable piece of chocolate melting in my mouth. It was a relaxing evening. I looked at the WOD and realized that it was going to be fine to sleep in and that I must make myself go to the 9 AM open gym time. And so that is what I did. I seem to actually go if I say it out loud. “I will go to the box at 9 AM” and suddenly I’m committed and at the box at 9 AM. If I don’t say it out loud, it’s like I didn’t make this promise to myself. Really dumb, right? But I do what I have to in order to make it all work.

The clock was running when I got there so I could time my 400 meter “run” which is really the world’s slowest jog or something. Three minutes exactly to run a quarter mile. Pitiful unless you realize that when I started the WLC one of my goals was just to be able to run 400 meters without stopping. I’m so glad I wasn’t dumb enough to try some time limit or anything.

I did other warm-up stuff for myself and stretched and then, I decided I wasn’t doing the skill that was included in the WOD. They were doing progressions for handstands and walking on hands and what I really wanted to know was what my deadlift PR was. The last time I did this was last spring and I lifted a Monica, my niece, who weighs 112# or at least did at that time. It is okay because she is five feet tall unless she is 5’1″ but I think that might be generous.

The last time we had to do repeated deadlifts, I was doing 83# lots of times. It was difficult, but I figured my PR must be higher by now. So I worked at that.

I did ten lifts with just 53# to warm up and then went to 83# and five lifts. Then was at 93, 103, and 113 when Ryan, who was also working out asked, “What is your PR?” before I lifted that last one. I answered 112, lifted the weight, and said, “113” which was kinda fun. I mentioned my goal today was to lift my bodyweight.

Then I did 123 and got that off the ground. It still wasn’t my body weight because I’m 126# so I added another 5 and got 128 off the ground. I added another five and got 133 off the ground and now I lifted my bodyweight before the WLC. I added another 5 and got it up with full hip lockout and dropped it so I made 138#. Kim had said to keep going until I could get it off the ground. I added another 5# and met my Waterloo.

A 26# or a 23% increase over my last PR on a deadlift. Go me!

Today’s WOD as written:
15 wallballs(20/14)rx
200m run

Apparently Henry heard us all bitching about the slam balls and saying we weren’t going to complain about wall balls ever again and wanted to see if that was true.

Well, this looked daunting to me. That’s 75 squats and tossing around a heavy object. Admittedly, I only do a 10# medicine ball which is a vast improvement over the 4# one I used to use. I hit the line with that probably 80 to 85% of the time. So I know there is still room for improvement. I got into a real full squat with each throw. Those last two factoids mean that I have come a long way, baby.

First round, I was able to get all 15 without stopping. My 200 meter run was a stroll through the parking lot (100 meters) trying to get my heart rate back down enough to do the next round. Rounds, 2, 3, and 4 were all done with a 8-7 rep scheme with me trying to get a heart rate near 165 before the second half of the wall balls. Last round, I really wanted to get all 15 done and just stroll leisurely, but I simply couldn’t get past 10. When I looked, my heart rate was 176 and that may have been the problem. So I got it to 170 and finished the last five. I actually ran part of the way back in to cut off a couple seconds or just to be dumb, I’m not sure which. I finished in 10.54.

I was trying to talk myself into just 12 reps on the wall balls or 4 rounds. But I’m supposed to go all out or stay home. Since I could see I wasn’t in the house, I went all out.

This is a picture of the bar  which weighs more than I do and yet, I lifted off the ground.

This is a picture of the bar which weighs more than I do and yet, I lifted off the ground.


It is Wednesday and so no box. But because I’m still in the midst (last damn week) of the Whole Life Challenge, it is not a “rest” day but a “recovery” day. I hope this is something I bring forward with me. I think it is valuable to remember to keep moving even if it isn’t at a fast pace or with weights. I need to not sit around all day getting stiff and sore.

