I actively recovered yesterday and it was wonderful. I slept in and went for a nice bike ride after work. The weather was perfect and it was lovely. I was already in bed and dozing off before I remembered I didn’t do the stretching and mobilization portion of the WLC and so I got out of bed and did that for ten minutes. I crawled back under the covers and zonked out.

That was rather amazing by itself because I had looked at today’s WOD already and panicked. I then did lots and lots of math and realized it was simply beyond what I could managed. Last time, I mentioned that I didn’t broad jump because I narrow jump, so this was going to be enough that maybe I should just stay home. But I don’t cherry pick my WODs and today was Thursday and I had to go to the box. So I decided to just say, “What have you got for me?” and let it go at that.

I was up twice in the middle of the night but could fall back to sleep relatively quickly which means in under a half hour. I got an email and the next lifestyle thing is, in fact, sleeping. I should keep up the water because this is such a good habit and somehow manage to sleep seven hours a night while wetting the bed or something. I have mentioned that I will keep drinking 65 ounces of fluid, but I will be damned if I don’t count my coffee. That should help tremendously.

I love sleep, so maybe the next one will be easier. I can guess another lifestyle thing will be meditation or quiet reflection or something, but I’m not coming up with a fourth thing.

I already had the top down on the car and was too lazy to put it up. It was chilly out there this morning which means the temperature was in the high 60s. I put on a short sleeved t-shirt instead of the tank top I had out. I pulled out of the garage and looked up and there was a spectacularly beautiful full moon peeking through the Carolina pines. Gorgeous. What a way to start a day.

At the box, it was just Ashley and me. So warm-up was for the newbie and the old coot. We ran/walked 200 meters carrying a ten pound med ball. Ten cherry pickers. Then broad jump up and down the mat and that’s when I realized my math wasn’t good enough because I started at a four foot jump and I was doing about a three foot jump. I was just screwed.

Then we bear crawled up and down the mat and be springy. What? I lost all my springs about ten years ago. I tried springy and made springs for about half way up the mat and none of the back down part. Finally dislocates and passthroughs. Now the WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
Spend 10 min working on box jump efficiency
200m of burpee broad jumps for time

I used to worry about tripping on the box and falling backwards. Now I worry about tripping on the box and falling forwards and taking my shin out again. I’m still slightly bruised from my 23″ miss. And I’m much more timid than I was.

So, for efficiency, you jump up, rest at the top of the box, jump down and spring right back up to the box. You don’t rest at the bottom. You don’t walk off the box. Perhaps that is efficient, but it doesn’t do much for my heart rate. I managed 12 before beeping. We practiced for a few rounds so I did 36 box jumps onto the 12″ box and didn’t hurt myself.

And then the horrors started.

Math stuff. 200 meters equals 656 feet.

Therefore a 3 foot broad jump means 218 burpees. 4 feet = 164 burpees. 5 = 121, 6 = 109, 7 = 94, 8 = 82, 9 = 73.

I was simply screwed. Kim asked if I wanted to do half and I thought about it. I said how about a time cap instead and then however far I can get will be how far I go. She looked at the times from the 5 AM class and came up with a 10 minute time cap.

I also refused to do this outside in the parking lot with loose gravel and potholes and I was NOT doing this along Trolley Road. That was not an option. Inside and on mats would be bad enough.

Ashley was doing the whole thing – what a beast! I got five trips across that mat before my time was up. I pushed at the end to get that and had a heart rate over 175 when I peeked at it. I had seven more seconds but no more heart rate. So I did 75 meters in my ten minutes.

I should have gone for a twelve minute cap and I would have been close enough to the half way mark that I probably would have finished, but then again, I am rested now as I think this and I know that I was spent at the end of ten minutes. I did around another 60 burpees today. Perhaps more because my narrow jumps were getting even narrower the more tired I got.

I did the best I could today, but I’m disappointed in what that was. I know, I know. A year ago I would have just sat there and cried. Today, I just figured that I did the best in my age class. Some days, that’s all I get. Well, and the benefit of all that effort, so I should realize that after a year, I was able to do what I couldn’t have done before putting in all this work. I am getting better at this.