We were talking about people who cherry pick their WODs and what that means for their overall conditioning. I suppose I have been at least partially guilty here. There have a been a couple Fridays when the partner WOD scheduled meant I was really going to ruin someone else’s day and I stayed home. Coaches told me they would protect me and all the someone elses and I have been going per my schedule since. On two, off one, on two, off two – repeat.

I used to call this my rest day, but since the Whole Life Challenge started with me included in the craziness, I find that these are recovery days which sounds so much better to me. I’m actively doing something on this day – I’m recovering for so many damn burpees.

I don’t cherry pick the WODs but I do whine about them, obsess about them, cry over them, and do them at a modified level. If it is one of my days to go to the box, I go to the box. Monday had a rep scheme with 55 burpees and Tuesday had a rep scheme of 80 burpees. Would you like to guess how many burpees were in the WOD on my recovery day? Let me tell you. Zero. WTF?

It isn’t a tremendously easy WOD. But there are no burpees. Today it was 21-15-9 cleans (135/95) and ring dips. Do you see any burpees there? Skill was floor presses. But in all fairness, for those who go five days a week, their asses have to be as sore as mine after the burpees and box jumps yesterday, so why not all those cleans instead?

I’ve heard that CrossFit is having different muscle groups hurt every day. Or else it is hurting the same muscles until they whimper off in disgust or get tough, whichever comes first.

Enough with the whining … nope. Now on to the WLC whines. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it is actually getting easier except for the damn water. My lunches aren’t really any different, except that I can’t have my dried cherries on top because they have added sugar. And I’m making oil and vinegar dressings because I can’t have the honey mustard stuff I make. But I was doing that before, too.

Yesterday as I was eating grapes I thought to myself how sweet they were. Much better than normal and I really didn’t even finish the whole though before I figured it out – again. This is because without eating sugar in everything all day every day, my taste buds are more sensitive to the sweetness that is present naturally.

Before I even started, I discussed chocolate because I love chocolate. I am to lose a point for every serving of chocolate I consume. I ate none for the first five days because I didn’t have a bonus point to lose yet. So at day six, I had a point to lose. I had just half a serving of milk chocolate in my little candy dish. I break it up into really small pieces. It is really good, expensive, creamy, delicious chocolate and I let it melt in my mouth and savor every morsel. I break and entire serving into 18 tiny pieces (for this brand of chocolate bar) and there were nine there on day six. Today is day twelve. There are still three tiny pieces in the bowl.

It is almost, but not quite sickeningly sweet. One or two tiny pieces are almost overwhelming. I have three bowls of chocolate candies in the living room here and there are three bowls of chocolate candies in the office. I’ve really not been tempted. I do like the raspberry M&Ms at work and moved them off my desk, but I can walk past them without a problem.

I love the dried fruit I found without sugar added. I love nuts and devour pistachios whether or not I’m being challenged. I love almonds and cashews. I found pumpkin seeds to munch on. And that is the thing. I’ve surrounded myself now with snack foods that are challenge compliant and I’m no longer wandering around wondering what to eat. I’ve figured it out.

Last night’s acorn squash (Dick did a great job on dinner again) was delicious. I really have to say that brown sugar in the butter is better than cinnamon, but my squash was still tasty and I ate the whole thing – well, my half of it.

My sticking point is still the water. Up twice again, but luckily I was only tossing around for 15-20 minutes instead of a couple hours. My plan, such as it is, contains less water. Right now I would like some of that no sugar added peanut butter with some banana swished around in some almond milk with plain yogurt added to make a wonderful smoothie. But I can’t drink one more thing in a day and so I don’t make a smoothie. I’m waterlogged. There are no scientific studies that show that this is even beneficial. I’m drowning myself for no good reason.

There is evidence that dehydration is bad for us. Many of us don’t get enough liquid in the day. But if anyone who has ever really been thirsty knows, if you eat some watermelon you are no longer thirsty. We don’t need to get all our fluid from water. Although my coffee has caffeine in it, my kidneys are built to function with that added challenge. They also know how to deal with increased or decreased salt intake, or potassium, or magnesium, or anything else. Their job is to work on homeostasis. They are good at it.

I’m dreaming of sleeping through the night. I may see how Friday’s WOD goes and decide to use a bonus point on not drinking the water on Friday and getting a night jump on sleeping all night long. This all depends on how much I sweat during the workout. I may actually NEED the extra water, which is entirely different.

What I have learned on this journey so far:

  1. I’m even more competitive against myself than I am when competing against an outside opponent. This is probably why I have been able to keep doing CrossFit for over a year even though on the first day I could do absolutely zero things.
  2. There is far more sugar in our diets that we are totally unaware of than we would imagine. Food producers know what sugar does for human chemistry and they can use crappier, cheaper foods and add some sugar and we will eat it because sugar is goodness. So they do. We buy it.
  3. I was eating “clean” only in my imagination and when I really cleaned up my diet, the foods that were left started tasting unimaginably better. I need to continue with this strategy.
  4. Even games revolving around health and fitness have you do dumb shit because popular culture influences them, rather than pesky science with quantifiable measurements. You can whine, bitch, complain, moan, and/or carry on to your heart’s content, but life is very often simply what it is. Deal with that.

Change is slow while at the same time, it is wicked fast. Small changes make differences to your life. You might want to try some and see if it right for you.