Cathie, a friend on Facebook, had a good idea for me. I’m worried about not keeping up with the mobilization after this is over. I’m a sucker for points. If there is a grade, I will do all in my power to get an A+ (but can settle for just a lowly A) and so I have been doing this religiously. In fact, for seven and a half weeks I haven’t missed a day. I know it is helping. I didn’t schedule my next massage at my last one and it is has been over five weeks and maybe over six since I was last there. And yet, I’m not all that stiff and sore. Cathie suggested no treats/dessert until after I mobilize. I will do nearly anything for chocolate.

Also, as a plus, I have been more flexible at the box during the warm-ups and WODs and so all in all, this is just a great big bonus. I don’t know how to spread the word on this to the people who don’t believe. Here, either people don’t do CrossFit at all and think I’m crazy or else they are real CrossFitters and already know this so I am preaching to the choir. But it does make a different to stretch and work on pressure point stuff on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be for a long time, but it does have to be daily.

I mostly speak about diet when I am talking about WLC things and it is very, very important. I learned a lot, but some of what I learned is that I’m not going to keep doing everything I learned. I am not giving up wheat and dairy for the rest of my life. I have seen no problems solved since cutting these foods out of my life. I will, however, be cognizant of the amount of wheat and dairy I’m consuming. I may decide that cheese and crackers are not an adequate lunch. But maybe cheese and a nice crispy apple aren’t as bad. Or maybe, just maybe, that isn’t bad at all.

What I’m doing this week for lifestyle is called Kindness. I’m supposed to be kind to others on a daily basis. Now, as my family and friends can attest, I am one mean bitch when I want to be. But then again, I can be kind and sweet when I want to be. I often (and those close to me don’t need to snort and look derisive here) choose to be kind. I let people into traffic (if they haven’t driven up on the shoulder to cut in at the last minute – those assholes can rot there). See, I can be a bitch.

I have always told little old ladies who obviously put a lot of effort into getting all gussied up before leaving the house that I like their outfit or shoes or something that acknowledges their effort. I smile at strangers who look like they might need a smile. My sister-in-law and I both do this and so we are also what we call “nut magnets” because sometimes this smiling backfires and you get a new friend-for-life because you were nice and get to hear all about their entire existence, which is often bizarre. But even that is okay, because these lonely people need someone to talk to and really, how hard it is to listen and make noncommittal noises while smiling.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to be making some grand gesture of kindness on a daily basis. Am I supposed to go to some coffee shop and pay the next person’s bill for them? I don’t go to coffee shops myself and brew all my own coffee. Am I supposed to stop at a traffic accident? I actually did this once as I was on a country road, a kid was hurt, and I am a nurse. But I haven’t come upon an accident without having the ambulance already there in 35 years (I know the date because I was pregnant with Joe when I stopped).

I try to be nice as often as I can without the mean bitch stepping in the way. I give credit to others even when it would be easier and better for my ego to take credit for myself. I believe this is just karma in action and have done it ever since my mother would smack the back of my head lightly while saying, “Be nice.”

I am impatient, especially with idiots who should know better. My favorite literary quote of all time comes from Dr. Seuss: “Come now, come now/ You don’t have to be so dumb now.” I don’t even know which book that was from, but it often goes through my head as I watch some adult do something childishly stupid. I have trouble being kind in these types of situations.

I’m not exactly sure what this Kindness is supposed to entail. What I do know for sure is that I can still hear, quite often, my mother’s voice saying “Be nice” which to me is the same thing as being kind. I hope, perhaps against all hope, that she can be proud of me.


It was a long day at work yesterday, but I got a lot of stuff off my desk and out the door, so it was all good. Working all day makes the time pass quickly and that was a good thing, too.

Between taking a nap in the car on Sunday and not being able to fall asleep and then having to get up in the middle of the night to get to the box, I was really tired. I was reading and fell asleep on the couch. I had my book on top of me and my glasses on when I woke up but I was too tired to do more than grab a blanket and sleep there for a while longer. I finally could get myself to bed.

