Yesterday was travel to Hilton Head and see the grandbabies day. First stop was at Craig and Dayna’s house where we were thoroughly entertained by Frankie. She is four and in her second year at Montessori preschool. She claimed she hadn’t been learning anything special but when I asked about music, out came her violin. She had brought it home to practice.

It is a miniature violin and she finally got the case unzipped, the Velcro kept sticking on her, and the bow was greased up and tightened. She was ready to perform for us. She was a little slow starting, but then it was nearly impossible to get her to stop. She had a captive and appreciative audience. The songs were pretty much all the same to us, but you could see her mouthing words and nodding in time to the beat with proper pauses thrown in. And, she proclaimed while swiping the bow downward with a flourish, “This is how you end.”

Priceless concert but it would have been impossible to enjoy if one had happened to have a hangover.

While she was eating lunch she wanted to know my favorite Dr. Seuss book. I said it was The Lorax. So Dayna got the book out and Frankie read it to me. She had difficulty with some of the words, mostly the made up ones, but she was doing really well – until she got tired. Then I would read a page and she would read a page and then finally I finished the book. We enjoyed the story and each of us loved having the other person read.

Then on to the Browns game and it was really difficult to keep to the WLC while sitting in a bar and watching a football game. I managed even though those French fries looked really good. I wasn’t losing a point over a few fries. Getting to see the other three kids make it worth the effort. Aiden had his first unassisted tackle the night before and was so proud of himself. He was thrilled with his news. We were, too.

I looked at the WOD last night and figured that even with a bad leg (it is better but not good yet) I could do the WOD. So I got up in the middle of the night and went to the box.

Warm-up was the usual stuff. I chose to run rather than row and may have sneaked past 300 meters. The lunge down the mat only worked with one leg. The rest of the stuff was okay to do. We ended with 20 squats and I couldn’t do them standing freely, but holding on to a bar, so not body weight squats, worked okay.

Today’s WOD as written:
3,3,3,3 Front Squats working weight try and work up to heaviest weight
3 push press (155/100)RX+, (115/75)rx, scaled
6 pull ups
9 push ups

I used a 20″ box behind me since I figured that would work without hurting my knee/leg. The only squat that actually hurt was the one where my knee turned in so I made sure my knee didn’t turn in again. I started at 22# and worked up to 52# doing five pound increments. They kept being easier than I thought they would be so I just kept going.

I tried a 42# push press and it wasn’t going to happen. I used 37# for the WOD (which is more than the last time) and a green band. I got the entire first round in before beeping and then it was all downhill after that. I would do three push presses and beep. I would do six pull-ups and beep. I would do nine pushups and beep. I spent more time getting my heart rate down than I did working.

After I finished the fourth round, I wanted to just run the set. But I had to pause – but only momentarily, like for oomph rather than recovery – during the pushups. I had a heart rate in the 170s somewhere, but I wouldn’t look. I finished in 8.40.

I wasn’t the worst time and I was more than twice the best time. I was also the lightest weight. All that is comparing myself to others.

I worked as hard as I could. I managed all six pull-ups at one go all five times. I did big boy pushups but not fully planked yet. I was actually throwing weight over my head and locking my arms (all but one rep which sucked). This was far more than I could have done even a month ago. I can only compare myself to me and I did better than I used to do. That is the only comparison that matters. But you will notice that I am still keeping track of me against the others.

I was the best in my age class today. Okay, I’m the only person there who is 60+.