Yesterday did not turn out like I imagined it would. We apparently had faulty information and based our day on inaccurate timing. But, because we are old and cantankerous not to mention stubborn and determined, we persevered and managed to have a great day instead of just the good day we had planned.  Quite frankly, if we had had accurate information, we would have played the day differently and it would have diminished the fun we had.

Friday, Chetchie called and wanted to know if we were coming for Aiden’s football game on Saturday. Dick said he would have to ask me and then handed me the phone and since someone had to make an executive decision, I simply said we would come. Then Frankie wanted to know if we would come and watch her CrossFit since she was doing CrossFit Kids at 10.30 and we could come and see her too. That child is only four and always has a hidden agenda. We said we would be there.

We have a schedule for Aiden’s games on our refrigerator and the game was to start at 3, according to it. That is because we didn’t know how to read the damn thing. All the peewee games start at that time with the youngest kids at 3, next up scheduled at 4, Aiden’s age group at 5, etc. We found that part out after we were already on the island.

I took my bike ride before we left because I thought we would be home around 6.30ish and I didn’t want to have to ride my bike after a long day. Good thing I had that plan in place since the day was much longer.

So, we left the house at 8.15 and 8.20. The very first thing I did was spill coffee on my white pants and had to go back in the house and change pants because I wasn’t walking around like THAT all day. We got to CrossFit Hilton Head at 10.32 – good thing we weren’t really participating or everyone would have had to do burpees for us. Frankie and Morgan were warming up as I RAN for the bathroom – all that water and my coffee made me do a short sprint.

Frankie was wearing ribbons (one many tailed, pink, and sparkly and the other long blue and braided) as well as a tiara. She doesn’t like pants and only wears skirts – even to CrossFit. Luckily, today all the little girl skirts have shorts under them since someone finally noticed little girls don’t really know how to sit primly.


Frankie with her bling and Coach Daddy

Morgan was dressed more appropriately for the box, but she is much older than her cousin.


Morgan is in all pink.

The tiara and the fedora worn by another girl had to come off before they did handstands. Makes sense. The final game was Duck, Duck, Goose – something I think would be fun to play at our box. The loser of each round had to do three burpees in the middle of the circle. It was a fun hour. And then we had free time until three.

That is when we got hold of Joe and found out where and when the game was. We then had to locate Hilton Head High School and found out that we had even more time to kill. We went to Captain Woody’s for lunch and this is the first meal out since starting the Whole Life Challenge. It was a challenge. I have no idea how people who travel are doing this. I selected a grilled chicken melt without the cheese or delicious Kaiser roll and some coleslaw. I ate all the pickles at the table. They were dill.

Then we went shopping at several store and three different malls, two of them outlets. Our best deal came at IZOD where they were having a Blowout Clearance Sale and all this stuff was $7.99. I managed to find four more golf skirts that I didn’t already own and four tops to go with them as well as some of the stuff I already own. All eight items cost less than the cheapest golf skirt alone. Dick found buy one get two free sweatshirts. He bought one last year in a tan and loved it and has worn it frequently. Then we have a triple A card and got another 10% off and with tax and everything left the store down $106 and some change.

The healthiest thing I found was, miraculously, at Harry and David’s. On the clearance table was this beautiful tray of dried fruit. I keep looking at ingredients because I’ve been told that it can be done without added sugar. I finally found the ingredient list. There was sugar added – but only to that one center cherry and everything else is sugarless. I was ecstatic. I got this $40 tray for $10. And the tray is pretty even after the fruit is gone.


It is shiny because it is still covered in plastic.

We decided to eat again, but this time at Wendy’s and again it was a challenge. I got a salad with grilled chicken. It is a good thing I like grilled chicken. It had fresh fruit in it too, so I didn’t worry about that. And almonds which are okay. And I got to the table and opened it up and it had cheese on it. I spent about five minutes picking all the cheese off my salad. I bet it was good cheese too. Looked like asiago or parmesan flaked stuff. It came with raspberry vinaigrette and that had sugar in it, so back to the counter for Italian. I finally got to eat. I also had coffee, but they don’t have unsweetened almond milk there so I had to drink it black. Just yuck. But I lived and without a headache.

I’m unsure who really thinks even the eight minute quarter games with a ten minute halftime and ten minutes between games can happen every hour on the hour. By Aiden’s age group, the quarters were ten minutes and the field was the actual 100 yards long – the age before was 8 and 80 and I have no idea how long or what size the teeny kids were. But the game didn’t start until 5.40.

Aiden didn’t play at all the first half, which ended at 8-0 Gators (that’s us). The third quarter came and went without him seeing any action. The lights came up on the field. The first time the Gator defense went in on the fourth quarter, there he was – all four plays until the other team had to punt (which is really odd, they just say they are punting and then the ball is moved 20 yards down field). The offense had been scoring and so when they scored again on this next drive, the score was 20-0 and there was just slightly more than a minute on the clock. Aiden was in again. The game ended with Aiden on the field (and on his butt when some head taller kid from the other team came up and pushed him down after the last play’s whistle was blown). Unsportsmanlike conduct! Personal foul! But the game was over with Gators 20-0.

Aiden waiting patiently on the sidelines for defense to play.

Aiden waiting patiently on the sidelines for defense to play.

It was so exciting to be able to see the little bugger play under the lights. I haven’t been this excited about a football game since Craig played about 25 years ago. We left a sweaty, proud Aiden (and Joe) and headed home with Joe, Aiden, Dylan, Morgan, Craig, and Frankie all headed out to Wendy’s for something to eat. It was a splendid evening and I’m so glad we did this, even though killing six hours shopping is something neither Dick nor I would have chosen.

My whole life was wonderful yesterday. I got home about 14 hours after we left and the one thing I had still to do was my mobilization. However, after more than four hours in a car, about three hours sitting on metal bleachers, and hours wandering around malls and stores, it felt absolutely wonderful to stretch and work on some sore, stiff muscles.

Life is good – if you do it right.