Luckily I had done mobilization early in the evening or I would have just had to lose a couple points because I simply was too tired to do anything more than sleep. When the alarm went off this morning it was still too early. But I dragged myself out of bed and got to the box.

Warm-up began with a 1000 meter row again. I think I’m rowing a slow boat to China. Very slow boat. Rest of the warm-up was pretty standard and ended with incremental moves to a snatch.

Today’s WOD as written:
15 min working on snatch technique
3 PUSH JERK (175#/115#)RX+(135/95)rx scaled
10 SLAMBALLS (40/25) [link goes to video showing delightful slam balls being done correctly)

I can do a perfect snatch move with a PVC pipe one out of ten tries. I can even do it with the sand filled PVC pipe which weighs three pounds. I cannot fall under the 22# bar and catch it in a full squat. I’m not sure how long this is going to take to learn, but I hope I don’t die of old age before it happens.

They bought some slam balls a while ago and they have been sitting there looking ominous for a few weeks. Today was the day to learn how to use these damn things because wall balls aren’t bad enough. They have 25 and 40 pound slam balls. I’m a 10 pound wall ball person, myself. Are we noticing a problem?

We watched a video (see above) about how to do this with unbouncy balls bouncing up into your hands as you squat and slam and catch and look all powerful and graceful. Well, someone else might look like that. I could barely get the thing overhead. I looked pitiful and I got about zero bounce going on my best slams. I looked more like I could use some rehabilitation than anything remotely graceful.

Coach Kim said I could cut the reps to five. I was beeping like crazy. This thing is really hard work. Who knew? I have friends who see slam balls on the WOD and get all exciting and love them. It is lucky they are part of the blogosphere because if they were standing in front of me saying that, I would have to hit them with a bat. Hard. Many times.

Back to the WOD and away from these delightful daydreams.

I used a 42# bar for the push jerk and had to remember not to do a push press and give that final dip. I may have done that 3/4 of the time but I’m pretty sure I did a few push presses. The slam balls were pitiful even only doing five. I think I might have got a real bounce once in there. It shocked me and almost make me fall over. I think with practice this move might get a bit more ingrained, but it is still heavy for a weenie little old lady.

Even with the lower reps, I had to keep resting because I beeped all the time. As I finished a round, there were 90 seconds left and I was beeping and had to get my heart rate down to I didn’t have to clean the bar twice for three pitiful push jerks. Time was slipping by, but I couldn’t help it. I got to 157 and figured I could get all three done without getting too high of a heart rate.

I managed that and there was less than a minute left when I could start the slam balls. I had had to rest in the middle of the five each time because I was beeping too much. But I really wanted to finish the round. I managed five and had a heart rate of 175 with ten seconds left on the clock. I simply could not pick up the bar again and had to be happy with 4+0 rounds.

The best thing about this is that now, wall balls look better. Cindy said she would never complain about them again but Todd piped up, “I will” and that’s why I love this CrossFit stuff. There is always something to bitch about.


I had a busy weekend. I did a lot of shopping and cleaning and changing over the house from summer time to winter time and used up two of my four days that way. Then on Saturday we went to Birds of Prey which is a local bird hospital/sanctuary/education center/and bird zoo (if there is such a thing). We went out to dinner and I remained compliant up until dessert and then just blew off a point without regard.

Sunday we went to visit the grandkids and everybody played at the park and all four kids got to be together and they were so fun to watch. They are all grown up enough and Frankie finally caught up to her big cousins and they can all play together nicely. Then we went out to brunch and I remained compliant. Thank goodness no one got any onion rings because they were so tempting the day before and I don’t know if I could have resisted two days in a row. The peanut butter pie, key lime pie, and cheesecake all looked really good, but I managed to resist.

I have used 12 bonus points for the WLC. One for not drinking all that water the last day, one for beer cheese soup. I believe the other ten points used were all for sugar/dessert/chocolate. I love those things. I can live, apparently, without potato chips but I just love dessert.

