I had a massage yesterday and he worked almost exclusively on my left leg with painful bands of steel where muscles are supposed to be. Phil did a wonderful job and it was better, but it was now very sore from being worked on. I did do a small test run after I was dressed again and it was possible to do a break-parallel squat after he was done. Today I have a couple bruises from the effort. He also worked a bit on my right shoulder and then for the last three or four minutes did some relaxation stuff so I wasn’t just battered.

This morning my leg hurts like hell, but it isn’t the same hurt as before. It is a sore hurt instead of tension hurt and the whole Rice Krispie effect is less. I took a nice hot bath last night to try to help some of the metabolites move along and I’m icing my leg even as I type here.

I looked at the WOD last night and knew it was mostly stuff I could do today so I set my alarm and was ready for a new day except that in the middle of the night I had to get up to close the windows because it was raining and I couldn’t fall back to sleep immediately and tossed and turned for a while which made it more difficult to get up this morning.

We had a small class for 6 AM. It was just Todd, Ed, and me. Warm-up was a 500 meter row. And I was done last. Who knew that would happen? Then Mike complex down the mat and on the first lunge I just about burst into tears. I had already told Mike I had a boo-boo and I just couldn’t do that. So, I did couch sits and passthroughs while holding the stretch. Next they broad jumped into squats and that was simply not an option, so I stayed on the wall, like one of those people who only put on ice skates once a year – Joe calls them wall suckers – well that was me today.

Next was a quick run of the parking lot and then bear crawl down the mat. Those I could do, so I did.

Today’s WOD as written:
15 min working on a full snatch
3 rounds for time
5 weighted pull ups(50/35)RX+, pull ups rx, banded pull ups scaled
15 power cleans(155/100)RX+, (115/75)rx and scaled

We practiced incremental moves for a snatch with just a PVC pipe. Mike kept saying to hold it close to your body. I only needed to hit myself in the chest once to know enough to hold the bar out a little to clear the girls. He said something about holding the bar in tight and I mentioned the fact that I had some protrusions that needed to be cleared. I thought he was going to blush. How cute, but he did understand my problem.

We moved onto our real bars and I worked with just the 22# bar. I could not, of course, go into a full squat. I brought a 20″ box over to sit on and rest between exertions because I could not get off the floor if I sat there. So I would perch on the box and get my heart rate back down and catch my breath. When I left it there for the WOD, Mike asked what I needed it for and I had to admit I just needed a seat to rest on.

We set up for our workout. I would prefer to use the heavier weight which for me is just 42# but with the right size plates on the bar, I don’t have to build the little towers or reach lower on my touch and go. But I wasn’t sure how many 42# cleans I could do. I scaled the rep scheme to 4-8-12 and used a green band for pull-up, just did big boy pushups, and then the cleans. That would give me 36 cleans at 42# which I thought I could manage. Last Friday I did 28 and I hoped I could increase that much.

Phil did work on my right shoulder yesterday for about 5 to 10 minutes and it worked much better today. I also got a little kip in there to help me with the pull-ups. Anyway, they didn’t hurt at all. The pushups aren’t a problem for my anymore. Then the cleans were done in sets of four.

I finished in 9.54 and still had some energy left. As I caught my breath and my heart rate dropped below 160. I told Mike I was going full Energizer Bunny and just kept on going. I figured if I did one more round of 3-6-9 reps, I would have done the required rep scheme. I did it and finished in 12.51. I managed to do 45 freaking power cleans with a 42# bar.

Those who were reading this a year ago will know that I couldn’t have done any of this. At all. I would have struggled with ring rows and girl pushups and done cleans with PVC pipe and still been challenged, very challenged. When I started I came home near tears on many days. It was so disheartening. I hadn’t intended to be this old and feeble. I used to be a jock. I used to be young. I used to be fit. And I cried. And my friends kept asking me why I was doing this.

This is why. Today is why. Every day is why. I’m a year older and it was a big birthday. But I’m not as feeble. I am a jock again. I’m going out on a limb and claim the status of athlete. I’m getting better each time I put in the effort. I’m not as fit as the 30somethings that come to the box, but I am far more fit than a very large majority of the 60 year olds I meet. I’m strong and powerful and confident. In fact, I’m awesome. I did more today than I thought could. I amazed even me. No tears today. I smiled all the way home and nearly burst through the door. When Dick asked how I did, I nearly jumped with joy.

I rocked.