I have been eating what is seeming like normal meals for the last several days. We have had lots of sweet potatoes and I had one cheat point blown off. But it is seeming like a more normal kind of diet. I have a plan for tonight. I have stew beef and I will cook it with carrots, onions, garlic, wine, and whatever seasonings sound good at the time. As it finishes stewing, I will take some of the liquid to cook the quinoa and then use cornstarch to make gravy with the rest. It will be a bit different than our regular stew and I won’t have any of those fresh baked rolls with it, but it sounds good.

Yesterday I had a trip to the dentist because I needed to have two fillings replaced as there was, apparently, decay around the edges. We no longer have dental insurance, so this was doubly painful. The only other part that really hurt was getting the anesthetic and even that wasn’t very bad. It is a new and improved agent that starts quickly and fades rapidly. It would be totally gone in three to four hours. It took six and a half hours for me to have the feeling completely back in my face.

Since I knew this was happening, all I had planned for myself for dinner was a banana/peanut butter/cocoa/almond milk/plain yogurt/Stevia smoothie. Since all the other things were unsweetened, the Stevia was needed. It was delicious but not particularly filling. Luckily I had pistachios, almonds, dried fruit, and coffee to go with it.

I looked at today’s WOD and since it is Friday, it was a partner WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
Team Karen
2 partners
150 wall balls
every time the ball hits the floor or switch partners 10 burpees then.

Neither the wall balls nor the burpees was going to work well with my bad leg and I figured I would give it a rest and not head in today.

Then it dawned on me that I could go during open gym and do something else. I wasn’t real sure what that would be. My son is owner and operator of CrossFit Hilton Head and so I looked at his WOD. His WODs are written quite a bit differently than they are at my box. Each box is owned privately and the name is franchised, but there is a wide difference amongst boxes for this reason. It also means that CrossFits are not all the same so the generalizations and haters online are truly bizarre.

Today’s WOD as written by Craig (and my son really does do all his own programming):
WU: 400m run. 3 minutes of TGU at weight of choice. (Turkish get up)
MOB: Hamstrings. Hips. T-spine. Shoulders.
REVIEW: Deadlift. Push Press. Back Squat.
S: Deadlift. 3-3-2-2-1-1-1. (2 second pause on the ground on the triples and doubles.). Rest as needed.
C: 12-9-6 reps for time of:
Push Press 155/105
Back Squat 155/105
This workout has an 8:00 cap
LIII: 135/95
LII: 115/75
LI: Weight of choice.
PWOD MOB: Lax ball in C/S/B/G. Pigeon Pose. U/D dog x3.

Well, more squats. I would have to do a LI workout because even 75# is more than I could manage for many reps. I would have probably chosen about 60 pounds and tried it. I actually considered doing this with a 20″ box behind me to keep too much strain off my leg.

And then it hit me. I need to not just baby my leg, I need to give it a chance to actually mend itself. I need to not do any squats. I need to take some time away from the box and actually pretend that I have a brain and know something about health and fitness even though now I am an unregistered nurse since I have let my license lapse.

I am saying I stayed home because it is smart and not because I wimped out but perhaps that is rationalization after the fact. But I didn’t go to the 9 AM open gym for whatever reasons there are. However, this is my workout day. It is not a recovery day. I’m supposed to put some effort into the day. But I can’t be doing any squats because that is what is hurting my leg.

What to do? Well, because it is my favorite thing ever – run!

Okay, I would rather eat worms than run. Raw worms. Still squirming. I hate to run. I don’t do it well and my heart rate goes sky high and I suck at it and so why in the name of all that is holy would I put this as my task? Stupidity is the only thing I can come up with.

I know that interval training is supposed to be by time, but honestly, I have a 60-year-old heart and time is not of the essence. Beating is important. Always and forever, my heart needs to keep beating at a reasonable rate in order to keep the rest of me alive, especially the part that writes.

So I ran until I beeped and then I walked until I could run again and then I ran until I beeped. I was going to try to get a heart rate down under 130 before I ran again, but that didn’t seem to be happening so I would start running around 145ish and run until I heard the lovely “you are old” sound and then I would stop. I have tried to look up how long this used to take me when I just walked it normally. But I no longer have the computer with that data on it – it died and I’m using this wonderful Windows 8 thing.

Today, I went around the big block – we have three because we live in this winding curly-q place that thinks it will slow drivers down when all it does is limit visibility. But I have the small block that I know takes ten minutes to walk. Then there is the big block which I believe took me about 45 minutes to walk, but I don’t know. I know the biggest block takes over an hour.

I had endomondo on my phone, but I don’t believe it’s measurements for distance. So I just started out on my run and hoped for the best. The longer I kept at it, the more I wanted to know how far I was going. I would run, walk until I I got my heart rate down, and then run again for as long as I could before beeping. It would take longer to get my heart rate back down because I kept the pace up. I managed to finish with 30-32 minutes gone – my heart rate monitor does have a watch, but no seconds and so that’s the best I can do.

But I really wanted to know how far I had gone. I found a free running app and put that on the phone, figured out how to use it, got the bike out, and redid the same route. I managed the bike ride – nice and easy and never getting my heart rate above the mid-140s even uphill into the wind. I finished in 14.36 minutes. I went 2.16 miles.

My leg is not hurting, in fact, I think that it is marginally better after having some movement that wasn’t the kind that made the boo-boo in the first place. I know I feel much better.

I have never willingly and of my own accord run anywhere. I certainly have never done such a thing for miles. This is a new PR. Astounding.