Now back to my regularly scheduled life. That means up in the middle of the night to hit the box while it is still dark. Coach Jason was there this morning even though he is usually only there on Friday. Kim and Ryan went to a concert last night and the allure of middle of the night at the box just wasn’t there for them. It was just Todd, Ed, and me there today. Chris came late and didn’t do the WOD as we already having an ouchie of some sort. I have no idea what happened to Ricky or Carma and I haven’t seen Ashley since we did those horrible 100 pushups.

Warm-up was a 1000 meter row. The cop didn’t want us out running in the dark. Imagine that! I hate to run in the street in the dark. I think I need a string of battery operated Christmas lights to wind around me so people can see me. Then it was a lot of other usual stuff and end with hold two minutes at the bottom of a squat. I could only do a minute at a time and had to rest in between, but that is better than I used to be able to do so I will have to like it.

Today’s WOD as written:
Squat Cluster
Complete 25 reps:
Squat @ 85-90% of 1 RM
*Perform as many reps as possible, usually done in 1-3 reps, rack the bar and rest no longer than 30 seconds between efforts. Keep going until you complete 25 total reps.
*If you rest longer than 30 seconds between efforts, count a penalty. Perform 5 burpees for every penalty. Penalties are assessed at end of the workout.

When I looked at this last night, I noticed that it didn’t say what kind of squat. I figured, since it was Monday, it was going to be a back squat, but it could just as well have been a front squat from the rack. I looked up both my weights to make sure I knew where to start the math. My 1 RM for a back squat was just achieved and was 88# so I did the math here at home and knew it was 74.something. I can create a 73# bar so I was golden.

I also knew I wasn’t doing any damn burpees. I’m old. I told Jason my scaling was going to be to disregard that 30 second rest – if I needed to get my heart rate back down or die in the process, I shouldn’t have to be penalized for it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This was not supposed to be fast. It was supposed to be heavy and onerous and difficult. Someone at the 5 AM class did all 25 at once and someone else did them in two sets. They were sandbagging on the 1 RM or something.

I did manage to eke out three of them for the first bout and then it was two and two and two over and over and over. I’m not sure how deep my squats were and I don’t know how far I crumpled forward. I was just trying to get the Empire State Building off my back and up on the rack for that second lift.

Ed was doing 215# and struggling, as one might imagine. I was feeling all weenie there for a minute and then I realized that my one rep maximum effort is just as daunting for me as Ed’s much larger one rep max effort is for him. I was working really hard on the inside – just like always, even if it doesn’t look like that from an observer’s point of view.

I put my score on the board and this is only the second class of the day. The first class was light today as well and there were only five people there. So out of eight people, who do you think did either the lowest weight or had the highest time? Well, today – it wasn’t me! HA! The person who did all 25 without a stop was using 67# and there were some people over 10 minutes.

My time was 9.47 and I was thrilled with it. I managed to not beep through 21 squats. Then I finally got over 160 and had to puff a little before starting my last two squats. It was the only time I went over the 30 second wait period and it wasn’t by much, but without a low enough heart rate to start, I wouldn’t have gotten those last two. I also counted my time from when I racked the weight as that was the time I was counting for my 30 second resting time.


This is the last week of the Whole Life Challenge. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of stuff, some of it important. I learned I’m ridiculously competitive, especially against myself. I learned that I still don’t know how to “study” for a B and must always, always, always get that damn A if there is any way possible to do it.

I’ve learned that what many people think of as healthy food simply isn’t. I’ve learned that recovery days are important and that I still need to move. They are not called hibernate days and there is a reason for that – you don’t hibernate. I’ve learned that working on mobility every day has long lasting benefits and not just a short term fix. This is going to be the one thing that I hope I can carry forward. But I know that without points to lose, this is where I will mostly likely disappoint myself.

I learned that rutabagas are good as home fries and if you put anything in the Crockpot with a roast, it comes out tasting pretty good. Especially if you add some wine. I learned that rutabaga fries are not really all that tasty unless you are really starving.

I learned that parsnips are pretty good. Who knew? So far, everything we have done with them has worked out and they haven’t been awful on later study. I think the difference is the sweetness factor in the rutabaga. I really don’t like my vegetables to be that sweet. Parsnips aren’t.

I learned that I can make much better yogurt myself using plain unsweetened yogurt (allowed on the beginner level) and some fruit (frozen that has been thawed out works best because it is a little mushy) and a packet of Stevia. Tastes much better than the stuff you get in the stores in the prepackaged containers and you can add more fruit than they do – and it is real fruit instead of fruit flavored pellets of unknown origin.

I’ve learned that while chocolate is absolutely delicious, you don’t have to have some every single day. This is amazing. I had no idea. I have used 12 bonus points in this challenge, ten of them for sugar/dessert/chocolate things.

I’ve learned that unsweetened almond milk is actually pretty good and works as a substitute for milk quite well.

I’ve learned that I don’t want to spend my life without pasta or potato chips. I also know that I really don’t like black coffee. I know what I have no intention of doing after this is over and I know what I intend to carry forward because it works without making me feel like I’ve lessened my life instead of living fully.

I set out some goals when I started this. I also listed some expectations. I can’t tell if I’ve really reached my goals yet. I wanted to stay strong through the whole challenge and I believe that one is pretty much given. I only have a few more days. I wanted to get that 400 meter run in and I made it. It was the slowest run ever completed, but I didn’t quit and made it all the way through the door. I wanted to beat my original score and that will have to wait for Saturday to see what my WOD score will be.

My expectations were to lose 5-7 pounds and I’ve lost 6.5 so that one is okay. I also wanted to learn more about healthy food choices and I believe I have. I have no intention of always following them, but I will know better about when I’m not eating as healthy as I think I am.

This is leading me to my moment for the day. I was reading an article about Halloween treats and it was written from a dentist’s point of view but the article kept mentioning healthy treats and listed things like granola bars (full of HFCS and chemicals), packs of trail mix (which usually have some M&Ms or chocolate chips in – at least the good ones), crackers, pretzels (both wheat), 100% fruit juice (all the calories without any of the nutrients), individual boxes of cereal (really? just really?), individual bags of microwave popcorn (chemical shitstorm), Rice Krispie treats (marshmallow cream is all sugar and then the rice), animal crackers (wheat and sugar), and raisins (finally something Paleo but I wouldn’t eat them because I don’t like raisins, but they are healthy).

I think this is a major part of the nutritional nightmare in the US. The above snacks are seen as healthy choices. They aren’t. Fresh food is healthy. Anything that doesn’t have a logo or advertising song is pretty dang safe. But Sugar Pops or Froot Loops? Not so much. Fruit roll ups? Granola bars? No, they are easy to grab and may be better than a Hershey’s bar, but maybe not.

What I’m looking forward to when this is done:

  • Velvet fudge sauce and really delectable creamy mint ice cream.
  • Shrimp Alfredo.
  • Italian sausage tortellini soup.
  • An English muffin with my breakfast eggs.
  • Coffee with cream even in a restaurant where they don’t have unsweetened almond milk.
  • Honey mustard dressing on my daily salad.

I’m not planning on eating this all at once. But I’m not giving this up for the rest of my life.

I’m still trying to figure out why I’m supposed to shun all wheat or dairy. I haven’t noticed any particular health benefits of not eating this stuff. I’m not allergic to either food. Was I eating too much of it? Perhaps. Should I eat less of all the good things out there? Probably. If I was allergic or having health issues because of these food groups, I would certainly stay away from them. But I haven’t noticed any change.

I am allergic to penicillin. I don’t take it. I don’t insist that other people who are not allergic to penicillin shouldn’t take it. It is cheap and often effective. Use it to your heart’s content, but overusing antibiotics also has some serious health consequences. Judicious use, however, can be beneficial.

So, I’ve learned quite a bit. Some of it even useful. Now if I can just figure out some reward for myself for doing daily mobilization, I will be golden.


Man plans and the gods laugh.

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I got to work out at the box and not hurt myself. I managed to do a WOD and feel like I accomplished something and I made my running goal for the WLC. It was a great beginning.

I have lost somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds since I started CrossFit. Most of my clothes were too tight when I started so at the beginning, it didn’t really matter. In fact, it was nice. Then I lost some more weight and it was nearing the end of winter. Then I lost some more weight and winter was coming on again. Not only did I lose some weight, but the weight that is still here is packaged differently. So, most of my slacks don’t fit. They are way too big.

Yesterday, I went to the outlet mall and looked for slacks to wear to work. My jeans are way too big, too, but that’s not what I was looking for. Last spring when I bought new skirts for the summer, I began with size six and had to go back and get size four. This is ludicrous. Even now, after losing the last five pounds I wanted to get rid of, I’m still 17 pounds heavier than I was in high school when I was a size ten. So, I figured that it was a store thing because the places I shopped were related. I went to a different store and took both fours and sixes back. I had to send the sales person out to get a size two. I am no more a size two than the man in the moon. This is why it is so difficult to shop. I’ve heard it isn’t really any better for men. Their waist “measurement” size is also off by a couple inches or more.

In order for fat people to feel skinnier and be able to say “Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12, too” they have skewed the sizing so bad that I am now a size two. When I was a size ten is the same time frame when Marilyn was a size twelve. I’m assuming that in high school sizes, I would be a size twelve today. Not bad for a sixty year old, but honestly, this sizing crap doesn’t make me feel better. No matter what the tag says, I’m still this mass.

Now for the gods laughing at me. I couldn’t do CrossFit Summerville’s WOD yesterday so I picked CrossFit Hilton Head’s WOD instead. That way I would have to keep doing the same movement day after day. Yesterday I did Russian KB swings and box jumps.

Today’s WOD as written:
Team Helen
6 rounds alternating partners
run 400m
21 kbs (1.5/1 pood)rx
12 pullups

I really thought that alternating partners just meant that we couldn’t all be working at the same time. So my plan was for Carma to run, me to do KB swings, Carma to do pull-ups, me to run, Carma doing KB, etc.

That is not how we had to do this. Carma did a whole round and then I did a whole round. I was hoping to be able to use a 25# KB but not with all this other stuff around it so I kept a 20# dumbbell as my weight. I used a red and green band for the pull-ups. Carma has a bad leg and I’m old so we both scaled the run to 200 meters. Carma did real KB swings but I kept the Russian ones. I did managed to do them unbroken for each round and managed my pull-ups unbroken as well. Each of my three runs saw more walking and less “sprinting” which is never more than a slow jog on even the best of days.

I had to sit and get my heart rate down to 165 before I could start the pull-ups so that wasted some time, but overall I thought I did pretty dang good for an old fart. Our time was 22.07.

I think that I managed to not strain my back even with two days of KB swings in a row because I stuck with the Russian movement so even increasing the weight was okay. I managed to get all the pull-ups at once and may need to cut back just a teeny bit on the bands. I think there is one smaller than the red that I can combine with the green for a while until I can just start using one band.

These are my plans; I hope the gods do have some cosmic joke in store.


I loved my recovery day yesterday. Dick and I took a lovely little walk and relaxed while we moved around which is always nice. I did mobility work trying to get my butt to stop hurting. But after all the squats I had done, it was just going to take time. Fran is 45 thrusters, next day was 40 full cleans and sixty burpees which is really two squats each or 120 more uses of those same muscles. So 205 reps was too much for an old broad and my ass hurt.

I wrote about this yesterday before the WOD for today posted. This is my box’s WOD for today:

12 min AMRAP
12 overhead squats(135/95)RX+, (95/65)rx, scaled
400 m run

What? I just looked at this and knew I couldn’t make myself do this. To even consider such a thing was ludicrous. It makes no sense when there are all these major muscle groups to keep using the same one over and over. I just wouldn’t go to the box. I’m not supposed to cherry pick, but I’m also not supposed to injure myself. Recovery time for muscles is just as important as using them.

What to do?

CrossFit Hilton Head is also out there and I know how to look at their WODs as well. I know this because the owner is my son. I may be partial to him. I know I like him lots and lots and lots more than I like the owners of my own box who are very nice people, too. I also know how hard he works to plan workouts to make sense for the overall improvement of his members.

It works. At a recent event (Integrity’s Revenge) his box was well represented on the podium, receiving medals and all that good stuff. The same weekend, others were placing in various other competitions. The general workouts are planned to incorporate the entire body over the course of a week. There are also competitive type programs for those athletes who wish to improve with such things as weightlifting or running.

So, I knew I could look there. His WOD for today:

C: 21-15-9 reps for time of:
KB swing 70/53
Box Jump 30/24*
*Step downs recommended on box jumps.
LIII: 53/35. 24/20
LII: 44/25. 20/15
LI: Russian swing ok. Weight of choice. Height of choice.

The first thing you might notice is the scaling options. They don’t just scale up and at RX and then leave you hanging. They are scaled so that even beginners and old farts can see incremental steps and how to slowly get from where you are to where you want to be. There are some options. He always does this. It’s not always just the weight that is scaled, but he also suggests different rep schemes from time to time. When I look at his WODs, I know where I stand, what to pick, and sometimes I can actually do a LII WOD. Not often, but sometimes. I also don’t feel like I’m a weenie when I know I could “only” do a LI because it is written for me and I’m not just making something up because I can’t do a “real” WOD, whatever that may be.

So I went to open gym here. I got there and it was still all locked up. But I knew the first thing I wanted to try was a real 400 meter run. One of my goals for the Whole Life Challenge was to run 400 meters. I had no idea in the dark and past the weeds how close I have actually been to running that damn 400 meters. In the daylight and being able to see past the weeds, I was just a few feet away on Tuesday and didn’t even know it. I managed a 400 meter run today. It was probably the slowest quarter mile ever run by anyone in the history of universe, but I made it. By the time I got back, the place was unlocked.

I tried to lunge down the mat and that worked without aggravating my sore butt. I did cherry pickers and couch sits and dislocates and passthroughs and then with a PVC locked out overhead, did some air squats and those were okay. I was warming up and by using my muscles it did dissipate some of the ouchies.

For my skill, I did strict presses
1×10 22#
1×8 27#
1×5 32#

Then I needed some guidance. I wasn’t sure if the box jumps were going to be a smart move. I could have done 3 RFT of 15 KB swings and 200 meter runs/walks and been happy and incorporated some of CrossFit Hilton Head and CrossFit Summerville in the WOD. Kim said she didn’t think I was overdoing it with box jumps.

So I kept the rep scheme but I didn’t know what a Russian KB swing was. When I saw that, I was golden. I used 20# (I usually only do 15#) and managed 21 with beeping only for the last few. I never stopped beeping again until I finished. I was taking too long to drop my heart rate so I would start again at about 162-165 and just push through. I did the box jumps to a 14″ box and 7-7-7 and then managed the 15 KB all at once. Did 8-7 on the jumps, finished with 9 and 9 and ended at 8.26.

After I got my heart rate down to something real. I tried using the 25# KB and doing Russian swings and got 15 done in 26 seconds before I needed to rest. I think that next time we have a KB thing, I’m going to modify to Russian and have both 25 and 20# available and do as many at the higher weight as possible and yet have a way to wimp out, even though Craig hates that. He wouldn’t like me having a heart attack, either.

I held a squat for 20 seconds without any problem and so held one for a minute and hope that stretched out the muscles I abused today.

I was feeling pretty dang frisky and was really considering trying a few overhead squats with just a 22# bar and then it dawned on me. That was all ego and it was stupid. So before I hurt myself, I came home.

I loved sleeping in on my day off work. I really made myself go to open gym and did something productive. All in all, I’m pleased with my morning.


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